Written by J

21 Apr 2017

Continuing on from our visit to Acanthus I persuaded my husband to visit Paradise club on Wednesday earlier this week. When we arrived it was very quie and we debated with the guy at reception if it was worth entering with only two other guests inside, my husband wasn't keen, but I thankfully prevailed and in we went.

We were given a tour by the owner it's a very classy club with a great bar and dance area, sauna, steam room, swimming pool and numerous playing rooms mainly with viewing windows! We went back to the bar to be joined by a nice Irish guy and chatted for some time about our holiday experience, during which another couple arrived along with a few more single guys. As soon as my husband went to the gents my Irish friend started to caress me and invited me a play room. On entering I noticed it was surrounded by class with a very low bed and if the club would have been busy I'm sure lots of voyeurs would have been watching.

It didn't take long for my Irish friend to remove my lingerie, whilst kissing my neck and stroking my pussy. Feeling a little horny I pushed my hands down his pants to discover a rock hard cock with a bend at the end. Looking to investigate earlier I dropped to my knees and proceeded to suck and lick his cock right down to hid balls! Looking up I noticed through the window that 2 or 3 guys were watching! Being a bit of an exhibitioist I put on bit of show and felt my Irish friend tense as I sucked and pulled at his rock hard cock. Clearly my Irish friend had longer term intentions and as he withdrew his cockfrom my willing mouth and pushed me down on the bed, whilst he started to lick and gently tease my pussy. I was in heaven and it wasn't long until I felt an orgasm building, at this point my husband returned and two of the guys watching sneaked in behind him to get a closer view. With four guys now in the room, one between my legs, one in each hand and the last fucking my mouth I couldn't stop myself and my first orgasm hit me hard shaking through my entire body.

After an orgasm I always desire cock and I had four to choose from who would be first? The Irish guy was in charge and he quickly put on a condom, whilst getting me to turn around onto my knees so he could take me from behind. On my knees with my bum in the air I suddenly felt his cock push deep inside me as he fucked me hard. Whilst one of the new guys who had just joined us pushed his cock deep in my mouth and I reached out to play with the remaining two cocks.

It was turning into a really dirty session and I wanted them all to fuck me, but before I could swap, the guy I was sucking started to shudder as he came deep in my mouth. He was replaced my another who first slid under me, whilst the Irish guy continued to fuck me, and started to stroke and lick my pussy whilst the Irish guy pounded away. As the 2nd guy got into position underneath me continuing to tongue my pussy his long hard cock presented itself and I couldn't resist sucking my second cock of the night. As the Irish guy started to increase his pace I could feel he was ready to cum but before he came the guy below me shot his load and I felt a second load of cum shoot into my mouth. I couldn't stop myself as the second guy came in my mouth and suddenly my body was shaking as my second orgasm wracked though my body. as the Irish guy grunted and came deep into my pussy.

Lying down completely satiated with my legs wide apart I noticed a new guy had joined us who had been watching throughout. He had a lean muscular body with a big stiff cock, he moved closer between my open legs as the other guys withdrew, and stared to softly caress my clit with one hand whilst pushing the fingers of the other hand in and out of my pussy. Slowly, the feeling in my pussy grew deep and vey intense as I felt my third and strongest orgasm jolt through my body, just as my new lover pushed me to the side and fucked me hard and furious until he also came deep in pussy.