Written by Steve

3 Oct 2013

I'd organised a lads weekend away with old school mates and needed them to pay up. As usual Ryan was last to pay but he text to say his mrs would drop the money in after her shift. This was a bonus for me. Alison is 10 years older than us with a grown up son ( not Ryan's ) and a definite milf. We all fancy her and she was coming to mine in her paramedics uniform. Something I could wank over later. She turned up at 7 pm looking fucking great. Her long dark hair with blonde streaks was tied back, her belt was fastened tight showing a flat tummy and pushing her average size tits forward. The uniform was a crisp white shirt and green combat trousers that wrapped around her perfect arse. Only a few wrinkles around her eyes gave away her 40 years but she looked great. Even her work boots looked sexy on her. Tea? I offered. Wine! She demanded laughing that it had been a stressful day. I asked about it wanting to appear sympathetic and she chatted away enjoying her wine. After about ten minutes she apologised for going on about herself and asked how life was for me. To be honest I hadn't really listened much, I'd been leching imagining Ryan banging her like a dog. I knew her sex drive was high because Ryan told us it was a struggle to keep up with her, lucky bastard. Oh I'm ok, getting used to singledom. I replied. Ah bless, she frowned, do you miss her? If I'd had time to think I wouldn't have been so honest in saying I miss the sex. She laughed saying yes I would too and then changed the subject. She also finished her wine very quickly and got up to go. I kicked myself for making her feel uncomfortable and tried to apologise. She held me with those dark slightly amused eyes and told me not to worry. She said, when you're not getting sex it's the only thing you can think of. God I know I answered quickly which made her laugh out loud. We were standing by the door now and she gently touched my chest saying oh bless. She looked down at her bag as she felt for her car keys and she noticed the semi that had formed in my shorts. I only touched your chest she laughed. 6 months! I laughed back despite my embarrassment. Her eyes took on a more serious considered look whilst not leaving my now fully hard bulge. We were both breathing heavier. She cupped my balls through my shorts and gently squeezed. I moved forward to kiss her. No! She said firmly. Sorry I said. She looked deep in my eyes. This needs to be our secret she said. I nodded meekly. Alison sank to her knees and with the precision with which she'd unwrap a bandage she released my cock. As she wanked me she seemed to study every vein, she dipped her head and licked under my balls. God it was heaven. Even better when she engulfed my hardness into her wet warm mouth and sucked me in deep. Heaven, my first female contact for 6 months. Oh Alison I cried gripping her hair as my climax rose up my pipe. She recognised the impending spunking and drew her lips off tossing me firmly left handed. I threw my head back and yelled as I ejaculated on her. When I opened my eyes Alison was squeezing the last drops out concentrating on her task. She looked up and smiled. My spunk was on her cheek, the shoulder of her paramedic shirt and around her wedding ring. I wanted you in my cunt she complained teasingly. That language and the sight of my jizz on my mates wife stirred me. Suck me up again Alison I ordered. She took me in again and this time sucked furiously and when I was rock again she stood up and frantically undid her belt and pulled her combats down offering her back to me. She didn't even take her boots off. I had my cock at her entrance immediately scared I might soften but no chance of that. I was with Ryan's hot milf looking at arse and back tattoos that only he saw nudging my cock against her love tunnel. Fuck my cunt she shouted. I found her hole and slid easily in. It was a well fucked place. She wasn't quiet. Pull my hair fuck my cunt slap my arse she demanded. She fucked back against me as hard as I was fucking her tightening her love muscle on my bone. I pulled her hair back hard. Yeeeeesssss she laughed as my arse became a blur banging so fast until jets of cum shot into her willing cunt as she reached back and held my ass tight. I softened and slipped out of her. Phew she laughed, that was passionate and pulled her spunk dripped combats up. Did you cum? I asked. She shook her head and said it's ok Ryan will make me cum later. I couldn't believe she was going home to fuck him. Won't he be able to tell? I asked. He never can she replied and then putting her finger on my lips she said our secret? I nodded. She waved and laughed and was gone. It only dawned on me then what she'd said. He never can ? How many times did she do this? Part of the answer came on our lads weekend. Drink makes loose tongues and out of earshot of Ryan I confessed to the lads. That's when it transpired that Alison had done the rounds and that all 5 cocks around the table had emptied into Ryan's wife. We've kept it from him. We're all hoping for seconds. God bless the nations paramedics