Written by Yvonne.

29 Jul 2007

I have just recently found your site so sorry for the delay in posting my story.

I had at the time been going out with the same guy for a few months, he was nice and used to take me out at the weekend to see the town and at this time we returned home via a small but very nice park near where we lived.

We had a couple of drinks in town and I needed a wee, he took me over to the park loo and said I will wait for you outside.

I was having my pee when I was aware of someone else in there, the next cubicle door openend and a man pushed open the door of the cube I was in and said sorry sweetheart I usually meet men in here.

He lingered for a bit taking a good look at my open dress which was revealing my stockings and suspenders as well as my bra.

He pulled me towards him and his hands were all over me, he explored my legs and boobs he had pulled my bra off before turning me around and bending me over the toilet seat.

He told me to put it in there, I reached behind and had his dick in my hand, I put the tip in my pussy lips and he began to fuck me. He Fucked me like that till we both came.

I went back ouside and rejoined my boyfriend, he said you were gone a while, I replied that yes I really needed a wee and he believed me.