Written by adam61

2 Jul 2009

This continues from my previous story “partner caught out” from 8th June, which told about how i caught my partner in a lesbian session with one of her friends. Sorry its taken me nearly a month, but things have become rather busy at home, which I hopefully might get round to explaining!

Basically I had got some unexpected time off work and thought I’d surprise my partner Jane. I got more than I bargained for when I found her and her friend Sue enjoying themselves in the bedroom. Sue was aware that I was watching them and tried to get me to join them, but I couldn’t. Jane had always said how she could never have sex with anyone outside of our relationship, especially not a woman, so none of it made sense.

Anyway I left the house got back in my car and drove round the corner out of sight and parked up to try and gather my thoughts and how I was going to talk to Jane about what I had just witnessed. Not long after sue drove past and pulled up alongside me. She couldn’t understand why I had turned down the change of joining them in the bedroom, and I tried to explain the confusion that was going on inside me. She told me to follow her and we could talk more.

I followed Sue back to her flat, all the time reliving what I had just witnessed in the bedroom, but also reliving conversations with Jane where she made it clear that she would never entertain the idea of bringing others into our sex lives. She knew I had been into swinging and had a swing partner for a few years, but made it abundantly clear that it was something that she would never participate in, so it made what I had just witnessed all the more confusing.

I must have been on autopilot as I had no idea where we were going, the car just seemed to follow Sue all by itself. Eventually Sue parked up, and we both got out of our cars and entered her flats.

Sue and Jane had known each other for years, but I really only knew her from seeing her every 5 or 6 weeks when she came to cut everyone’s hair. She was about 38 or 39, and having seen her bra discarded on the stairs I knew she was a 36d. Having just seen her completely naked I was aware what a great body she had, with a neatly saven pussy with a bit of a landing strip. I was still extremely horny from what I had seen and I was sure she was aware of my hard cock bulging in my trousers, which I’m sure she kept looking at in the lift.

Once we had got inside her flat she again asked me how I could have refused the chance to join the two of them in bed. “I thought you were supposed to be an experienced swinger, was it just me that you didn’t like?”.I told her that it certainly wasn’t her and that she had a fantastic body and clearly knew how to use it. I’d jump at the chance to fuck her, but I went on to try and explain that Jane had made it clear she wasn’t that type, and if I had ever gone near another woman she would end our relationship there and then. Sue just laughed laughed and just said “Jane said that? You’ve got to be kidding” I asked her what she meant, and she just stared at me for a moment and said “You really don’t know do you?”

I was following her around her flat not really knowing where we were going, and before I realised we were in her bedroom and she was starting to get undressed. Instinctively I turned around. Sue laughed at me “You’ve just seen me naked in bed fucking your loved one – you had a good look then, but now you turn away – you’re mad!” I turned back around and she was now naked and the bulge in my trousers grew. “I’m starting work at 6 and hairdressers need to look their best. I’m going for a shower and you can come and talk to me or wait for me to finish. I’d suggest you join me but somehow I don’t think you’ll take me up on that” and with that she was out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. I was rooted to the spot. I desperately needed a fuck, but i also needed to understand what was happening with Jane. She was the one that made me give up swinging, but she was the one indulging with Sue and by the sound of it her partner as well.

I had followed Sue into the bathroom and was still trying to talk to her, but the sight of her in the shower cubicle soaping herself all over was too much for me. Part of me wanted to join her and fuck her brains out, the other half wanted her to come out and help me make sense of what was going on. I think Sue could sense my thoughts and opened the cubicle door and just said “well are you going to get your clothes off or not”. I needed no further invitation. I got undressed and joined her in the shower. Her body felt so great next to mine. Her tits being squeezed between us and my stiff cock finding its way between her legs. It made it all the more horny knowing that a short while ago it had been my partner doing this with her. Our hands were exploring each other and I thought I would cum immediately as her hands found my cock and started rubbing up and down. Before I knew it she had removed her hands and knelt down and started to suck me off. I looked down and her eyes were looking straight up at me her mouth doing an expert job on my cock. I wanted to cum in her mouth there and then, but the thought suddenly hit me that i didn’t even know if she liked that. God we hadn’t even discussed likes or dislikes let alone safe sex, and here we were doing it in the shower! I think the cramped shower cubicle was proving too much and sue got up, turned the shower off and, gabbing my hand led me out of the shower and back into her bedroom. She grabbed a handful of towels from the airing cupboard on the way and laid them over the bed before pushing me down on it and mounting me in a 69 just like she had Jane.

God what a sight. Although still went from the shower Sue’s pussy was soaked with her juices. She was clearly as horny as I was. Sue sat up on my face just like she had to jane, and my tongue slid right up her fanny. Sue clearly enjoyed my tongue exploring every inch of her love tube. My mind flashed back to her and Jane in this position and how I wished I could have joined them.

Sue bent forward to suck my cock, and wriggled herself back a bit. Her bumhole found my nose and she pushed on it some more. I took that to be an invitation and started licking it and playing with it with my finger. This was all too much and I felt my balls tighten and I exploded in her mouth. I could hear Sue choke a bit but she must have swallowed it all as she carried on sucking me until I was dry. We carried on in a 69 until Sue had cum, and we collapsed next to each other on the bed. I moved round so as to kiss her and her mouth tasted slightly salty. The lingering essence of my cum, some of which had dribble down her chin and checks.

We kissed for a while, with me on top of her between her legs and I could feel her soaking wet pussy. The whole afternoon had been extremely horny and I could feel my cock hardening again. Sue could obviously feel it too and used her hands to help things along. Before long sue was moving my cock around her sopping wet fanny and before I knew it I was thrusting deep inside her. She was so wet and it felt so good. We looked into each other’s eyes and she pulled me to her and we kissed like our lives depended on it.

Sue was groaning and was clearly near to cumming, which threw me over the top and I came deep into her pussy. Sue came shortly afterwards and I suddenly felt warm liquid coming from somewhere. Not sure what It was I moved off Sue and she clearly saw my startled look. “Don’t worry” she said – “I often squirt when I’ve had a good fucking, I’m surprised Jane hasn’t mentioned it” “There’s a lot Jane hasn’t told me” I replied as I kissed her mouth again.

We laid there for a while kissing and I replayed todays events in my mind. I started to ask Sue some questions and very soon all became clear as to what has been going on between Jane and Sue for all these years.

I’ll post all the answers soon, and try and bring things up to date, if anyone is interested.