Written by Dakad

1 Sep 2013

My wife who I will call Teresa who is 54, always refused to talk about inviting another guy into our bed. One weekend we were invited to a friends party at the local pub. It was a great evening lots of drinks and a great atmosphere.

I noticed that one guy there was always chatting and flirting with Teresa and she obviously liked the attention as she was flirting back.. The guy flirting was about 35 slim and well groomed. As the evening went on they were talking and then called me over. Teresa introduced me to her friend whose name was Mark, and said Mark has invited us to stay at his place rather than bother with taxis. I thanked him and moved away and left them together.

The party ended and we walked to Marks house, once there he made us coffee and showed us our room. I had quite a lot to drink so I lay on the bed and Teresa went downstairs with Mark. I could hear them talking and laughing. After a while I noticed the talking had turned to whispers and Teresa saying no i'm married. I crept downstairs looked through the door and saw Mark naked from the waist down and Teresa was licking and sucking his hard cock, his cock was about 7.5 inches and quite thick. I had an instant hard on and went back upstairs. I made a noise so they knew I was about to go back downstairs When I went into the room Mark had his trousers back on and Teresa was sipping her coffee. Teresa and I decided to go to bed, she undressed and her nipples were hard and when I touched her pussy it was dripping wet. She knelt on the bed with her bum in the air sucking my cock and I ran my fingers along the lips of her pussy. Then I noticed Mark standing in the doorway I waved him in and he buried his face in Teresa's bum and pussy she gasped and pushed back onto Marks face. Mark stood up threw his clothes off grabbed Teresa by the hips and thrust his cock into her she moaned really loud as she came, he carried on thrusting deep into her, she must have cum 3 more times, he turned Teresa over so she was lying on her back pulled her to the edge of the bed lifted up her legs and buried his cock deep into her again, she was really turned on rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples after a couple of minutes Mark pulled his cock out and squirted warm cum over Teresa's tits and stomach..When he finished cumming he put his cum covered cock next to Teresa's mouth and she gladly licked and sucked the cum from his cock.. Then he dropped to his knees and licked Teresa's wet pussy. He stood up and said to me its your turn now, I only lasted 4-5 strokes and I was cumming. As my cum dribbled from her pussy Mark played with the cum rubbing it all over Teresa's pussy. I said to him how did you last so long and he replied because Teresa had let him cum in her mouth downstairs.. It wasn't long before he was hard again and Teresa was on top riding him and her tits moving up and down over his face.. Eventually the finished fucking and we called a cab and went home, what a night and its never been mentioned since, I think Teresa is embarrassed to think she let herself go and carry out a fantasy.