Written by scottie

4 Apr 2016

"I have no idea where Brian is," I lied to the man's wife, while my ears strained to detect any muffled grunts or moans from behind the closed door slightly down the hall from us. The stud had been pretty quiet, but my wife Kitty is a fucking screamer, and I think the guy was keeping her noises down while fucking her with his massive cock by shoving his tongue -- or a couple of fingers, possibly -- in her mouth. It's the only way to shut Kitty up when she's taking eight or more inches of meat in her bald Asian cunt.

The rounded, 30-something mother of four scowled, her gelatinous face confused by the misdirection I was providing her. "Hmm, Mary said she saw him coming into the house with some tart," the rotund blonde muttered to me, scratching her double chin. She clearly believed my bullshit, that I had been down here in the home's "man-cave" for a while, and her husband Brian had been nowhere around. Cross the basement of Mary's house off of the woman's list of places to look for her cheating husband.

As I watched the confused woman bobble down the basement hall and head back up to the neighborhood party in the home's backyard, I turned to spy on the closed door of the man-cave. I'd been playing lookout for a good thirty minutes, maybe more, and already I had to deflect a couple of different people from trying to go into the room. Inwardly I exhaled, trying to relax from my nerves being aggitated by the last person on Earth I needed to walk down this hallway, the stud's wife. I sure hoped I wouldn't have to keep doing this.

Not that I wanted my wife to hurry up while getting what she really wanted -- a man-sized, super-huge penis stuffed in her petite body with her ultra-tight pussy -- but, frankly, I hoped she would hurry up. I didn't want to be responsible for someone barging in on the two of them, and ratting out the guy who was getting some Asian cunt for his big fat and very married dick.

Checking my watch didn't make the time go any faster. They'd be done when they were done, I figured. Time for me to man up and be the diligent foot-soldier, and keep the place secure for my wife to pleasure herself. It's a husband's job, isn't it, to make sure his wife is as satisfied and happy as possible? If you love her, right, then make her happy. That's how I see it, at least, I so don't understand why people don't get it.

"C'mon," I nervously mumbled to myself, tapping my foot against the floor and leaning my shoulders back into the wall of the basement hallway. Looking at the door -- which didn't make it open -- I began to imagine what was happing behind it. My cock throbbed in my jeans, as I smiled and nodded, enjoying what my imagination conjured.


About two hours earlier that afternoon, my wife's small hand had suddenly squeezed my interlocked fingers so hard, she cut off circulation to my digits. I must have exclaimed a soft yelp in surprise, because I had only been loosely holding her hand as we walked through the crowded back yard; I was not expecting the intense pressure she applied and was unprepared for a moment.

I knew what the vice-like squeeze of her hand meant. It was a signal we'd developed in the nearly two years we'd been together, since she left her first husband to move out with me.

Kitty saw a hot stud and her tight, bald Asian pussy was creaming in her thong.

Walking up to the guests in the backyard party, my eyes roamed the crowd of parents and neighbors gathered under the late summer sun. She and I had been living year just over a year, but we hardly had met anyone, so most of the faces of our neighbors were unknown to me. I knew the homeowners throwing the party, Mary and Mitchell, having befriended them while jogging past their house in the early morning a few times and I knew Mitchell had fucked kitty a few times. But unlike most of my neighbors, Kitty and I didn't have kids -- well, mine didn't live with me anymore -- so I had little reason to mingle with the families in the homes that surrounded us.

Like a machine scanning its human targets, I sized up each of the males I could see. My slutwife would tell me which of them she immediately found sexually appealing, but I wanted to guess to myself first. The assortment of options was pretty typical for a suburban neighborhood, I figured -- mostly men in their 30s and 40s, some older, mostly with slightly out-of-shape bellies (like me), balding and/or graying hair, and farmers' tans bespeaking their professional careers while the wives took the kids to the pools every day. There didn't seem to be, however, that one stud who stood out from the crowd. Pretty much all of them were cut of the same cloth. Maybe she didn't see just one who suddenly attracted her attention; maybe it was the fact that we had a gaggle of semi-attractive men living around us that had made her juices start to flow.

Her soft voice muttered the answer. She didn't lean up to speak to me, but remained looking off to the side, in the direction of the male earning her affection. "Orange shirt," she reported with a tinge of emotion, her small hand continuing to squeeze mine tightly.

Mr. Orange Shirt, whom I immediately identified after she told me, had escaped my attention moments earlier. Dark hair, strong jaw, steely blue eyes, and a distinct set of bulging muscles both on his arms and inside the shirt. His tummy was flat, his shirt was loose hanging around a small pair of jogging shorts, below which is hairy, athletic legs were exposed. The guy was taller than me, probably around 6 foot 2 or something. I wouldn't say he was the most muscular guy here, nor the tallest, nor maybe the very most handsome. But I guess he had a pretty complete package -- looks, build, body. I had no idea who he was. The guy was holding a soda can, chatting amicably in a small circle of married couples.

We hadn't come to the neighborhood party for Kitty to find a date. She'd been doing just fine for herself, using the Internet and two local gyms -- and, on occasion, the local bars and clubs -- to meet men. Currently, at the time of this party, she probably had three "serious" boyfriends and maybe two or three other men on the side too. Kitty had to keep a calendar, so she wouldn't forget the morning, afternoon, evening and weekend dates she had regularly. So it wasn't like Kitty was desperate for yet more male attention. But like a typical slut, if something tasty was offered, she'd bite.

No, we came to the party to behave like a normal married couple, something she liked to do with me to offset all of the sex and passion in her multiple relationships. She didn't have a full-time "normal" relationship with any of her fuck-buddies. Some of her studs knew she was married and "slutted around," whereas other male friends thought she was cheating behind her hubby's (my) back. On occasion she'd have a non-sexual date or weekend with one of her friends, but mostly they just wanted to fuck her. Even the couple of her relationships that had become heavy -- laden with more than sexual lust, but developing real emotions and love -- drained her of much emotional energy, she didn't get a chance to relax around those guys very often. I'm her husband, I'm the one she normally comes home to each day or night, so my unique job is to relax her, get her mind off of cocks and her pussy, if only for a short while time to time. For a slut who's horny constantly, that's no easy job, let me tell you.

So much for my plan to empty her head of sexual thoughts for a little while. We'd only been at this party 20 minutes before walking into the backyard where most of the guests were assembled, and right away, she started to cream in her thong for Mr. Orange Shirt.

I looked down at my short Asian wife, finding her big brown eyes blinking up at me expectantly. Her soft, pretty lips turned up with a wry smile. She brushed her long, flowing jet-black hair over her shoulder, shrugging her slender shoulders at me. I knew that, inside her loose-fitting sundress, her brown nipples were probably already hardened on her A-cup titties. She didn't have to say anything; the gaze from her brown orbs sparkling at me explained what she had on her mind.

She wanted to meet Mr. Orange Shirt. As outgoing and adventurous as she was with men online, in person Kitty is unexpectedly shy. She'd flirt with her eyes, then with a few jokes, but typically in person she's not aggressive with a male. Instead, men love her thin body, her small ass, her perky little titties, and her pretty face -- so invariably men would make passes at her, and at that point she would be ready to say "yes." So that's what she needed. Maybe he was a neighbor who had enough time in his schedule to accommodate the attention of a very slutty, cock-hungry married woman down the block. Maybe, with her smiling up at him and her eyes checking out his fit body, he'd play along and make up some flimsy excuse for a private get-together later that week or something. Then Kitty could pretend to think it over, pretend to be shy about it, then agree to a harmless rendezvous. Which, usually, would end up involving two naked, sweating bodies.

Keeping my still-pulsing hand interlocked with her small fingers, I led my wife into the crowd of married couples and parents, pretending to make acquaintances, but really to get Kitty face-time with the very hot Mr. Orange Shirt.

Brian was his name. His wife, a talkative blonde named Patty who probably had been very cute before she had her four children, was working the other side of the crowd. Brian gave me a strong, manly handshake, then he turned and daintily greeted my small, slender wife with a pleasant grin.

My Kitty has some magic about her. Men who like sluts know the look in her eye. If guys don't cheat on their wives, they probably don't know that look; but some men, the ones whom Kitty seems to be able to find in a crowded bar or gym, fixate on her instantly. Maybe it's how she shook his hand, or how she looked up at him, or how she stood or something. I don't know. I met her online, and I fell in love with her long before actually making physical contact with her. But Brian saw it, and instantly, his smile to her wasn't just friendly, it was . . . hungry. Or, so I told myself. Maybe at the time it was just my wishful thinking.

The bad news came immediately: Brian wasn't from the area. He drove up from the Shore, about four or five hours away -- more, with traffic -- to bring his family up for the week. They were staying here, at Mary and Mitchell's house, I guess Brian and Mitchell had been college buddies or something. The important point was that their trip was at its end. They were leaving the very next afternoon, because Brian's oldest son, a soon-to-be seventh grader, was starting football camp on Monday.

I sensed my wife's instant reaction. She had been leaning against me, her little hand on the small of my back, creating the false impression that she was a doting little wife who never left her husband's side and thus wasn't a threat to any woman's man at the party. As she heard Brian describe himself, Kitty leaned againt me more, holding me more closely, as if I was holding her up from falling over. She was disappointed at the truth.

Still, it didn't stop her from flirting with him. With his rotund wife not within earshot, Kitty began her well-versed flirtations. She knew how to make a man talk about himself, and also to disarm him with wit. It was a classic performance from my shy but very horny wife.

As she and Brian exchanged small-talk about their daily lives and compared notes about my region of the country (Kitty was an outsider here two years ago), Kitty cracked jokes and made sure to keep a smile on Brian's face. She has a great wit. Brian, too, was very animated and playful, laughing at her jokes and adding more of his own. Nothing sexual whatsoever, as I stood there, just extremely friendly and jovial. I smiled to myself, noticing Kitty moving ever so slightly away from my side to his. It allowed her to reach out, from time to time, to touch his arm or shoulder, in a very polite but amicable way.

I was immediately the third wheel. I stood nearby them a little while, not really talking, just admiring the look on Kitty's face as she worked over her new friend. My wife was so sexy and gorgeous, smiling with her lips and eyes up at the handsome face of the stud. She was not ignoring me, but she was really entertaining herself with the ability to occupy this sexy man's attention. I do love seeing her having a good time, but she didn't need me here at the moment. I stepped away, meeting some of my other neighbors, turning my back to my wife and the out-of-state visitor.

Looking back maybe fifteen minutes later, Kitty was still standing hip to hip with him, the two of them having migrated near the cooler with beverages, chatting with a couple of other wives. She was really tiny compared to him; he stood about 14 or 15 inches taller than her, and given his muscles he had to weigh more than twice her weight. Her bronze hand reached out to touch him repeatedly -- in a friendly way, but to continually build the rapport between them, touching his arm and elbow, or his hip, his hand, even once to reach up and flick his chin and nose with a playful attack on something he said. She was laughing and smiling constantly, as was he.

It might not have been the reason we came to this neighborhood party, but Kitty sure was enjoying herself.

"It's really fuckin' cold," Brian spat to Kitty as he pulled the can of soda from the cooler, his hand drenched in ice water. Suddenly realizing his vulgarity might not be welcome in front of a petite married Asian woman, he immediately apologized. "Oops, sorry about my French."

If you haven't heard my wife fuck before, you'd have never guessed how foul her own mouth was. "Shit, don't apologize," she laughed to relax her new friend, taking the soda can from him, "you're right -- it's REALLY fuckin' cold."

Brian was telling her about the big porch he's trying to add to their house, which was something like the patio deck they were standing near. Kitty listened attentively to the tale of how difficult it was to cut the lumber to the proper angles -- apparently, Brian's taste for something creative had required a lot more work than he originally anticipated. As he finished the tale, Kitty just shrugged. "So, what, you can come to our house and build me one too, right?"

"That's right," he laughed, mocking himself, "no problem, done tomorrow." Then he sort of nodded in my direction, across the backyard lawn from her. "I'm sure your husband can help me, it'll go twice as fast."

Kitty shrugged, not meaning to criticize but giving him a slightly honest answer. "What, David? He's not bad around the house -- when he's home, but he works a lot."

"Aw, fuck!" Brian had grabbed his own soda can, but his effort to pop the top had failed. A defect in the tab made it break off as he tried to raise it, leaving the can sealed shut with no easy way to open it. He showed t Kitty the little metal tab that had ripped off, muttering, "Must be American made." Looking around he didn't see any tools or silverware to help him open the can, so he pressed the can's bottom against his muscular thigh, and simultaneously pressed his powerful thumb on the still-sealed opening on the top. With a wince he giggled to Kitty, "This'll either work or hurt like hell," and he began pressuring the sealed opening inwards.

Pop. A few seconds later, the pressure of his strong thumb opened the can. With mock pride in his handiwork he showed off the opened can to my wife. "The thumb is the world's greatest tool. See, all you have to do is know the secret to working it, and it'll open every time."

Kitty chuckled at gave him a playful wink. "Oh, really -- is that what you say about your wife?"

Brian's eyes opened, surprised at the sexual innuendo. But seeing Kitty's big brown eyes staring up at him without apology, he roared in approval. "Exactly, it works with her every time!"

Their eyes caught, as they each sipped their soda cans. The real teasing would now begin.

Amid the meaningless fluff about suburban life, their jokes became more and more sexual. Brian was comparing the value of Mary and Mitchell's house to their own, given the different locations, would someone want to pay for conveniences of a suburban neighborhood or a close-by but remote ocean beach? Kitty remarked, "I suppose it just depends on what you value more -- me, as long as there's lots of sex involved, I'm all for it." To which Brian joked back with an unintentional pun, "Well then you'd probably pay a million bucks for my pickup truck, there's always plenty of THAT in the back bed." Kitty grinned and purred, "Hmm, maybe I love any truck that has a BED in it," and for emphasis she ran her pink tongue over her upper lip.

Acknowledging her comment with a playful "Ooo!" moan, Brian needled her in an effort to continue the sexual banter. "So, how's that work, if I came over to help build your patio -- if I drive up in a pickup truck with a HUGE bed in the back, you would be thinking I was there for something other than building that patio?"

My wife smiled, realizing that this very sexy man was also extremely playful. "Oh, I'd be totally ignorant of what's going on in your head."

"Oh, no," chastised the married man with a bump of his elbow against her, "you're not."

"Shhh!" Kitty put a finger to her lips and looked around, like he needed to keep it secret. "I can pretend!"

He seemed to be enjoying the innuendo with this extremely attractive, petite married woman ten years his junior. "Well I guess you didn't get the memo then."

Kitty mockingly acted all superior for a moment. "Sorry, no one told me, and if it was in my inbox, I must've thrown it away."

"Sheesh," the taller male snickered, shaking his head in disdain, "damn woman." He had moved closer to her, almost hip to hip as they talked, together in the midst of everyone at the party but totally apart from everyone. Slightly changing the conversation to something less provocative but meant to inquire more about her, he asked, "So you don't have to work, huh -- do you feel the need to get a job just to get out of the house, or, what right now you're just happy to sleep in every day?"

Kitty thought it over, then turned her smiling eyes up at him and taking a sip of her soda before answering. "Oh, who says I'm sleeping every day, with all that sex going on?"

Brian's eyebrow arched, intrigued. "And I thought you said your husband has long hours and isn't home much every day."

My slutty wife snickered, shrugging and mockingly blushing. "That's right, I did, didn't I -- but then again, I don't need him to have sex anytime I want, do I?" But stepping back from an admission of the naked truth, she made light of her comment. "Like you said -- the thumb is the greatest tool!"

Everyone in the crowd heard Brian's cackle of laughter. Just no one had any idea what amused him so much.

"Hi, I'm Patty, we're in town just for the week." The middle-aged blonde with a big smile shook my hand like a man might -- like her husband might -- with a firm grip. Beside her very curvy hips stood her youngest, a six-year-old girl, whose face was smeared with a sticky strawberry-jelly mess from some recent treat. "My husband Brian is somewhere around here -- working the crowd, as usual." Suddenly his cackle sounded above everyone's conversation, making her wince and point to the sky. "See, there he is."

So this was the man's wife. She'd let herself go, after having four kids. Her face was friendly, her clothing was not shabby (Lands' End, if I guess correctly), but as curvy as her C- or D-cup breasts were, her hips and ass were even more curvy. It wasn't difficult to imagine that Brian might appreciate attention from a slightly more attractive female. He was, in that respect, a pretty typical married guy whom Kitty loved to date. Just too bad they lived five hours away.

I told her that I'd met Brian, and knew they were up from the shore, and so forth. His wife proceeded to talk my ear off for a bit about how they like the neighborhood and schools up by us, but his job was too good to leave, they liked the kids' friends, whatever. At some point she even worked into her explanation something about a good grocery store, I'm not sure, I wasn't totally listening. I didn't like her much and was tuning her out.

The bitch figured out I wasn't interested. "So," she asked me, finally not talking about herself, "you married, here with your wife?"

Nodding, I scanned the backyard. The first thing I saw was Mr. Orange Shirt himself, chatting with a couple of other dads in the crowd, but my wife was not at his side. Instead she was chatting with Mary, the owner of the house, a few feet away. Pointing her out I said to Brian's wife, "That's Kitty, she and I moved here about, oh, a year ago, just before we got married." Lowering my voice so it wouldn't be too public, I felt a rush of honest overtake me. "We're on each other's second marriages, although, I think she downgraded," and I laughed at my self-deprecation.

The blonde smiling at me remained friendly. "Oh, I see -- so, any kids?"

Her stare suggested she didn't want to hear the truth, so I covered up with an accurate but tailored response. "No, Kitty and I don't have any baby yet -- who knows, although, I think she's practicing being a stay-at-home mom -- just, she doesn't have any kids yet." The woman chuckled, and I explained. "I work at a software company downtown, I have pretty long hours. Kitty doesn't need to work, so, right now she's just enjoying life, doing as she pleases -- it's fine by me, she puts a smile on my face every day."

Whatever I said to Brian's fat wife seemed to turn her off to any further conversation with me. I guess a busy, even frantic mother of four kids doesn't want to hear about a 29 year old woman's lifestyle of relaxation and bliss.

Thankfully, the woman and I were rescued from each other. Some other woman came up to us, and I didn't catch her name while shaking her hand hello, and she said something to Patty about helping to set up the food. That was a convenient excuse for the blonde to part her ways from me.

We'd been at the party over an hour, and the sun was already disappearing before a line of high evergreens atop the long hill that cuddles our community. But the party was more densely attended, and the smell of Bar-B-Q started wafting through the air as the dinner was being set on tables at the corner. I was really fucking hungry, I realized, having had nothing but a bottle of water since late morning. Time to get some food, I told myself.

As I stood patiently in line, I noticed Mr. Orange Shirt, he of the impeccable pectoral muscles, talking to two of his kids at the head of the line. My wife wasn't nearby, it seemed -- except, yes she was, across from him on the other side of the table, forming a second line at the food. She noticed me down the line and waived hello. Her big white grin was energetic.

Snorting in amusement, I found myself surprised that Kitty would be having so much fun just talking to a hot married man. Apparently she could enjoy herself even if there was no chance they'd be getting naked together.

Kitty watched Brian's oldest son, just shy of being a teenager, awkwardly try to chat with a pretty teenager a bit too old for him. As Brian came back to her side, both of them standing near the fence at the edge of the backyard, Kitty nodded in the boy's direction. "Good for him, he looks like quite the lady's man." She winked. "Gets that from his Daddy, doesn't he?"

Brian shrugged and laughed, turning to look back at his son a moment before facing my petite wife again. "We'll see. He's been eyeing her all afternoon, I was getting tired of watching him do nothing about it." He lowered his voice, after scanning the nearby party guests to make sure no one was listening. "Sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind, and go for it -- I mean, you only live once, right?"

The sexual joking earlier had achieved its mission. With my petite Chinese-American wife smiling up at him, her slim body clad in her loose sundress, he was having very vivid thoughts right now.

My slutwife knew it. "Is that your credo, Brian -- do you 'go for it,' I mean, you too only live once, right?"

He stepped closer to her, nervously looking around a second time. He'd been talking to Kitty the majority of the party, and he hoped his wife wasn't noticing. He also hoped no one -- except Kitty -- observed the throbbing erection in his jogging shorts, which is why he stood facing her, away from everyone else. "I'd like to, you know," he moaned softly, almost in a depressed tone, "sometimes when you're all grown up, it's not always so easy."

Mmm, that's true," Kitty mused. Her eyes had found the bulge of his shaft in his jogging shorts, then she looked up quickly to the man's handsome face -- making sure that he, too, saw her examining his meat. And she grinned, demonstrating her approval of what she saw. "You know how they say, it's easier to talk to a stranger? Like on a plane, or in an on-line chat room?"

The tall stud nodded down to her, hardly breathing, hoping she would give him a green light.

My wife looked around too, her slanted brown eyes preferring to lock onto his strong face and his manly physique, not to mention the big bulge in his shorts. She sighed then diffidently looked up at him again. "Maybe it's easier for me, I mean, I don't have kids, and I'm on my own a lot."

He grinned, sensing Kitty and he were having a magical moment that the two of them weren't supposed to have. "What's easier, what do you mean?"

"I mean," my playful wife giggled, looking away from him as if caught with her hand in the cookie jar, then smiling as she "forced" herself to look at him again. "I mean, you know -- if, like, I want to, you know, satisfy my needs, then, I guess its easier for me to get what I want."

"Oh?" He stepped even closer to her, remaining far enough only so no one looking at them would think they were hitting on each other. "You gonna tell me what you want, Kitty?"

My slutty wife had no compunction about telling him. Staring up at him, her hand reaching out to stroke the hair on his lower arm briefly, she muttered her answer to him with a hoarse, throaty slut's tone. "More, baby, I want more." She grinned at him then, her toothy white smile relaxing his tensions. "My husband, well, -- I have more drive than him, in bed, and, he's not around a lot anyway -- and, well, can I be honest?"

Brian immediately nodded, his smile extending from ear to ear on his pleasant face.

Kitty giggled before expressing the deepest truth to him. "I just need more -- bigger -- he's, you know, only adequate -- I really, really need MORE, like, BIG. And he knows it, and he lets me have it -- whenever I can get it, from anyone I want it from."

The married stud snickered, giving Kitty a very devilish grin, a visual indication he hoped Kitty would want it from him. Seeing Kitty's equally evil gleam back in his direction, Brian leaned towards her and intentionally bumped his hip against her small body. "So -- you allow anyone to give it to you?" he joked, playing back her words.

"Shut up!" Kitty cackled, smacking him more forcefully across his arm, pretending to be horrified he suggested she was that loose.

He threw his hands up in defense of himself. "Hey, you said it." Then, getting more serious about his offer, he leaned his mouth down to her ear and whispered in a rhaspy voice, "But, maybe, you'd like to help me out."

"Oh?" Kitty was hoping an offer would be forthcoming from this very sexy man.

"Mmm hmm." He grinned at his luck in meeting this slut at the boring party. "Maybe -- I dunno -- after that lousy dinner, you're still hungry for something?"

My wife gasped at the offer, enjoying how he put his words. "Maybe," she giggled, "like, I don't know -- some big sausage?" She and he both nodded and laughed at each other, and she added, "And are you hungry too -- maybe some fish taco for you?"

"Fish taco!" Brian roared with a deep belly-laugh. "Yeah," he agreed in a more subdued tone, "that's it -- I'm VERY hungry for some of that."

"Good, baby," my slutty wife purred with a lusty breath, "let's go someplace where we can, you know -- eat!"

I ate my dinner at a table with two other men I didn't know, trading small talk about the upcoming football season, where out of nowhere Kitty appeared standing at my side. She was giggly, almost nervously so. "Need you," she told me in a rush, wiggling her finger at me. Her hands shot out to my nearest hand, pulling it and stretching my arm out, trying to get me to stand up quickly. I hurriedly balanced my plate and soda on the small table and excused myself from the two guys, standing up to follow my wife to a private corner of the backyard.

She pulled my ear down to her mouth, whispering excitedly. "David, sweety, please, you gotta help us," she moaned, her brown eyes looking across the backyard at Mr. Orange Shirt, who was introducing one of his sons to some curvaceous teenage girl. "I really hope you don't mind, but, please, we need you for a little while, is that okay?" She made it sound like a request, although, my answer was preordained.

"Uh, sure," I offered, not knowing my mission.

Her small cheeks were flushed, and she was holding a strand of her long hair, twirling it around her fingers, which was one of her nervous traits. "So, honey, you know Brian is leaving tomorrow, right?" She saw me nod. Then she rambled with her request, clearly slightly embarrassed for having to ask. "Well, um, I really don't want to, you know, treat you like this, but well -- I mean, it's his last night here -- so, like, can, you, um, come stand downstairs here, like, kind of -- um, protect us, I mean -- we're, like, I mean, he's going to, like, take me into the house and show me this room down there, the guy's 'man cave,' and, um, you know, it's private and all -- but, like, you know, we don't want to be disturbed, and his wife barely lets him out her sight lol ?"

My penis instantly grew to its not-quite six inches in length. I'm a typical cuckold, I find enormous satisfaction from my wife wanting to fuck other hot men, getting something for herself that I can't provide her. My knees almost buckled from the blood rushing to fill my prick, and I giggled at the fact my wife can find a fuck-buddy for herself in any party anywhere. I'm so proud to be married to such a hot slut! "You're kidding," I protested in shock, "you're seriously going to go down and fuck him -- NOW?"

"Shhh!" Kitty's small hand darted out and smacked me across the arm, the slat delivering a wincing pain on my skin. "Shut up! And, no, we're not going to FUCK!" Her arms stood akimbo, her hands on her small hips, as she glared at me disapprovingly -- but smiling at me playfully. "Well, I mean, I might suck his dick or something, maybe, but not fuck, are you crazy?" Then she added with a wink, "I love you, you do know that, right?"

She looked so divine and beautiful, so loving, her smile and eyes enlightened at the prospect of having some fun private time with the hot married male. I loved that she was excited by this sudden twist to the party; I wanted her to have exactly whatever she wanted, whatever would really please her deepest cravings.

My petite wife stepped up directly in front of me, her arm around my waist, letting me lean my ear down to her mouth so she could whisper the instructions. "Wow, thanks so much baby, but -- please, just, don't be obvious, okay. After we go in -- make sure no one goes into that room, okay? It's somewhere down in the basement."

What was I going to say? I said exactly what she wanted; I always do, because I love her and her happiness makes me happy. And she, too, does things for my happiness.

"Sure, alright, no problem," I said without hesitation or compunction to Kitty's request. But, inside my head, I was already wondering what exactly this might entail.

"Awesome," Kitty purred at me, standing on her toes in her sandals and kissing my cheek briefly, "thanks so much -- you're wonderful to me, I love you!" And with that, Kitty slithered off to Brian, and the two of them disappeared into the house's kitchen together.

I looked around, making sure no one seemed particularly bothered that the two of them went into the house together. Not that anyone should have noticed. Adults and kids alike were coming and going in the house, whether to use the bathroom, carry food or drinks in and out, or whatever.

So, it seemed, I had a role to play in this. Kitty wanted her cock tonight, and there would be hell to pay if I failed my duty and someone discovered the married father of four fucking my horny married Asian slutwife.

Charging down the dim hallway in the back of the fully-furnished basement, Kitty ran ahead of her new friend, looking for the right passage. "Which way?" her light voice chirped, as she turned down a dead-end hallway.

"No, this way, sweetie," Brian chided, stepping right up behind her and reaching both hands to the small of her back -- and using just his fingers to tickle her, making her jump in place.

My wife giggled, swatting away his hand. "Then YOU lead, Mr. Know-it-all."

"It's here," he reported, taking her hand and stepping past a door that he was just opening. It was, indeed, the very last door on the darkest hallway. He flicked a switch, and bright lights flooded a small room. This was Mitchell's "man-cave," his place to escape. The far wall had a 32 inch flat-screen TV, and the other walls were covered by rows and rows of bookshelves of DVDs, videotapes, and a small number of books. An expensive computer sat in the far corner. In the middle of the room, pushed near the TV, was a black-leather chair, but more of a reclining chair really. It had a thick, plush backrest that leaned back slightly, and the bottom cushion was several feet long -- allowing someone to sit on it upright and stretch his legs out all the way, or, lie flat on his back with just his knees and feet bending off at the bottom.

Brian let Kitty walk into the room first. "Mmmm," my playful wife mused, looking it over. It was nothing more to her than a private room; it didn't have a sofa or bed, but that long chair had some promising features.

Her playful giggled continued as Brian moved directly behind her quickly, pressing the fat bulge of his crotch against her lower back and butt through her sundress, while his arm reached around her body. His hot breaths fell on her exposed slender neck, where he began nibbling on the soft sensitive skin there and, above it, her dangling earlobe. "Hope I'm not distracting you," he snickered with his wet lips against my wife's skin. She chuckled, holding her hand against his arm that was reaching across her. As he kissed her ear and neck his hand slid to her waist, and his lips moved southward to lick a wet trail to her exposed shoulder in the sleeveless sundress, planting a soft kiss there.

"Mmm," agreeably moaned my wife, "I have sooo missed this kind of attention from a hot man." She spun in his arms, facing him, letting him continue to kiss her shoulder while she slipped a hand between their bodies. Her small married hand, sporting her 2.5 carat engagement and rings, slipped inside Brian's jogging shorts. She gasped, feeling the extremely impressive shaft inside. It drew a soft moan from him, with his lips moving back to nibble and suckle her earlobe. Her hand slipped around the inside of his shorts, now grasping his firm muscular butt, admiring how tight and fit it was compared to her husband's much more flabby derrier. Brian giggled at that feeling, which ended soon enough as she returned her small hand inside his shorts to his penis, wrapping her fingers around that cock, getting it even harder in her hand, even thicker.

Moving her face to find his, their lips met, and she exclaimed as encouragement, "Mmmmhhhhmmmm." Brian and my wife began a mad, passionate kiss, full of tongues and saliva. With her hand around his penis, she felt his strong large hand raising her sundress above her waist, then immediately it dove inside the front of her panties. "Ohhh fuckkk -- yesss!" she erupted in their kiss, totally approving of his approach to her married vagina. Inside her black satin panties his fingers dove deep, touching her recently-shaved vagina, and one of his thick fingers curled upwards and instantly began rubbing firmly against her gaping-wet cunthole. Kitty responded to his aggressive move by kissing more firmly, shoving her tongue into the depths of his married, cheating mouth. "Oh, god, Brian," my wife grunted into the kiss, lost in the heaven of his company, "sooo good!"

Brian's fingers was circling her clit inside her panties, teasing it, toying with it, smearing liquid all over his fingertip, while his mouth broke their kiss and moved down to her neck again. Kitty groaned as her head fell to the side, offering her skin to his mouth, and she gripped his large penis inside his shorts for support as his warm breaths and wet kisses devoured her slender Asian neck again. Finding his ear near her mouth she moaned into it, "Ohhh baby," panting hard and trying to remain standing while Brian's finger was grinding hard on her throbbing wet clitty.

His two hands, both of them now under her sundress, moved up Kitty's slick flat tummy to her chest. As the dress bunched around her armpits and hung loosely over Brian's paws, his thumbs hooked under the bottom edge of her bra and raised it too, exposing her A-cup titties to his palms. Instantly he was palming first one then both of her soft orbs, squeezing a little harder each time. "Mmmmm!" encouraged my wife, her hand stroking the monster cock inside his shorts. She felt his thumbs out now, playing with her sensitive nipples, making her knees feel weak. She continued to encourage his attention. "Ohhh, yesss!"

Brian kept nibbling on her earlobes, his tongue flickering out to lick them too, then back down to her neck his mouth went. Kitty couldn't wait, she let go of Brian's penis and reached both of her hands to her sundress, pulling it up and off of herself and dropping it uselessly to the floor. Now his big hands could easily grope at her small Asian boobs, still teasing her nipples relentlessly with his thumbs, while Kitty gyrated her hips over the bulge in Brian's groin.

Kitty moved her face down, brushing her nose on his cheek, and he responded as she wanted. Their lips found each other again, madly pressing together in an animal kiss, making my wife's pussy gush with delight. "Mmm, love the way you kiss, Brian. . . oh my god . . . makes me sooo wet."

Their forbidden kiss continued, the married father of four making out with my wife, as the stripping began in more earnest. Kitty reached behind herself to open her bra, which wasn't covering her small breasts anyway. Brian's hands, meanwhile, slipped down her body, stroking her smooth velvety skin, then hooking inside her panties over her hips to push them down. Kitty allowed the man to make her naked, lowering her panties to her knees, fully exposing her bald shaved twat. Brian didn't finish the job, leaving her panties at her knees, instead pushing his hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clitoris again, lightly but quickly. "Ohhh fuccckkk!" screamed my wife into his mouth, loving his playfulness

Kitty couldn't get her panties to fall to her feet with just wiggling her legs, the panties were sopping wet and had bunched into the crevice behind her knees. Giggling, she tried to lean her arms down to push her panties off, but she couldn't reach far enough without breaking the kiss. Brian laughed with her, and the two giggled while keeping lips pressed together, and he lowered himself too. His hands found the panties and flung them to the carpet, allowing Kitty to stand up, totally naked in front of this man she met only two hours ago. This very sexy, hunky, adorable man.

Already crouching in front of her sexy nude body, Brian's lips didn't have far to go, he opened his mouth and began suckling my wife' s nipples. "Mmm, easy on 'em baby," Kitty purred, stroking his dark hair while staring down at his handsome face against her breasts, "they're sooo hard, they hurt." She giggled at what she just realized. "My nipples are super rock hard -- thicker than ever!" Still, she arched her back and pushed her boobs into Brian's warm mouth, feeling his hot breaths and slick saliva coating her aching nipples, as his tongue flicked over them continuously. "Ohhh yesss . . . baby, you're such a good lover!"

His tongue flicking back and forth, he looked up from her bosom and smiled. "I try, I try." Then his eyes looked down to her boob right in front of him, and he delighted in its taste in his mouth. "Mmmmmm!"

Kitty's hand slipped down again to find his prick so hard in his shorts, this time rubbing the shaft through the thin material. "Getting hard, baby?"

Brian laughed with his tongue against her tit. "I AM hard, honey!"

My hungry wife wasn't waiting any longer. She pushed herself gently away from his mouth, and dropped to her knees on the thick carpet of the man-cave. Brian stood at attention, hands on his hips, smiling down at the petite Asian slut in front of him. His shorts sported a tent, formed from his rigid shaft jutting out of his groin. Kitty's small hands almost shook, as she slipped fingers into the elastic waistband and pulled it and his underwear downward, removing both garments in unison, to reveal the package he could offer her.

"HOLY SHIT," my shocked wife blurted in almost fear, but her slanted brown eyes were smiling, "you're fucking hung, honey!"

Indeed, Brian's eight and a half inches of penis were not merely long, but about the sexiest cock she had ever seen. It was thick as her fist at the base, cut, and the head was a huge swollen ball already dripping precum. Kitty adored the sight of it, in lust and love with this lovely man and his obviously wonderful cock, and if he was a tenth as good a fuck as his cock looked, she was going to have way, way more fun than a fuck with her husband. Almost scared to touch the monster again, Kitty reached her hand left up and gripped his shaft at the base, stroking it, feeling how hard it already was. The diamond on her wedding ring sparkled in the artificial light of the underground room.

"So hard for you," Brian gulped, watching my wife stroke his penis.

"Mmmm," she smiled back upwards at him, showing him how pleased she was, "I wanna lick it all over."

He wasn't about to disagree. "You're so hot."

She did as she wanted. Kitty opened her mouth, pointed his penis at her face, and moved forward. She sucked it hard at first, tasting its unique flavor, adoring the manly aroma of his cock. Her tongue felt precum over the skin and she gladly sucked it into her mouth deeply, swallowing it, then she shoved as much of the shaft as she could into her mouth. She started to suck it like there was no tomorrow -- only, for Brian, there wasn't, this was her only night to suck his amazingly huge cock. Brian leaned forward, his big hairy balls dangling as he thrust his prick into my wife's mouth, feeling how tight it was around his oversized girth.

After sucking it for a bit, Kitty began licking it, swirling her tongue over the fat head then lapping down the ribbed shaft, up and down, brushing her face and hair against the sloppy wet shaft and smearing saliva and precum onto her face as much as her lips. Down she went to the huge base, licking underneath it, making Brian groan, even licking down more to his balls.

"Mmmm," the married stud muttered as he watched her blowjob, "that's my girl

I was trying to pay attention to the sounds from upstairs in the house, but all my ears wanted to do was focus on the closed door at the end of the darkened hallway. After searching the two hallways in this basement and eliminating all of the other possibilities, I was certain that was the door to the "man-cave" where Kitty and Brian had ducked. But I still hadn't really heard anything specific coming out of the room; it seemed the room was insulated or something, which I guess for a man-cave might be normal, I don't know, I didn't have one myself.

Bracing myself for visitors, I was already trying to think about a good lie. Why would I be waiting down in this hallway, and why couldn't anyone else go into the man-cave? If I tried something like, where's the bathroom -- well, I couldn't use that as an explanation for being down here a while. I thought about saying Kitty was inside the room sick or changing or something -- a reason not to disturb her -- but I wouldn't want to call attention to the situation, you know, like solicit offers for help.

Actually, I had no idea what I would say. I just hoped no one would come down.

I'd waited for her before while she was playing with a man, and I didn't mind it; the problem was just the twist of having to play look-out and keep others away from the room. That twist layered a nervous energy to my otherwise calm patience. I tried to lean my shoulders against the wall, but I couldn't stay still. I didn't want to sit on the floor, that would look too obvious like I was camping out.

Or, would it?

Dropping my ample butt to the floor, leaning back against the wall, I figured this might be a good cover story. I'd just say I had a few too much to drink, I needed to get out of the heat (although, it wasn't all that hot outside), I just needed to get away for a few minutes. That was a half-plausible story, although it would make me sound kind of pathetic. But what's new there, right?

Well, maybe Kitty and Brian wouldn't be long in their private room. Maybe there'd be a quick blowjob and that would be that. Yeah, I should probably expect to see her coming out of the room really, really soon -- right?

Still kneeling naked in front of Brian and his gorgeous long penis, Kitty moved to his cock's fabulous large, round head again, sucking it up, vice-like, swallowing the round helmet and top few inches of his penis into her mouth and sucking hard on it, drawing an "Ahhhh!" from him. She giggled while sucking it hard, and her hands reached up to play with his sensitive sexy balls, which she hoped were filling with precum for her.

Her sexy brown eyes caught him staring down at her, making her giggle. She pulled her mouth off of his sexy cock, using her second hand to stroke it slowly, lubricated with saliva, while she snickered upwards at him. "You like a little cockwhore, huh?"

The married man nodded, hardly needing to answer. "You like my dick, baby?"

"Like it?" Kitty frowned, then puckered her lips for a kiss. "I love it, Brian." She kissed the head, and sucked it into her mouth, sucking hard on it. She slurped and slobbered on the shaft, bobbing her mouth back and forth now, and simultaneously moving her fist and thumb back and forth on his shaft too. Her hand spread her saliva all over his shaft to the base, even on his balls, and the sloppy-wet cock made squishy noises as it plunged like a piston in and out of my wife's mouth and lips.

Down below, with her knees firmly against the carpet and spread open, Kitty slipped her hand to her naked pussy. It was gushing wet; she spread the juices around her pussy lips, even teasing her clitty with light contact. Brian saw that and groaned, "So wet for me aren't you baby?" Kitty's eyes rolled up to his and she nodded with his prick still inside her mouth. "Yesssss," she panted, licking the soft underside of his wet erection, feeling it throb heat against her tongue.

Brian's eyes caressed her face as he watched her sexy gaze looking up from his shaft, her lips now devouring it again, sucking it deeper. Kitty was purring as she pushed his erection into the back of her mouth -- not all the way inside, but where the back of her tongue squished his fat cockhead tightly. It made Brian grunt too. "Ahhh -- good girl, Kitty." His moan made her suck it even more deep.

My wife pulled back again, lapping saliva dripping off of his cockhead, as she stared up at her new lover. "I wanna pleasure you, Brian," she told him sensuously, then sticking her tongue out to lick his shaft again. Brian ran a handful of fingers through her hair, grasping her head tightly, now beginning to feed her mouth more of his painfully-hard cock. With a thumb on her small chin, he felt his cock throb inside her mouth, forcing more of his shaft inside. My wife gasped, realizing what he was doing, but she didn't fight it. She rose up a bit on her knees, both of her hands now on her thighs to steady herself, and she straightened her neck and mouth for him. She even sucked in air, preparing not to be able to breath for a bit.

Brian's eyes watched her hot little ass raise up, then he turned his attention back to my wife's skull. He had one hand gripping her hair, the other under her chin holding her, and he thrust his meat forward. Kitty gagged, making that awful choking sound, but she relaxed her body wanting it so much. Brian's huge penis penetrating her throat, entering her tight little neck, feeling the amazing squeezing from her little tube as it contracted around his super-fat penis. "Ah, fuck!" the married stud grunted, getting the first deep-throat suck-job in years, "that's precious, baby!"

He pulled out in a few seconds, leaving behind my wife gasping, gagging for a moment, spit and clear mucus dripping down her chin, even down onto her neck a moment, as she caught her breath. Kitty recovered quickly, smiling up at him with her face a mess, opening her lips to take his dick again. Still holding her jaw and head, Brian kept her face in place and touched his penis to her lips -- but then pulled it away, teasing her lips.

"Awww!" my wife frowned, "meanie!" She wanted to suck it again.

He laughed, teasing her a few times, not letting more than her tongue touch it, holding her skull firmly in his two hands while he played with her small mouth. Her eagerness to suck his big dick made him laugh. "God, you're fun to tease, baby."

"Grrr!" my wife responded in dismay, giving him a not-so-fake displeasured frown.

He relented, letting her have it again. This time he reached down and grabbed both of Kitty's arms, raising them above her head, pinning them together at her thin wrists with the encircled fingers of just one of his hands, while his other hand held her skull in place and shoved his dick into her mouth and throat. A second time Kitty welcomed his prick into her throat, feeling her entire neck stretch to accommodate it, and the convulsing began in her chest just as he pulled out. She coughed, licking the saliva and spittle all over her lips, gasping at the feeling of the huge penis inside of her. "Oh wow," she gleefully moaned, still sucking in air, "mmmm, you always have this right touch, baby?"

Brian just snickered, pushing his penis into her mouth again, plowing it back and forth, feeling her tongue rub against it, lathering his cock in saliva. "Fuck yes, baby," he said, not particularly answering her question but just feeling very good fucking my wife's mouth. "You really like sucking cocks, don't you, honey?"

Kitty pulled his penis out of her sore mouth, her jaw sore from being so wide open, and gulped down the flavors in her mouth before nodding. "Yeah, I love sucking, especially smaller ones . . . they aren't good for fucking, but damn I love cum."

The married male with the eight-and-a-half inches of fat meat chuckled at her answer. "Smaller ones?"

Wiggling her nose at him with a bashful smile, my wife shrugged and explained herself honestly. "Like, David, my husband, he's only like six inches, probably not even that. Not good for fucking, but it's perfect for a blowjob."

Brian used his cock's muscle to make his boner twitch in her hands, flicking his wet cockhead on her chin, and Kitty giggled. "So you don't like fucking your husband?" inquired the stud, aroused even more at my wife's sexual habits. "Is that why he lets you fuck big dicks?"

She brushed her long hair off of her sticky-wet face, nodding. "Mmm hmm -- he knows I can't get enough of big hot cocks, fat ones, long ones -- yours is amazing." She sucked the wet head, her eyes continually looking up at him, proving her love for his penis. "Ohhhh baby -- fuck me hard, Brian -- I want it so bad."

Kitty let go of his penis, moving away from him, crawling backwards onto a leather lounge chair -- an extremely comfortable, black-leather chair with a long flat cushion, allowing someone to sit upright and stretch their legs out, or to even lie back flat with the knees dangling off the edge. Kitty used it perfectly, sliding her short petite nude body backwards over it, lying flat on her back, staring at the naked male stud with the awesome penis sticking out under his flat abdomen. She spread her slender thighs open, feet on the floor, showing him her drenched pink cunt completely shaved of any hair or stubble, while she arched her back and pushed her little boobies into the air.

She repeated her request. "Stick your cock in me -- fuck it like mad," she grunted. Then my wife lifted her hand, curling her finger several times in the universal signal for "come here." Her brown eyes begged him to fuck her.

The hard-dicked, married stud crossed the room after her, crawling on top of her spread-open body. With his feet too on the floor, his legs split open, he squatted down to lower his penis to my wife's married vagina. Kitty stared at his huge penis nearing her body, then looked up at his eyes again. "Ohhh yess, Brian, fuck me -- I miss big cock in my tight pussy!" She sucked saliva and his precum from her lips, moaning, watching him bring his dick near its target. Her hot cunt could feel the heat from his missile, as it grew close. She held her breath, as did he, waiting for the moment. "Do it, Brian, fuck me!"

He touched the head of his penis to her pussy, and both of them moaned in lust. Brian's powerful legs and ass-muscles squeezed tight, and he shoved his dick forward, pumping hard into her pussy. "Ohhh fuccckkk!" grunted my wife, her eyes closing, her hands reaching down to grab his arms. Brian's hands gripped the armrests, steadying himself, as he maneuvered his big masculine body over my petite wife to give her a good, deep fucking. She was so wet, he didn't need to work slowly; he just rammed his ass forward, plunging his huge erection inside her twat, and he pulled the chair towards himself to keep her from sliding away. His massive long penis easily drove four inches into her in the first thrust, and another inch on the second or third thrust.

"Ohhh baby!" my horny wife squealed, loving that big dick inside of her, "you fill me sooo full, I love cocks that can do this to me!" She gasped for air, her little cunt already on fire being stretched open. "Oh fuckkk, yes, Brian!"

His cock was thrusting into her tight pussy, now bit by bit deeper with each thrust, her cuntlips surrounding his fat base and pinching it like a pair of vice jaws. Every muscle in Brian's body strained as he fucked my wife, from his neck and torso towering above her, to his legs ramming his hips back and forth. Her cunt was so wet already it was making squishy noises as he fucked it.

"Take me," my slutwife screamed at him, "fuck your hot little slut!"

My erection hurt, it was so hard inside my pants, as I listened to the muffled screams just starting from behind the closed door. This was no blowjob. I could tell from that first scream -- "Ohhh fuccckkk!" -- that the guy had a big dick, and it was now inside Kitty's pussy. There was no way she was going to limit herself to sucking a huge bone if she had the opportunity to stick it in her tight vagina. I had the strong urge to put my hand in my crotch, press or massage my smaller bone through my clothing, just to relieve the sexy pain from the throbbing, as I listened to my sexy wife starting to receive a major pounding from a hard penis.

Instead, still seated on the hard floor, I looked up the hallway and was happy to hear no one was coming this way. For the moment, at least, I was alone with the happy sounds of my wife being screwed by a big dick.

The laughter of two children awoke me from my memories. I hurriedly stood up, just as the small forms of a couple of young boys -- somewhere in the five to seven year old range -- came bumbling around the corner in playful mirth, looking for whatever trouble might be hiding down here. Oddly, I wasn't nervous about this; I can fake out a five year old.

"Boys," I said, walking towards them to keep them away from the muffled sounds of sex coming out of the man-cave, "not for you, have to go back upstairs -- nothing down here for kids."

They looked at me, blinking, but didn't argue. The darkened hallway with three closed doors certainly didn't look inviting, so there was no use arguing with the grown-up. The two of them actually thanked me and turned, almost running in a suddenly-declared race, as they retreated back upstairs.

I felt a pang of pride. I'd my job, as the adoring husband, to make sure no one interrupts my sexy wife from enjoying a big married cock.

Towering over my wife as she lay back on the leather chair, Brian was driving his massive penis incredibly deep in her, way deeper than her husband's small cock could ever reach -- and the superb thickness of Brian's erection stretching open her vaginal lips far, far more than mine ever did. Kitty was already enthralled at the super-deep rutting of her cunt, only a few moments after the sex had started. "Mmmm," my little sex vixen screamed, "ohh god!" She was somewhat aware that they were in the basement of a house, where dozens of other adults and children were running loose; she was trying to keep her voice down, but Kitty is a natural screamer, and even her one-third noise was more than most women emitted during sex. "Ohh shit, you feel sooo good, baby!"

Her lover was thrusting hard and deep into her tight little pussy, and he was staring at the sight of her squirming and gyrating under his body. Her body's slender frame and her face's gorgeous Chinese features were a delight to his senses, seeing my wife enjoying his penis so deeply and rapidly. His firm hips were slamming into Kitty's little pelvis repeatedly, powerfully, making skin-on-skin slapping noises while also the squishy noises of his huge dick slipping inside her gushing-wet pussy. "Ohh baby!" she erupted over and over, reaching up now to slide her small hands down to his strong hips, pulling him deeper inside of her. "Ohh god, yessss, more!" Forcing her eyes open she stared into his face, finding him gazing down at her. "Ohhh god, it's incredible! Mmm, baby -- fuck me!"

Secretly sequestered in the basement man-cave, Brian furiously pounding her, shoving his huge penis into my wife's pink bald cunt, driving her towards the edge of ecstasy. Her little body moved violently around in circles, but not away from him, taking his full length over and over. With their hips meeting in loud smacks, Kitty began wincing from the delicious energies forming in her body. "Ohh god, it's sooo good," the slut moaned, trying to be quiet but unable to silence herself, "ohh shit -- oh baby!" Suddenly it hit, her first orgasm. "I'm cumming -- oh, gawwd . . . I'm cumming!"

My slutty Asian wife clenched her eyes, her entire body went rigid, and her cunt spasmed around Brian's huge penis, and her first orgasm ripped through her little body. It felt like her entire body was subjected to an intense fire, releasing heat and energy, and she felt her world shaking until the waves of joy passed. "Ohh god, Brian . . . mmmm . . . ooooh yesss . . . soooo good!" Her eyes half-opened, seeing him staring down while he kept fucking her at the same deep, rapid pace. "Take me -- fuck your hot little slut!" Then, after catching a breath, she gave him another wish of hers: "Cummm . . I want your spunk!"

But he wasn't close to cumming, having way too much fun fucking my hot little wife. He continued to drive his massive penis in and out of her cunt, and he even reached a hand down to her twat and began thumbing her clitty, driving her even more insane. The contact on her swollen clit shook her even more erotically now that her pussy was stretched open around his huge bone, and Kitty allowed herself to begin building towards another orgasm from his insanely sexy masturbation of her clit. "Ohhh god, yesss . . . need . . . to . . . fuck . . . ohhh shit!" She was sweating profusely, her body split open by the huge dick fucking her, and she was just clinging to his body and the chair while he used her like a cumtoy, holding on for dear life, fingers digging into his skin. "Ohhh shit, baby -- ohhh -- ohhh, god -- yesss, YES!" Her second orgasm began exploding through her, just as intense as the first one a few moments earlier. "YESSS!" She shrieked through the cum, gasping for air. "Ohhh, wow -- fuccckk, wow!" Coming off of it, she had to brush her sweat off of her forehead, pushing her bang back, laughing a little. "Oh god, Brian-- you're the best!"

Without warning, Brian took his cock out -- making Kitty squeal in pain at the feeling of that long shaft leaving her wet twat -- and turned her over, onto her tummy on the drenched chair. My married little slut knew what he wanted, and she did too. Brian reached down to pull her small ass into the air, gripping her thin hips, but she was already there, offering her cunt from the rear side to his wonderful cock.

"Ohh baby -- fuck me, hard -- I want it so bad," my wife begged him, her eyes almost tearing as she looked back at him over her small shoulder. "Fuck me with that huge cock, honey -- I have to have it, I love it, it's so big, I don't get it like this at home, ever!"

He hardly needed encouragement, but his machismo was stoked by knowing he was providing my wife a service to which her husband couldn't compare. With her ass in the air, he rammed his cock inside her cunt from behind. "Ohhh SHIT!" she screamed, "WOW!" She felt that huge bone driving into her pussy from behind, so deep, his huge balls bouncing against her clitty, and it felt like the cock was up in her stomach or lungs, it was so deep as she bent over. She pushed her ass up higher, staring back at him more. "Fuck your little slut, baby, your naughty cumwhore!"

She spied him smiling, as she let out the perverse descriptions of herself. She loved to talk nasty; apparently he loved hearing it. ""Mmm, make me your little cumslut," she commanded, rotating her ass to take more of his dick into her, making the huge, powerful male completely under her command, "you want it, Brian, you want me to be your little whore, don't you, I can fuck you better than your wife, like you fuck me way better than David -- give your huge cock to me, baby, I want to be your hot slut so bad!"

"Yeah?" he giggled, smacking his balls and cock forward to fill that tight Asian pussy, "then shut the fuck up and take my cock you slut!"

Brian pounded her mercilessly from behind, trying to give the slut what she wanted, thrusting his manly hips forward and his hands yanking back her small hips, faster and harder, driving his penis in and out of her twat. She was in ecstasy, feeling that massive cock filling her tight little twat. "Ohh yess, Brian -- fuck me!" He rammed her entire body forward, hard, pushing her head into the leathery cushion with each pounding thrust. With her somewhat-muted screams filling the room, Brian leaned forward and wrapped his big hands around Kitty's small shoulders. Then he pulled back, stuffing his dick as deep into her twat as it could reach from behind, drawing out another painful yelp of delight. "Ohhh god, Brian -- oohhh FUCK!"

She was wiggling her little asscheeks harder on his flat pelvis as it jammed against her, and both of their sweaty nude bodies ground together with his penis stuck up her married cunt, each of them feeling the sensations of the incredible deep fucking.

"Oh fuck baby," Brian spat at my wife, sneering at the joy of fucking her so well from behind, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum."

"Yeah!" Kitty turned to look back at him and she trembled in expectation. "Yes, baby . . . cummm . . . I'm going to too --!"

"Me too!" he roared, plowing his dick into her.

She talked him through the orgasm. "Yes -- I want it . . . fill me with your cream baby -- cum for me, cum in it!"

"SHIT!" Brian let out a bellow from his depths, as he cockhead exploded. Keeping his shaft buried in Kitty's twat from behind, the married man squirted wave after wave of hot gooey semen into my wife's married vagina, unloading inside of her, flooding her hot little cunt with his massive globs of creamy sperm. Feeling his cock erupt inside of her, Kitty lost it too, another orgasm instantly flooding her smaller body. She wanted to scream; she wanted to let out the most almighty noise she'd ever made, letting her loving husband David out in the hallway hear how awesome her orgasm was. But, she knew she couldn't; she put her arm under her face, she literally bit her wrist, filling her teeth painfully with bone so she wouldn't let out a noise and alert the entire party to her amazing, illicit orgasm. "Ohh baby . . . ohhh fuccckkk!" she spat into her arm, as the waves of joy subsided.

Each of them had to take a moment to catch their breath, feel their legs and limbs moving again, releasing the tension of fucking so furiously. It made Kitty laugh in delight, and Brian chuckle under his breath. His huge penis -- still hard -- slipped out of her wet twat, and Kitty rolled onto her back on the chair. "Mmm, baby -- such a good lover!" she purred, smiling up at him, reaching her arms out towards him. He obliged, stepping forward and leaning down, allowing her wrists to surround his neck and pull his mouth down. My wife started kissing her new boyfriend hard on the mouth, tongues sliding together, moaning in unison.

She caught sight of his sexy, delicious penis. It was still super-long, reddened from being squeezed in her cunt, and drooling with juices. Her pussy juices, his sperm. Her mouth watered for it. She broke the kiss, having him straddle the chair -- thighs spread open, feet on the floor, cock pointing at her -- and she leaned forward, gripping it. "Mmm, I wanna taste our fucking," she told him, sticking her little tongue out and flicking it over his shaft. He shuddered, and she moaned at the nasty taste of male cum and female juices on his hardened penis. Closing her lips around it, Kitty sucked it inside and tasted the flavors, feeling that he was still rock-hard, fully rigid, allowing her to clean off his wet shaft. After sucking the head and top of the shaft, she lapped down the sides, licking up the dripping juices along the penis, swallowing them into her mouth.

With the sounds of the party outside the house creeping into the room, no longer drowned out by their fucking, Brian pointed a thumb at the door behind him. "Maybe, you know, we oughtta--" He didn't have to finish.

My slutty wife was too horny to stop. She wanted to continue worshiping this fantastic dick; all she had to look forward to at home that evening was something almost three inches shorter, and far less thick. "I want your cock sooo bad," she told him, looking up at him with his hard dick against her face, "I feel like I wanna do rounds with you -- fuck me again, baby!"

My first real problem came around the corner in, thankfully, a slight lull in the noises coming out of the room. It was one of the wives at the party -- a short, petite 30-something with broad smile, dirty-blonde hair in a modern short cut, and tight blouse and jeans covering her nicely curvy little body. I hadn't met her but I recognized her from the party. She was carrying an empty soda box, and she had a puzzled look on her face.

Which grew twice as puzzled, seeing me in the darkened, empty hallway.

"Oh," she blurted, surprised, "I was looking for the other refrigerator . . .?"

That I knew the answer to. I pointed past her, down the hallway. "Go back, take the other hallway, the storage room is at the end -- I think that, yeah, I'm sure that has the other refigerator, a big one."

"Thanks." She smiled nicely, but, you know, there was another brooding question she had. What the fuck was I doing down here. However, she hesitated, wondering if maybe she didn't want to know and shouldn't ask.

I waived off her concerns, acknowledging there was nothing to worry about. But now I needed a story, and the first thing that came to mind was, blame it on Kitty. "My wife," I said, pointing to the man-cave's closed door, "maybe had something to drink she shouldn't have, and, well--"

See, actually, that was a good story. The woman didn't really want to hear more. "Oh! I'm sorry, is she okay?" When assured it was abosolutely no big deal, but we didn't want anyone to really know because, well, we were new to the neighborhood, the woman seemed to get it. "Okay, well I hope she feels better!" Again, she was assured that would be forthcoming.

I'm a pretty good liar, I guess, covering for my wife.

My lie sufficient for the cute mom looking for the refrigerator, she retraced her steps and left me alone again in the darkened basement hallway.

By the way -- that mom had a cute little ass.

They had switched positions, with Brian now sitting upright on the chair, his thighs parted and feet on opposite sides on the floor, with his long penis pointing straight out of his crotch. It was so long it went over halfway up his chest, the way he was hunched over; Kitty almost fainted at the sight. She allowed him a moment to compose himself and get fully in position, then he reached a hand out to take hers, guiding her to straddle him. With her little body above him, her feet on the edge of the chair and her knees bent way out to her sides, she slipped her small body downward, as the tip of his cock kissed her waiting, lowering pussy.

"Ohhh, fuccckkk," my wife winced, eyes closing, pushing herself down on Brian's fantastic erection. She allowed it to enter her, the full cock filling her vagina, stretching her again. This time he moves less forcefully but allowed Kitty to start bouncing, humping up and down slowly, rhythmically, thrusting more of his meat up inside her vagina bit by bit, her breaths getting deeper as she fucked him. Down more and more she lowered her ass, swallowing more of his dick inside her cunt, until he was so deep, all the way up inside her.

"Ohhh god, yesss," Kitty murmured, realizing she had most of his humongous erection inside her pussy, "ohhhh FUCK!"

Their lips found each other's, kissing frantically, tongues darting into each other's mouths. His hands fondles her small breasts, while Kitty placed her small palms on Brian's firm chest, feeling how rock-solid he is. Moaning into each other, they felt his cock sliding in and out of her twat as she bounced her small body on it, fucking so deep inside her as she pushed her butt down as far as she could. "Mmm, baby -- fuck me!" my wife slurred into his mouth, not really breaking the kiss, "ohhh shit!"

Brian let go of my wife's little titties and gripped her slender hips, then pushed her body down as hard as he could, burying his dick up inside her married twat. She started grunting, and suddenly she broke the kiss and arched her body backwards. With her smallish A-cup breasts and long, hard nipples in front of his face, Brian leaned forward, suckling one of her tits, coating it in saliva. Between the fucking and the tit-sucking, Kitty was nearing another cum. She pushed her own hand down to her crotch, and started rubbing her clitty, drawing out the cum. "Ohh yesss -- YESSSS, YESSS -- ohhh SHIT, Brian, ohhh SHIT -- FUCK -- YESSS!"

He was laughing at her, as my wife began having another orgasm, her pussy spastically squeezing his fat dick and her body furiously riding up and down that pole. The noise level of her orgasm was unwelcome, and he tried to shush her with just his voice, "Shhh, baby!" But Kitty was going out of control, "YESSS! FUCCKKK! OHHH GOD, YESS -- BABY -- CUMMING!"

Brian had no choice -- he took his fist, stuck three fingers together, and shoved them in Kitty's mouth -- deep. Kitty laughed instantly, but opened her jaw wide, allowing Brian to fist-fuck her mouth, drowning out her screams from the subsiding orgasm.

As he pulled his saliva-covered hand out of her sore mouth, Kitty cackled that scolded him. "Baby -- just don't fuck me so good, it's too good!"

The pair kissed again, hard, her pussy still riding his erection. "Ohhh SHIT," she laughed again, sucking in air after the hard kiss that followed the huge orgasm, "you're incredible, you know?"

Brian smiled up at her. "You're gorgeous -- so fucking sexy!"

"Yeah?" Kitty, for some reason, never really believed she was gorgeous. Maybe it was because she was of Asian descent, growing up in the white-dominated South. Maybe because she thought men really wanted blonde white girls with huge tits, not a petite brunette with A-cup boobies. But enough men had complemented her -- and, of course, fucked her, even disdaining their own wives and girlfriends for the opportunity, or like David, leaving his family for her -- that she had to realize, deep down inside, she was indeed supremely beautiful.

But she never doubted she was definitely sexy.

"Mmm, you want some more of this?" Kitty, giggling, climbed off of his cock, turning her body around and sticking her ass in his direction. She snickered as she bent downwards, over the bottom half of the chair's long cushion, raising her naked round ass, her spread thighs showing off her glistening-wet cunt and the gaping little hole above it. "Mmm, Brian -- wanna fuck my ass?"

Her lover licked his lips, stroking his aching boner while he admired my wife's butt and cunt. "Oh my fucking god, yes!"

She lowered her head to the cushion of the chair, sticking her ass higher into the air, as she felt him climb behind her. His hands gripped her slender 29 year old hips, and his swollen cockhead touched her asshole. Kitty moaned, pushing her butt backwards, letting him stick it inside her anus gently at first, little by little. Brian stared at the sight of his dick disappearing into Kitty's small butt, watching her asshole expand to take it, while he grunted from the feeling. "Mmmm, so tight!" Kitty squealed back at him, "Oh, sooo very!" and pushed her ass backwards harder, taking more of his dick into her.

Her married lover was drooling, staring at her naked ass fucking his prick. "God I want that tight ass!"

"Uh huh!" Kitty had her eyes closed, her hands gripping the chair, helping her push against his invading penis and take that shaft deep into her rectum. "Push it in, honey!"

The stud drilled his dick as far as he could inside her ultra-tight little butthole, feeling her insides gripping his thick shaft tightly. "Mmmm, yes baby," moaned the married pervert, now sliding his meat backwards to begin boning her asshole again.

"Ohhh fuckkk. . . . yesss!" screamed my slutty wife.

She felt the motion of his cock moving out, then moving back inside her ass. "Fuck your slut, like you mean it," she snarled at him, wanting to feel that bone pump her asshole faster, "she loves it nasty!" His hands grabbed her buttcheeks and spread them open, while his cock began to fuck her ass harder. Kitty almost laughed in joy at the faster, deeper ass-fucking, then she yelped in delight when Brian reached forward to grab her long black hair, yanking it backwards, forcing his dick into her asshole harder. "Yes!" roared my wife, "does that turn you on, Brian -- fucking your slut's ass?"

Brian could only mutter in between his deep breaths. "Fuck. . . yeah!" Sweat was dripping off of his brow, but his hands were firmly planted on her asscheeks so he didn't wipe it off. "Cock is throbbing for you, baby."

"Good," Kitty grunted, looking back at him again over her slender shoulder, "I love your big cock!" The two of them panted while they stared at each other, feeling and hearing Brian's long fat penis screwing her tight asshole. She whined the thought on her mind at that moment. "Mmmm, fuck my ass, use it!" She saw him gazing at her little butt while fucking it, and she knew he loved her body as much as she loved his. She let him know her feelings. "Love being your dirty slut. . . your bitch in heat!" His eyes looked at her face again, and her brown eyes stared into his. "Oh fuckkk yes, Brian!"

He continued to pound her small ass with his massive erection, stretching open her muscles and making a long-lasting, aching feeling deep inside her body. Below her ass, her vagina was dripping with all sorts of fluids, streaming down her thighs, and Kitty reached a sore arm backwards under herself to rub her clitoris and pussy. "God, that makes me sooo incredibly wet, baby. . . ohhh fuccckkk!"

Disaster in a pink t-shirt and wide, curvy jeans.

Brian's wife's voice preceded her, and moments later, I saw the woman turning the corner looking down my little hallway. She had her eyebrows furled and was glancing around like she was looking for something she'd lost.

"Hey," she approached in a quick couple of steps, before I had even caught my guard again, "have you seen my husband Brian? No one's seen him for like the longest time."

"Um, no," I hurriedly answered, trying to sound completely confident, "I have no idea where Brian is." I winced, hoping she wasn't going to hear the muffled sounds coming out of the man-room behind me. "I mean, I've been down here about half an hour, and I haven't seen him -- at all, so -- sorry!"

Already my little brain was trying to think of a good excuse. The story about Kitty being sick (or something) in the man-cave, that worked with the other woman earlier. I was about to dust off that story for Brian's wife when Patty shook her head in dismay. "I don't know where he could be," she said puzzled, utterly ignorant of what Brian was doing -- and whom he was doing -- at the moment. She shrugged, gave me a half-hearted good-bye waive, and headed away from me, back from where she came.

Phew, I thought, disaster averted.

"Hey!" I looked up, and she had stopped in her tracks, turning to look at me. Now what? "If you see him, can you tell him, it's time for Jeremy to take his bath, and I can't watch all four kids at once?" She waited for my affirmative acknowledgement of the message, and she left me alone, continuing her search for the cheating husband fucking my wife.

Damn, I'm pretty good at helping guys cheat on their wives, huh?

I leaned against the wall again, my erection extremely painful in my underwear. I'd been hard as rock since I first started hearing the sounds of Kitty being fucked by Brian. I really wanted to see it; I bet she looked beautiful, spread open and taking a nice big dick into her twat. I had, at the time, no idea just how big Brian really was, of course. Which was a good thing; I would have been even more insanely jealous that I couldn't see that sex. I just assumed she was getting a solid fucking from a very handsome man with an above-average dick superior to my own.

But how many times could I flirt with them being discovered. If that first woman, or Brian's wife, came back -- was my story going to hold much longer? Shit, I hoped Kitty would hurry up.

"Alright," I shouted to no one at all, loud enough I hoped for Kitty or Brian to hear me, "yeah, they aren't here, I don't think." I did it instinctively, a way of telling Kitty to wrap it up. I wanted her to enjoy it, but the time was drawing on, and now the further risk wasn't worth the reward, I thought to myself. I couldn't stop pacing, I was nervous. C'mon, I muttered under my breath, shoot that junk into my wife's pussy and get it over with.

Brian was hearing noises -- out in the hallway, in the house on the floor above them. His dick was throbbing painfully, being so hard while shoved into the Asian's tight cunt and now her even tighter butthole. It was time to be finishing her off, although it was not his preference.

He pulled out of her small butt, tossing her sore body onto her back on the sofa's cushion. Kitty allowed him to grab her small ankles and spread her legs wide apart, her feet in the air at his sides, as he climbed over her. "Ohhh baby -- fuck yes, more, fuck me!" She was weeping, wailing for his sex. "Fuck my married cunt baby, I love your huge fucking cock!"

Kitty felt his penis drill into her twat again, stretching her open, and immediately he stuffed it as deep as it would go. She screamed, it was almost painfully deep in her. She was so loose but so stretched by his extra-sized dick, she hadn't fucked one this big since the big black cock from about a year ago. That one too used to make her cry during sex, it was the best feeling ever. She held back the tears, however, reaching her hands around Brian's studly muscular shoulders, sucking his dick into her cunt as she stared up at him. "Fuck me hard, Brian," she panted, "make me yours, fuck your whoring little cumslut!"

He gave her every bit of his cock, so deep his balls smashed against her little asscheeks, and the both of them groaned in agony. His cock started cumming again, squirting whatever additional sperm his balls had just manufactured, pumping more baby-making sauce in Kitty's tight married pussy. "Ohh god, yesss . . . baby . . . fucking cummmm . . . give me your cum, pump it in me!" She winced and held her breath, enduring the last deep physical pounding from Brian while he unloaded himself inside her. "Fuck, more . . . cummm hard honey!"

"Ohhh yeah, ohhh shit yeah," the stud gasped, kissing my wife's beautiful face, then her lips, pulling his sore dick out after his second orgasm was done. "Fuck, Kitty -- you're the hottest fucking slut I've ever met."

She laughed, wondering if it was really true, but she knew he enjoyed it -- maybe even as much as she did. "Oh baby," she gasped, her heart racing, sweat caking her heaving titties and chest, "you'll have to give me your email, I want to send you hot emails, just to rile you up. And," she added, even more in lust with him, "when I'm by myself and horny, I'll think of you . . . mmmm . . . makes me crazy, shit, even when David's fucking me, I'll be thinking of your huge penis, oh shit."

Suddenly they were kissing, deeply, and as they pulled apart and their eyes caught, she couldn't help but say her true feelings. "I know we just met," giggled my wife, "but, shit, can I say -- I love you -- I really do, you're awesome, I so love you!"

Caught in a moment of panic, Brian let down his guard, and let out his honest emotions too. "I -- I know, you're gorgeous and fun -- I love you too, Kitty!" Then they sealed their newfound love with an even longer, more passionate kiss.

hearing his wife shouting his name caught both of their attentions. "Shit," Brian murmured, "we better get out of here."

My horny wife knew the dream had to end, and it did there.

"Ohhh shit!" moaned Kitty, as I carried her limp body into our living room, kicking the door behind me. Fortunately she doesn't weigh 100 pounds -- well, depending on the weight of the sperm Brian deposited in her womb -- so I easily carted her to the living room sofa and poured her into it, as she fell in a laughing but pained lob of flesh. "Owww!"

I went back to lock the door, then rejoined her in the living room, taking my place on an easy chair facing the sofa. Kitty stretched out on one side, her sexy legs along the cushion, and she had both hands over her crotch, rubbing the soreness there. "Ohhh, fuck, David," she giggled at me, "it hurts, owww, he fucked me sooo good, oohhh fuccckkk!"

I found myself laughing, too; she normally doesn't show this much effect after a forty-five minute screw. Now, I had heard her repeated screams and squeals during the sex; the sounds were muffled by the obviously padded walls of the man-cave, but, standing in that hallway I could make out her very familiar noises. Well, I should add: Familiar in that I've heard her make those sounds while fucking other guys with really big cocks; I mean, she screams when I fuck her, but not like THAT.

We'd had to exit the party with grace. She was sweaty, her hair was fucked up, she looked like she'd just been -- well, fucked really hard. She pretended she was a bit tipsy, which explained why she wasn't walking straight. I helped her walk halfway down the block, but then she just started laughing and I had to carry her home the other two and a half blocks. I was telling her about the people I had to turn away, and even explain why I was sort of wandering down in the basement, but I don't think anyone was suspicious. At least, not of her and Brian; of me, maybe. I'll forever now be the weirdo who hid in the basement, or something like that. (I might be embellishing here a bit, to be honest.)

As I sat back on the easy chair, rocking softly, watching her relax and catch her breath, my wife's sexy slanted brown eyes looked across the room at me, smiling as they always do. "Baby, you were so sweet tonight," Kitty exhaled softly to me, "I should have let you watch, or something, you would have loved it."

I thanked her by blowing her a kiss. "Maybe next time," I said. My cock had been rock-hard the entire time I was playing look-out, and the only think I had on my mind at that moment was getting someplace to jerk it off. The images of Kitty fucking Brian's big penis were really vivid, even if I hadn't actually seen it. "So, you really have me turned on -- wanna tell me some details, so I can jerk off about it later?"

"Hmm -- maybe," purred my tired wife, now half-closing her eyes, "maybe later." She sighed, as if to go to sleep, but she sat up a couple of seconds later with a playful grin. "You wanna see what he did?" She didn't have to ask; she knew the answer, from many past experienced.

Kitty had me crawl over the floor to her, kneeling on the carpet in front of the sofa. She tried to pull her sundress off of her body again, but her arms wouldn't go above her head, and she laughed at her inabilities rendered by the hot sex. I helped her stand up, I pulled the dress off. Her sexy naked tits still had hard nipples. "What, no bra?" I asked, thinking I'd seen her put one on earlier.

"Fuck!" she cackled, rolling it around inside her brain, and laughing again. She was on a high. "Oh shit, David -- I left it there! Shit!" But, she didn't seem concerned; she just started laughing hard.

As she plopped back down on the sofa, sitting upright, her playful eyes grinned at me kneeling in front of her. "So, baby, wanna see?" she asked a second time, leaning back on the sofa, stretching her knees towards me. Her hands went to her hips, but mine were there first, peeling her damp black panties off of her hips and thighs. As I slid them off of her dainty ankles, Kitty parted her legs for me -- with a moan of pain -- and slipped on her back even more, almost flat now on the sofa, her ass at the front edge.

I was smiling ear to ear, seeing my wife's raw, fucked cunt. Her shaved lips were reddened, sore; I could see the hole was still loose; and there were globs of juices all over her lips and thighs, even her asshole. She'd not only been fucked good, but Brian squirted some good loads in her pussy too. The smell was even more amazing, I could detect not only my wife's sexy fishy pussy, but the musky, salty odor of the stud who fucked her hard too.