Written by Nawty

14 Dec 2016

My GF has a Christmas party on Friday night.

For the last two weeks we been talking it over in detail. I will not be there as its a no partners event.

She works for an agency that post her to teaching supply jobs to fill in and its their annual party.

It's normally a big event and a lot of people attend it near Northampton which is central to everyone's location and they lay on over night accommodation as a thanks to the staff that worked so many hours during the year. My GF qualifies this year!

This year she is going to offer herself for a full on no strings fuck with my encouragement to someone at the party.

We know a few lads interested that she works with so we know she will be fine for takers. Also one of her managers has made it obvious but he is married.

I would prefer she meet someone she does not know as it should make it easier with less complications but it is her night and her call.

We have bought her new sexy undies to wear from La Senza which includes lace top stockings that will be visible for guys to enjoy when they are seated, She is going to look amazing in her black party dress.

Here is to Friday night and my sexy GF getting fucked. Good girl.