Written by Dave

30 Nov 2011

About 5 years ago i posted a story about my wife, she had sex with a barber on Holiday in Turkey. Nothing has happened since, we mention it from time to time while making love but thats all until last weekend.

We were invited to a friends 40th in Scotland, so we went up on the Friday, stayed with some relatives on Friday night and on Saturday made our way to the hotel where the party was. We had something to eat and got ready for the party, we went down about 7.30, the party was ok, we got chatting to some lads who were from the football team the lad whose birthday it was was manager of. The party wore on, Kate was tired and went to bed about 1pm, i stayed in the bar and some of the football lads were still there too.

I had another drink, by now there was me and 2 of these lads left, 1 of them decided to call it a night so it was just me and this lad, Tom.

He asked me where the other half was, i said she has gone to bed. he said oh shame, shes quite a looker. I said do you like older women, (shes 40, he's about 30) he said yes. i said oh she likes younger blokes, in my drunkeness i told him about the barber!

He said wow, id love a bit of that, i thought right ok. I told him to come with me, i took him to our room, Kate was asleep, i told him quietly she loves sex when shes half asleep, get into bed with her and try it on, see what happens. He was a bit apprehensive, but he stripped off and got in beside her. I stood by the bathroom door, waiting to see what happened.

After a couple of minuites, in the twilight i saw him lean over her under covers and he went down on her, she immediatley opened her legs and let out a gasp,i thought good move, she loves that, she was up for it.

He continued to lick her it was wonderful to see, she never once opened her eyes, i could tell by her breathing she was about to come, she would either come there and then or she would want him inside her before she came. She pushed his head away and he climbed on top of her and he must have slid his cock in her straight away. The bed cover had now come off and i could see him humping her it was amazing, i had to wank myself it was too much to watch. She was going to come and she did letting out gasps and moans, again she didnt open her eyes and they didnt speak a word, she orgasmed, than he came inside her soon after i couldnt believe it, it was fantastic she had done it again.

He got up and left, he didnt say a word.I got inbeside her and tried to sleep, i dozed for most of the night.

In the morning all she said was the sex last night was great thanks babe, im sure she wasnt me but i havent said anything.