Written by Maria

14 Jul 2009

I,m a lady in my 50s who,s lived alone for some time,I did,nt spend a lot of time thinking about sex.I was glad when the family whose garden adjoined mine at the bottom moved out,I used to get a lot of lip from the kids ,so I seldom went to the bottom of my garden.After they,d left I would go to the bottom to see if anybody had moved in.

As I looked through the hedge one morning I could see a man standing in the back kitchen,I was,nt sure at first but then realised he was naked,it had been a while since I,d seen that,I felt a tremble go through my body.I hoped he could,nt see me,I lingered a bit watching him.Like I,d seen my ex do many times his hand kept going to his dick and giving it a rub.

I hated what I was doing but I could,nt drag myself away.Even at a distance I could see his dick was hardening,I reckoned he was a chap in his 60s, a little bit of a stomach but well built.He was making his breakfast,he had brought himself to full erection giving himself a quick wank every so often.He,d burnt something he came out his back door and emptied it in the bin,even at a distance his dick looked very inviting,it had been a while since I,d felt that tingle between my legs.

He disappeared inside then emerged onto his veranda with a plate in his hand his dick standing straight up.He sat down his legs apart,the first time I was aware of his large and really low hung balls.The tingling between my legs increased,I could feel myself getting wet.Even as he ate he occasionally gave himself a quick wank and fondled his balls,lifting them up and letting them fall.

I was,nt sure at first but I thought he looked towards me,I knew I dare,nt move.He put his plate on the table and started to wank himself,just slowly.I was sure he looked towards me again,I was feeling very nervous now after all I was the one spying on him.Our gardens are completely isolated,he stood up and started to walk towards me,I was petrified but could,nt move.

He walked straight to where I was trying hard to hide behind the hedge,he was now standing about 6 feet from me,he looked me straight in the face and said,I saw you arrive and thought if she,s going to be nosey I might as well enjoy it,now do I get to see a bit more of you.He stepped as close as he could to the hadge pushed his hand towards me and said I,m Mike and I,m very pleased to meet you,he had a huge smile on his face.

I actually shook his hand,he was so cool it was amasing.Go on then he said just open your blouse you owe me a little look you,ve seen what I,ve got,here I,l let you have a close up,he stepped back a bit took his dick back in his hand and wanked himself his other hand fondling his balls again.

I was shaking as I undid my blouse,he wanked himself faster.Nice he said as he saw my bra covered breasts,take them off he said.I was trembling so much I could hardly undo them but then managed it,wow, he whispered,they,re beauties.I suddenly realised I was having an orgasm,the first real one I,d had in ages.Your skirt ,he said,I undid them and let them fall,wow,he said again,his hand now moving faster,I was orgasmic again I pushed my briefs down exposing my bush,he could see how wet I was.

Suddenly his whole body began to jerk violently his hand really beating his dick,his balls dancing faster and faster.I watched him coming,for a man of his age he could really pump out his spunk and a lot of it,I was just having orgasm after orgasm.His dick went down quickly,he smiled at me and said,thanks that was great,I,d better go and clean myself up ,any chance of dropping in to get to know each other a little better,if you know what I mean he said with a wink.Yes I said as I collected my clothes,give me a couple of hours to recover,he said.

This man has opened a new chapter in my life,we never wear clothes much anymore and I never know when his dick needs attention again in one form or another as indeed does my now rejuvinated fanny.He has introduced me to this site as well as others,as I,m finishing this his dick is pushing itself into my mouth so I,ll finish and suck him off,he likes thet.