Written by D Woolley

14 Jan 2019

It had been three or four weeks since Pat and her then boyfriend had been to stay the night. Now she was coming here again, with her currant boyfriend, Dan, who we had yet to meet. When they did arrive Pat and Chris went off to get ready to go out and left me talking to Dan, who as it happened was very easy to get on with. He looked quite athletic and told me he was a cyclist. The fact that he looked fit hadn’t been wasted on Chris I noticed when he had walked in she had given him a once over.

Tonight both women were wearing pencil skirts, as was the fashion at the time. Chris’ was just below the knee with a split up her left thigh about three inches long. Pat had of course gone for it and it appeared that the spilt up her thigh almost reached her hip. Both were wearing dark nylon and high heels.

We had a great night out and on our way back to the flat there was no pretence as to who was pairing with whom, as Chris and Dan walk arm in arm as di Pat and me. We went straight into the bedroom, it was the fastest I had ever seen Chris get naked and into bed, with Dan only moments behind her.

Pat had wasted no time, but seeing her stood in dark stockings and heels with her lightly hair fanny on show was a treat. I pressed her against the wall and as I kissed her I put my hand down to her crutch and she opened her legs to allow me access to her pussy. I slipped three fingers straight into her and used my thumb to flick the little hard nub of her clit, it became to swell and grow immediately.

We were kissing open mouthed with our tongues exploring the insides of each other’s mouths .It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with a gush of hot liquid from her cunt. With that Pat pushed me away and climbed onto the bed. As I turned I saw Chris with her back to Dan taking his prick deep inside her.

I dove onto the bed between Pat’s open legs and bent my mouth to her pussy and began lapping at her from clit to bum, only pursing to see how far I could stick my tongue into her hole. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face hard against her as she came again, covering my face in her hot juices. She pulled me up to her face by my ears and licked her own juices from my face, occasionally kissing me as she did.

Using my hand as a guide I slid into her and soon built up a steady rhythm, making her moan in her throat and she wrapped her nylon clad thighs around my back. She gripped my arse and started driving me in faster and faster until she came again. How I hung on I don’t know, but I had to stop for a moment to recover.

We rolled onto our sides facing each other and started over. I got Pat to lift up her legs until they were over my shoulders, almost a back shot from the front. It put presser on her ‘G’ spot and she was coming mildly for the next ten minutes or so, but I just had to come or I think my balls were going to burst.

We lay so we could spoon with me holding her hips as I pounded her pussy, all the time watching the other two trying to fuck the brains out of each other in the missionary. Five minutes later it was all over for all of us and we lay trying to get our breath back. Pat was the first out of bed for the toilet followed by Chris. Sadly when they came back she had taken off the stockings and was completely naked.

I expected to swap partners back at this point but it was Pat, who ordered me onto my back, so that she could suck me into my her mouth flicking my bell until my hardness returned. It seems Dan needed no help getting hard again as he and Chris were straight at it again.

Pat lay on her back with her legs up over my shoulders and I was balls deep in her when I decided to see just how much she could take. I placed my hands under her arse and slipped two fingers from each hand up alongside my prick. She opened her eyes in surprise, but carried on bucking against me until she came.

The following night as I put two fingers into Chris’ tight cunt I resolved to see just how much Pat could take up her. I know relaxed she was like a bucket, but I also knew that she could grip one finger so tight that it was hard to pull out of her. It was only going to be a week before she came again, I could hardly wait…