Written by micnwuk

28 Sep 2012

Last time Joanne had been fingered by our friend and now wanted to fuck him. A couple of weeks later we were getting ready to go out one Saturday Night. I noticed Joanne had put on black stockings with a black PVC suspender belt, a black PVC quarter cup bra which pushed up her tits, her nipples sticking straight out. She had put on black stilettos with 5in heels. She asked me if I thought she’d get fucked. Yes come here I said and got her on the bed and slid straight into her fucking her until I filled her with spunk. After this she put on a very short black skirt but not tight as she wanted the lads to see that she wasn’t wearing nickers, a very low cut top and very tight, her nipples sticking through the material. We just went down to the local pub, Joanne went to find a seat whilst I got the drinks, I came back and sat down noticing that everyone at the other side of the bar could see right up her skirt if she choose. She then said watch this, she lifted her right leg up and placed her ankle on her left knee which kept her legs apart but showed her fanny to all the lads at the other side of the bar. Neil came over and Joanne and he exchanged a few words, Neil got up and went outside Joanne also got up and said I’m just going to the car park. 15 minutes later she was back saying I’m going to the toilet. When she got back and sat down she said he had fucked her over a car but she’d had to suck him a bit to get him rock hard as he was worried about seen. She had gone to the toilet as spunk was running down her legs. After about an hour Dave a friend of Neil’s came over and Joanne went outside with him, they were only ten minutes as Dave was already hard and just lifted her skirt and drove into her filling her with spunk after only a few strokes. Just after closing time we went home and I fucked her again as soon as we got through the door. She told me wanted more cock.