Written by Border cpl

22 Aug 2007

We all sat at the table with me next to Paula and introduced ourselves.

They all said they had seen Paula in the hotel when I introduced her and Steve the tallest sniggered as they said it.

They asked Paula about the show and she made the mistake of saying she could have done better. You can guess the taunting that rose up then they got Paula's double BMW's which really got her drunk. Paula's blouse was still open below her bra from me playing with her tits earlier and the guys kept commenting that they were just short of seeing her nipples.

Paula kept teasing them by touching her tit then she went to the loo.

The guys then said she had a great body and did I mind them teasing her.

I said if its OK with her its OK with me as she returned to the table and sat in the corner between the guys not next to me.It was then I noticed the bra had gone and as she moved to the side her nipples showed and her tit was nearly on full show.

Wow those are even better close up said Steve and he pulled her blouse back to show her tits.

Paula didn't flinch as he did and I asked wheres the bra gone .

With the panties she said to the cheers of the lads .

Paula was pissed as when Steve said prove it she pulled up her skirt to show her trimmed fanny.

Steve was again the first to move and slipped his hand up her leg and into a soaking wet clit.

Do we get to have a show off you he said and Paula said you might but not here on the beach.

She was then nearly carried out of the bar down the road to the beach.

Paula still had her drink in her hand as they dragged up some sunbeds telling her to get them off.

She put the glass down and started humming the stripper music as she sexily took off her blouse showing her tits in the coloured lights from the sea front.

She thew the blouse to me and unzipped her skirt ,tripping as she stepped out of it and kicked it away.

The panties had already gone so she was naked in front of us,then she tripped again and Steve caught her grabbing her tit as he did.

She didn't stop him so he licked her nipples and slipped his fingers in her fanny again.

Paula squirmed as Dave the smaller of the lads slapped her bum and Steve was dropping his trousers.

It was as if I wasn't there as in turn they felt her tits squeezing them and shoving their cocks in her fanny and her mouth.

Paula eventually seemed to come to and took her blouse from me.

No more then said Steve -not now said Paula as she pulled her skirt up.

The lads were off down the town as we walked to the hotel and did we fuck back there.

We hardly speak of it unless she gets pissed and is then as horny as hell.