Written by martin642

7 Nov 2008

i have been married to my young wife paula for two years now and our sex life has been fine,she is tall slim long black hair and a nice firm body,there is quite an age difference between us but that has not been a problem or so i thought,i will tell you the story of how i found out my wife paula is a slut,and how it has improved our relationship.i work shifts and happened to come home early one evening,i let myself in the front door quitly to suprise paula,and i did that without question. i could hear strange noises coming from our front room and when i put my head round the door was amazed to see paula on her knees sucking on a huge cirumsised cock,the man whothis belonged to just ignored me and pulled paulas glossy lipsticked covered mouth down harder on his cock,he groaned and then exploded his cum into paulas mouth,who had been unaware i was standing behind her.the man i later found out was called billy,puled his trousers up and walked past me out of the house.i should have felt really angry but had the biggest hard on i have ever had.paula was crying by now as she had realised iwas standing behind her,i did notknow what to say but my cock was rigid,so i pushed her on her back and inserted my cock into her sopping wet fanny and thrust deep and hard untill i spunked long and hard,i told paula how i felt afterwards and that i loved the sight of her with another man,she told me that as much as she loved me ,she needed more cock and that she had slept with at least six men since we had been married .she says that she wiill only meet another man when i am there to watch in the future.we have arranged for two young lads to come around this weekend and i cant wait to see her get shafted from both ends,that will be another story lookout forpart two.