Written by jbim04

3 Dec 2013

Many people think that swinging and prostitution have nothing to do with each other, but I am not so sure. When I first started looking for extra-marital sex, in the pre-internet days of the mid-70s, it was quite difficult to make contact with swingers or just to make casual acquaintances who might interested in some fun. I always wanted to keep away from having a love affair as I loved my wife even if I was sex-starved. I also avoided trying to seduce anyone I knew at work or in our social circle because that seemed very dangerous. I didn’t frequent pubs – what was I to do?

In 1976 I took a temporary job at a college in a northern town. One lunchtime I found that the little newspaper/tobacconist shop nearby had a back corner stocking hardcore porn. Amongst the items I bought there was a contact magazine with local people in it, most of the women obviously being prostitutes offering services.

I had always had a lust for women with big tits – so why had I fallen for a woman with small ones? Now I saw the opportunity to experiment, to try out things my wife wasn’t or would not do. Big tits were high on the list and I soon found a suitable woman. I wrote to her and got her address and telephone number back by return. A few days later I drove to her address, having stopped at a call-box just round the corner.

She was no beauty but she was pleasant faced, smiling and welcoming. In her clothes she looked a little plain and dumpy. I explained my lust for big tits and she apologised that she had been slimming and they had gone down from 44 to 42 inches – still more than a handful or mouthful for me.

My late phone call meant the room was not very warm and she made a cup of coffee so we could sit and chat while the gas fire did its work. Payment was made. She talked dirty – the first woman I had met who really did this. She told me of a trip to Hamburg she and some friends had made recently and gave a blow-by-blow account of what men had done with her and her with them. She told me of live sex shows she had seen. She told me she had quite a tight cunt as she had never had children. She reached over and touched the tent in my trousers and said: “Looks like he’s ready.”

I stripped very quickly while she adjusted the fire, took her top and trousers off. I asked to take her bra off and stood behind her to undo it. As it came free I slid my hands round under her arms to take the weight of those beautiful big breasts, cuddling into her back with my cock resting in her bum crease. I nearly came immediately I was so excited.

She turned and I saw the lovely pair: I weighed them in my hands, I squeezed them and kneaded them, I tweaked her nipples and finally I lowered my head and sucked one. I was in heaven.

She suggested that she should go on top so I would continue to get the best view of her tits as she rode me – and I have always loved having big women this way since. She waited while I touched her clit and felt into her cunt which was nice and wet. She laid me down on the bed and gave my cock a couple of squeezes before a condom suddenly appeared and she rolled it down my cock. Still holding my cock she swung her leg over me and slid down as she guided me up into her cunt. She was, as she had said, very tight and the sensation was fantastic. She began to move up and down and back and forth all at the same time, and her belly rested on mine while her tits swung in my face. Too late to control it, I realised I was going to cum. I thrust upwards to get the most out of it but I was there and the cum was pouring out of me.

She rested just a moment to allow me to recover and then slid off, deftly removing the condom and replacing it with tissue paper. It was over. She didn’t rush me and said kind things about my premature ejaculation when I apologised. And she stayed naked while I dressed so I continued to feast my eyes on her.

I had what I couldn’t get, or what was more difficult to get, elsewhere and she had her money. It was the start of my long life of getting extra-marital sex, some with other swingers and some with prostitutes, some great experiences, a few not so good, and a lot of wonderful people to meet.