Written by bill

3 Jan 2012

A couple of weeks ago the wife came home from her works party and she had been fucked three times behind the pub,when i found out i was angry and horny and had fucked her wet cunt when she got in, anyway she agreed to do anything for me so last week on new years eve i told her to go out and get well fucked,she dressed like a tart and i took her to town,she did not get in until 4-30am new years day, i was in bed but feeling horny as hell as she put the bedroom light on and began to undress,i watched her and when she was down to her bra and pants i said stop, i could see she had love bites on her kneck and tits, which looked fucking horny she was slightly pissed as well, i felt between her legs and her gusset was wet i told her to lie down and i opened her legs and sniffed her crutch, she was spunky which is what i wanted and i pulled her panties off sniffing them as i did, she told me she had been fucked four times as i looked at her used cunt still moist with spunk, i was angry and rampant just like i had been two weeks ago,i went down and started to lick her spunky cunt which was red and used,she told me she had been in the same pub as a couple of weeks ago and that she had been chatted up by an asian guy and his three mates, they plied her with drink then took her out the back and had all fucked her one lad had fucked her twice, with this i got on top and fucked her spunky cunt shooting my load into her, we fell asleep and then fucked again in the morning the smell of spunk and used cunt was strong in the bedroom,and has the wife said before she will do anything i ask her so i may put her on the game as things are tight financialy at this time also she will be told to go dogging so that i can keep an eye on her the dirty bitch......