Written by Barbara

18 Sep 2017

Bad news my husband had left me and my car had broke down. I took it into the garage and after a brief inspection the mechanic told me it would need a new clutch. I was told it would be £500 to replace and to do an M.O.T.I was very worried and started crying. The owner put his arms around me and said I am sure we can work out something. His hands strayed to my 36dd breasts which he caressed under my top, and moved downwards to the top of my jeans. In a flash he had undone the top button and his fingers were in my thong. I felt his fingers caressing my clit which made me feel so good.

He lead me to the back room which had a couch and two chairs. He swiftly removed my top ,my jeans, my bra and my thong. We kissed passionately and his whole right hand was in my pussy.

He removed his trousers lead me to a threadbare carpet in the store room and removed all my clothes. his cock was very very large I could not see how it could get in my pussy.. His fingers stretched my now very damp pussy and his cock soon entered. I was fucked for the past three hours by him and three of his mates.

He then carried me upstairs to his bed.

Next day I was fucked four times before being told the car was fixed. Its been a while but I still yearn for more cock.