Written by oldguy62

25 Aug 2009

My name is Tom and my wife is Sue. We are now in our 60s but what I have to relate happened when we were in our 30s.

We always kept fit and our Saturday routine was I did the garden and sue went for a run.We then go out walking in the hills (we lived in Cumbria) with maybe a pub meal on the way home.

This particular Saturday I was to pay the local garage £150 for work done.Sue agreed to take the money and pay the bill on her run as she passes the garage, leaving me space to do the gardening.

I had just showered ready to change for our day out when Sue arrived home, some 30 mins later than normal.

She came into the bedroom and started undressing for her shower when I noticed dark smudges on her buttocks.

"Did you pay the garage" I asked

"She" she replied

"How did you pay" I asked. My cock was starting to rise on its own accord

She turned to look at me and saw my now erect cock and moved to me and cupped my cock in her hands and said" Would you like to hear how I paid our bill"

We had never before been with someone outside our marriage despite both having a high sex drive.But there was always an understanding that it was ok if it did happen

"I called at the garage as agreed to find that they were closing and only Tony the manager was still there. He closed the big doors behind us and took me to the ofice. He started to undo his overall as I fumbled for the money from my shorts.

"How much is the bill" He asked

"£150" I replied

His overalls were halfway down showing his hairy large belly. His is aged about 55ish

and not very attractive

"how about I knock off £50 for a blow job"

I was indignant and turned on(which surprised me) and said " I wont give you a blow job for £50" Iwas really flustered at this point. Not thinking straight.

"Well what would you do for the full amount?"

I was so turned on by the thought that this unatractive bloke was willing to shag me for "150 that I said to him. If you stamp

the bill paid ,you can shag me on your desk."

I stepped forward and reached into his open overalls and placed my hand on his cock,which was hard and a good size.

He leant across me and stamped the bill.

I stepped back and removed my shorts as he removed his overalls. I lay back on the desk and raised my legs. I cant believe how wet Iwas. He thrust his cock straight into me without any preliminary at all. I caught my breath as he pumped away.

I cum quickly anyway but the novelty of a different cock brought it on almost immediately.He came in huge amount very quickly.

We then shuffled back into our clothes without saying a word.

"Well if that's the price Then I will save your bills until the reach £150. Then we both know how you are going to pay.

" Ok" I agreed. Not really thinking about the future."

By now I Had my tongue buried depp inside her pussy enjoying all the tastes there.

I have never felt so turned on in my life and we havee agreed that futuer adventures are to be shared as this was.