Written by dirtygirls

8 Jan 2009

ruth and i had enjoyed giving Steve (our landlord) payment in kind before xmas and thought we would save money by continuing the arrangement during the new term. however when i returned to our flat last week, ready for the new term there was a note from steve saying that we needed to make weekly payments. we had naively thought it would be once a month bet hey ho he was a good shag and we are a pair of horny young girls up for a bit of fun, so why not. neither of us had regular boyfriends.

rent night came and ruth and were dressed to please. ruth is 5 foot 3 with perky breasts and great bum, blonde shoulder length hair and eyes that say fuck me. i am tall almost 5 10 with legs that go on and on with nice firm 34d boobs that are topped with deep pink sensitive nipples that i love having sucked.

steve arrived,, with a mate!!! a gorgeous hunk in his 20s. very fit!

steve said he wasnt sure he could keep up and didnt think we would mind given horny we were.

ruth and bob sat on the sofa whilst steve sat in a chair and pulled me on to his lap. after a little idle chit chat bob started to kiss ruth and steve hands moved from around my waist to my boobs and gently started to massage then through my top and bra. quickly my nips were hard and steve paid attention to my buds causing me to get aroused and tingles begin to spread throughout my body, especially between my legs. he pulled my top up and squeezed my breasts now just covered by a thin mesh bra. he sliped the straps off and unclipped me at the back my ample breasts spilling in to his expert hands.

\" stand up babe\"

i did and turned to face him he stood up and bent his face down taking an aching nipple deep into his mouth flicking it with his tongue. i moaned with pleasure, allowing my hand to move to his crotch, i rubbed his growing bulge and started to un do his jeans . while he continued to play with my tits. once his cock was free i dropped to my knees and took the glistening end of his now rigid tool into my mouth and sucked. taking more and more of his lovely shaft until it nudged my throat.

i sucked his cock for quite some time being careful not to make him cum too soon. i looked over to see what ruth was up to. she was sat on the sofa naked except for tan stockings and white suspenders. bob was kneeling between her widely spread legs lapping at her slit causing her hips to rise and fall as he teased her clit. she opened her eyes and smiled at me .

\" you want your slit tongeued like that babe\" steve said

\" ohhhhh yes please\"

i stood up and unzipped my short skirt letting it drop to the floor. steve put a hand betwen my legs and squeezed my now very wet pussy through my thong. then he got me sat down and removed the skimpy black covering and positioned a leg over each arm of the chair leaving my bald cunt fully exposed. he started to tongue me sending shivers through me and causing even more juice to leak from my hole.

\" you sure know how to lick pussy.... dont stop\"

i was close to coming when he pushed two finger knuckle deep. that sent me over the edge with a load moan my hips bucked against his face and fingers. when i calmed down i could hear the sound of fucking from the sofa. steve and watch ruth and bob at it for a bit. she was riding him reverse cow girl. bobs cock looked big/ ruth was obviously enjoying the feeling of her petite body being being filled.

steve got between me nylon clad thighs and aimed his shat at my oozing flushed slit. he rubbed his tool up and down a few times before pushing it slowing into my tight young hole.

\"arrrggghhhh thats good fuck me\" i moaned.

he fucked me slowly while playing with my boobs. i wrapped my long legs around his back and locked my ankles this seemed to spur steve on, that and the grunting from bob as he got on top of ruth and started to really pound her. ruth was just shouting \"fuck me harder\" and \" your cock is huge\"

steve was now pumping his thick shaft into me at a furious pace. we were both close to cuming. ruth screamed as her orgasm ripped through her. steves cock swelled and thrust even deeper and with a grunt he unloaded a torrent of hot spunk deep into me. my orgasm over took me and i lost track of my self for a moment.

\" fuck babe you are a good shag\" steve said as we recovered.

bob was laid on the floor his large limp cock wet with spunk and ruths fanny lube. ruth looked totally fucked, still with her legs a part and her pink pussy dribbling spunk. all four of us were knackered.

steve and bob left shortly after with a promise to return next week if we wanted. we wanted!!!