Written by Blueroofer

1 Mar 2008

Having completed all the necessary repair work to their 2nd house and now ready for some new tenants, the best part of the job was now at hand (The Payment). Unsure of who I was actually working for since all previous arrangements had been made by referals & telephone calls, my instructions were to contact his wife, since "Big Keith" was away driving his HGV truck somewhere amongst the Welsh cities and would not be back in Leeds until the coming weekend, hoping to collect my payment then join some colleagues in the nearby Headingley Skyrack pub for some serious mid-week drinking, I was now bathed, shaved & eager for the night to begin.

Opening the door after only a few seconds of rapping the knocker stood Kath, wearing a wry smile, a sunbed tan, and a pair of spray on denim jeans & matching shirt heavily strained at the first fastened press stud trying desperately to contain her ample and heaving breasts. Ushering me forward after shaking hands and cautiously surveying her neighbourhood, having me sit comfortably on the sofa along side her two daughters, Kath asked my presentation of the works invoice be delayed for 10 minutes until tonights episode of Coronation Street had concluded which would also coincide with the two girls allocated bed time.

Unable to control my curious long and deliberate staring of her stature, Kath embarrassingly offered me one of her husbands lagers on the pretext of giving herself another opportunity to savour her third large red wine goblet of the evening.

Making sure her daughters were settled in bed after some petty disgruntled comments, closing her living room curtains then joining me on the sofa with another tin and a pleasing smile she asked me to explain in detail all the repairs carried out to their renovated property, sliding up close and personal with her hand on my knee after signing the completion forms Kath provocatively asked how payment should be made, "Strictly Cash" was my reply, to which she readily produced the £575.00 from inside her heaving bosom, leaning across my chest and placing the money inside my shirt pocket, her rapid attempt to flash the cash had caused the strained denim shirt stud to pop open partly exposing the white half cup lace brassier and her ample tanned chest.

Taking her head in my hands and closing my lips against hers, our tongues instantly prized apart each others mouths and began dancing with an urgency to resolve any uncertain assessment of each others intentions, slipping my hand inside her shirt to fondle those magnificent globes and tweak her sensative nipples whilst listening to her muffled cries of all abondenment, had caused my ever swelling erection to now become most uncomfortable, and her fervent whispered plea to "cool down" with some assurance of "we have all night" went unheard until Kath broke away from this passionate embrace to releive herself and discard her skin tight jeans to bring back yet some more drinks but encouragingly enough, dressed only in her long denim shirt, high heels and brilliant white underwear "she looked stunning".

Sensing my urgency to carry on where we left off, she re-took her seat then began to explain her torment of being alone on several consecutive nights whilst convinced her husband was playing the field elsewhere on another of his endless journeys, justifiable to her beliefs Kath made it clear that if sex was to occur we should not let it be for the one night only, so had me promise to escort her for a night on the razz when an early opportunity arose, agreeing to all her terms & conditions our passionate clinch resumed with her knowing smile that maybe my loss of speech and another deliberate overdue stare of her charms were once again having the desired affect of my undivided attention.

As before, probing my tongue into her open lips and tasting the remnants of the last gulp of red wine she had hurridly

taken whilst willingly permiting the removal of the denim shirt from her full figure, she sat insight of a young man who's only desire was to vigorously fuck her with a desperate urge I had not experienced ever before, freeing her heaving bosom from the cluster of their confinement, leaning over I slowly began to suckle each sensative nipple complimented with a gentle bite between my tongue and upper teeth listening to the encouragement of her groans becoming more intense as my fingers now re-traced the tightly fitted brassier lines left behind and strewn across the sofa top, yet still within arms reach should the situation abruptly arise, placing both her hands to the back of her neck held firmly by the grip of my free hand interlocking her fingers to securely bind them together, another gentle assault of lightly scratching her aureolas with my little finger nail caused her feverish body to goosebump as she forcefully bit my earlobe with some garbled instruction of not marking her but what she would next like done to her aching body, deciding that was my decision to make when looking into her glazed eyes, my thumb and fingers crept between each closed knees then slowly spanned outwards parting her silky thighs with a deliberate ease she seemed unaccustomed to accept whilst purposely seating herself further forward to the sofa's edge for the assault her steaming cunt was about to receive, tracing my middle finger along the gusset of her sodden panties, Kaths gentle whispers of "Please, Oh Please!" were to be ignored as deftly sliding my wanton fingers inside her loose fitting waistband she drew a deep breath allowing easy access for my quest of searching through the thick mass of pubic hair to feel her sexual body liquids generously bathing my exploratory, but trembling hand.

Writhing and squirming with an urgency to break free from the restraints of my free hand, having to re-secure a fervent grip of her wrists whilst fully inserting one, then almost instantaniously two fingers into her open love box, her lightly whispered demand of laying on the living room carpet was silently denied as she spread those golden thighs a little further to accommodate the persistant probing of a third digit seeking with ease its intended goal, feeling my way around her insides whilst catching a glimps of my knuckles delving deep within her womb and vigorously fencing against the outline of those sodden panties, Kath's heaving bosom glistening with a mixture of perspiration and my suckled saliva were jutting forward in unison to each forcefull thrust my piston like fingers could deliver, bringing this vigorous onslaught her first full orgasm.

Exhausted, and frustrated by the denial of feeling my rampant cock now virtually tearing the stitching of my denim jeans, after gathering a few moments Kath stood insisting that she fully remove my clothing then falling to her knees began patting the floor beckoning me once more to lay naked along side her on the plush living room carpet, being

purposely unwilling to comply after grasping my throbbing weapon in her tiny hands she expertly began to massage its length in a way that only a married woman could possibly know, with each second gladly seeming like an hour eventually staring into my eyes, Kath smiling asked with a gentle whisper, "You OK?" reassured by pulling her receptive mouth forward, placing her hands to the rear of my thighs, moistening her soft lips before closing her eyes with a carefull determination she slowly engulfed my raging tool to the back of her throat then holding firm, calmly demonstrated her gag reflexes were controlled to an expertise very few women can accomplish yet she knew only too well how to acheive, lightly raking her polished finger

nails across the cheeks of my bottom to each unisoned swaying movement of her head she began the task of felatio to a degree of which I would doubt I could never experience in my lifetime again.

In fear of discharging my fluids into her receptive mouth, my urgency to fuck her was now beyond any sexual boundries so, forcefully removing her vacume like mouth & pleading my instructions for her to lay down, Kath spreading her golden legs and raising both arms in all abandonment to grip the sofa cushions placed behind her head, I entered her glistening body with a severe thrust that although painful to us both was not near enough to quench any of my thirsty animalistic urges.

Feeling her golden thighs clamp tightly around my taut buttocks, whilst watching those enormous breasts sway in unison to her breathless gasps of each forceful lunge I bestowed upon her, my control of ejaculation was now exhausted, spurting the never ending streams of semen into her sexually charged body, Kath would not release her grip of my buttocks until every drop was spent inside her now sopping and well abused love box.

Standing above her postured body, physically shaking and trying desperately to relieve the sudden cramp spasms in my thighs, Kath once again but now staring deeply into my eyes, without speaking took my now flacid member into her mouth and began another bout of oral sex slurping clean all the love fluids we had both managed to accumulate during this raunchy sexual experiment.

Eventually bidding her a reluctant farewell in these now very late early morning hours, with another truthfull promise of seeing her again, I thanked her for the excessively prompt payment but also for the small matter of cash she gave me for actually completing all the renovation roofing work.

We met several times after this opening episode and will fully explain later what strange happenings occured

(as though you couldn't guess!)