Written by Carll

22 May 2018

My love of watersports started years ago when i was a young inexperienced 18 years old. Like most of my generation a night out meant meeting as soon as the local pub opened and 6/7 of us would drink as fast as we could the measure being who could take there beer and of course it was pints only. The local run meant doing about 6 pubs then it was a bus or taxis into town carry on drinking and to see if we could pull. Pulling meant any age a bit of necking and maybe a shag if you could stand up literally and be at the pub the next day to brag about it. On this particular night i was caught short and needed a piss badly the toilet was a good 100 yards through a packed crowded pub so the alternative was to nip outside and down a side alley. It was secluded but as i saw i wasnt the only one with this idea in front of me rather unashamed were 4 women older than me half squatting semi standing all laughing knickers round there ankles quite drunk all in states of starting to pee. I was pretty mesmerised and stared at all the pee rivers rolling down the alley and the pee origins. One lass shouted oi love you never seen a wet lettuce. At this point my cock was getting hard as i already had a semi on. The other women started taking the mick and one tried to piss on me. Towards the end the lass who mentioned her lettuce came over to me and said here especially for you and ran two pee fingers in my mouth over my tounge. Rather than be disgusted by this small gesture i found it was the most erotic experience i had to date. As they moved on my stiff cock bounced out my jeans piss flying everwhere up the wall. Quickly i then ran back in the pub looking for the lass who had goaded me but they had gone and moved on.......so this became the start of my love for ws and ive had some great partners who have shared the experience