Written by Scrum5

12 Aug 2018

I was asked to let the readers of the stories how I met Penny, and how we landed up swinging and moresomes.

I replied to an advert in our local paper, so we made arrangements to meet for a drink, she told me she was widowed at an early age, and she missed male company. We met up in a pub in Newport, she told me she was a teacher, and she was so sexy, that we hit it off straight away. After the drink, she went home, and I went to mine. Within an hour we were talking on the phone all about sex etc. So we decided to meet up the following weekend.

After we went for a drink, we went back to Penny’s house. We started drinking wine, so I said if I have a glass I can’t drive home. That’s ok, you can sleep here, in your bed yes she said. We undressed, and she had great tits with thick nipples, great for chewing and sucking. She took my cock and started to suck and lick my cock, I went down on her and started to lick her clit and suck and chew her cunt lips.

I then shoved my cock up her and we started to fuck. She then said I want it from behind, so i pulled out, she knelt on the bed, and I started to fuck her from behind. She was pouring out juices, my cock was soaking in her juices, so I pulled out, and started on her bum hole. She said go gently, it’s so long since I had anal or any other sex. So I pushed , and went in right up to my balls, so I started fucking her arse, pulling out and going into her cunt. I was doing both holes, so I said were do you want me to cum, anywhere she said, so my final burst was up her arse. Bloody magic I thought, she then licked my cock clean.

This carried on for a few weeks, taking her out, and then fucking in her or my house. I bought her some sexy under wear, quarter cup bras, thongs and crutchless knickers, I also bought sex toys, a dildo, a double ended one, so I could put one end in her cunt and the other end up her arse. We went to her staff party, and I said I will come, but no bra, no knickers and hold ups. She said, if only the staff realised how sexed up she was all the time. She bought a new dress which just about held her tits in place. She was so sexy dancing with her, and feeling her bum and rubbing her cunt under the table. We we got the taxi home, I was fingering her in the back, had her tits out while she was. rubbing my cock. We managed to get into her house undressed an started fucking . I was slamming my cock into her cunt, then out and into her arse. I then said what you need is another cock here to suck, and she said ok, how do we find another man. So I shot up her cunt this time, and said by next week, it will be started to get somebody to join us.