Written by Wrinkly

7 Sep 2007

Our pensioner group met on Wednesday as usual and I told them I had described our activities on SH. They were all pleased to think that other oldies know how we enjoy ourselves and would follow our example. There was concern that people might imagine our get-togethers to be free-for-alls instead of the respectful and relaxed events that we like. To ensure that our sessions don't degenerate into mere orgies we have agreed some rules to regulate our conduct and prevent anyone getting upset. We don't use condoms but have banned the use of viagra. None of the men seem to have erection problems especially as all the ladies have agreed to make themselves generally available to help any "softies". At first the married ladies wanted to keep to their husbands to themselves but found that they fancied other men so had to allow hubby the same privileges. We do use KY but again the ladies, with a few exceptions, appear to be self lubricating. We consider it rude for anyone to monopolise a partner while at the same time it is bad form to interrupt if a pair are obviously working on reaching the ultimate pleasure. The usual train of events is for each pair, or maybe foursome, to perform their chosen "party piece" while the rest of us watch. This way everyone gets the most from the experience and nothing is rushed. Sometimes one of us has a sepecial request; this week it was one of the lady's birthday and she had decided she wanted as a treat to have all the men enter her one at a time finishing with her husband. This worked well, each of us probed her for about a minute and she enjoyed her climax with hubby to finish. I think the other ladies may well adopt this routine as a birthday special in future. We are really happy with our chosen way of life looking forward to Wednesdays and thinking of new ways to please each other. The married couples say that being in the group has improved their love-making. They attribute this to the "naughtiness" of "doing it" for the delight of the group and the confidence this gives them in their own ability to be erotic and giving. I will try to keep SH up to date with developments particularly as I believe the ladies are keen to increase the erotic impact of their apparel, so watch this space.