Written by The Pensioner

24 Aug 2016

What a difference that dogging encounter has made to our lives. From being unable to maintain any proper erection, l now seem to have an almost permanent hard on, from seeing Ann as a sexless old woman l now see her as an incredibly sexy slut.

Ever since that evening l have insisted on her having her tits out as much as possible, even when just doing housework. The sight of those big dugs swinging and flopping are a real turn on. She also wants me to have my cock and balls out and l have no hesitation wanking whenever l feel the need, usually telling her to kneel so l can cum over her face.

We spend a lot of time looking through the Internet for ideas of things to do together, we are planning some more dogging trips and Ann is very interested in what she has read about wives being dominated and husbands being humiliated, at first she was hesitant to bring it up with me but when l admitted that l found the idea exciting we started to look at it and plan to see if we can find someone locally that would like to take us on.

We moved into our current house just over a year ago, seriously downsizing from a six bed roomed guest house with 8 acres of land, to a small three bed roomed detached on a modern estate. It was quite a change but we wanted to free up our money and the work involved was getting on top of us. The main problem with modern estates is that you are usually overlooked but luckily in our case there is only one bedroom window on the property behind us that looks into our property.

Last Friday we were having our morning coffee in the conservatory, Ann was sitting in her chair facing the garden while l was sat facing her. She was wearing one of those summer dresses with an elasticated top designed to stay above her tits but l had pulled it down leaving her tits exposed. As usual the conversation centered on our dogging experience with me telling her l may have sorted out a possible location to try out at the weekend. I went on to describe how l was looking forward to seeing her get well fucked, asking if she was prepared to do anal. We have done it a few times but my cock would not stay hard long enough to do it properly until recently, we have had one successful session but my cock is not big enough to fill her properly.

The conversation was turning her on and she began playing with her tits and nipples, l told her she looked good doing that, she replied that she was sure someone else was watching as she could see the curtains moving in the house at the back. I knew John and Mary who live there would be at work so assumed it must be their eighteen year old son Mark who was watching.

I told Ann to pull up her skirt and give him a proper show, l won’t let her wear underwear so once she had pulled up her skirt and opened her legs her shaved cunt was fully exposed. I told her to spread her legs wide and wank herself off, her one hand went to her cunt while the other continued massaging her tits. After a while she said she was sure it was Mark and that he was wanking. I told her to give him a good show as l left and went upstairs.

I came back to tell her that l’d had a good view of him wanking from upstairs, then gave her our biggest vibrator and told her to fuck herself with it. I then stood behind her, reaching down to grab her tits and give them a good mauling, pulling and squeezing them, slapping them and twisting her nipples as she speeded up with the rubber cock, shoving it deep into her cunt. I moved to the side of her so Mark would have a good view of her sucking my cock, she was well gone by now, right on the cusp of orgasm. As she reached her climax l pulled my cock out of my mouth and with a couple of strokes started spraying my cum onto her face. I am producing so much spunk these days and it was dripping onto her tits.

Once we had finished she got out of the chair, allowing her dress to fall to the floor leaving her naked, she then walked up to the conservatory window, looking straight up at Mark who had now given up the pretence of hiding but was obviously still stroking his cock. Ann scooped some of my spunk off her tits and transferred it to her mouth then blew a kiss to Mark and indicated for him to come round.

We weren’t sure what would happen next, but we didn’t have long to wait. Ann scarcely had time to clean up my spunk before the front door bell rang. I looked down the hall and saw Mark stood at the door, l told Ann to go and let him in, she reached for her dress but l stopped her, telling her to go as she was. Although the glass door is not completely clear he must have realised that Ann was naked coming toward him, she opened the door, trying to ensure she was not in full view of anyone else and invited him in.

I was waiting for them in the lounge and asked him if he had enjoyed the show. He didn’t seem as nervous as l had expected saying he thought it was very sexy, l asked him if he had cum and he nodded, l then asked him if he wanted to fuck Ann, as if the bulge in his trousers wasn’t enough evidence. I told him l wanted to watch but we should all go upstairs.

Ann led the way with me behind one hand between her thighs fingering her cunt, she was so wet it was running out of her, l said l hoped Mark didn’t mind fucking an fat old woman with sagging tits, he protested that she wasn’t fat and that he had often wanked watching her but today had been mind blowing. Ann said he was very sweet as she climbed onto the bed, Mark hurriedly removing his clothes to reveal a lovely erection, about eight inches but quite thin, l asked him if he wanted her mouth, cunt or bumhole. He looked at me amazed as if he couldn’t believe his luck but l settled it by telling him to fuck her cunt first then if he wanted seconds he could chose one of her other holes.

I could tell the way l had taken charge was getting Ann even more worked up and she was frantically rubbing her clit with her legs wide open. Mark climbed between her legs, placing his knob at the entrance of her cunt, she asked him if he was a virgin but he said he had fucked his girlfriend a couple of times, then she told him to just get on with it and not mess about. He was in her to the hilt in one thrust, she wrapped her legs around him telling him to fuck her hard. Mark began fucking her with good long strokes, each time slamming into her as she encouraged him, l then knelt at the side of her head, pulling her sideways so she could take my cock in her mouth then l told Mark to match my thrusts as we both fucked her together. I didn’t expect him to last long but even then Ann had her orgasm first, gagging on my cock as l rammed it into her mouth. Her whole body began to tremble, she was pulling at her tits. I could see Mark was close so l told him not to cum in her cunt but to join me and we would fill her mouth together. As he vacated her cunt l reached down and plunged my hand into the gaping hole, easily sliding right in up to my wrist now fucking her with my fist as my other hand wanked my cock into her mouth. Mark came first, huge spurts of creamy white cum shooting onto her face, he tried to direct it into her waiting mouth but it went everywhere, covering her eyes, up her nose, into her hair, l came then, shoving my cock into her mouth and pumping my spunk into her throat, she gagged on it but kept swallowing, Mark’s cock was still pumping, shooting spunk over my belly as well, l was calling Ann all sorts of dirty names, God l hadn’t cum like this in years.

Eventually we all calmed down and lay side by side recovering, Ann used her fingers to clear her eyes, transferring the spunk to her mouth to suck her fingers clean, then she kissed Mark and thanked him, he said she was the sexiest woman he knew, he said he had seen her walking round the house with her tits swinging and he had been wanking over her for days, she reached down to hold his cock which was still standing proud.

She turned to me saying she could remember when l used to be able to fuck her three times without losing my erection, then said to Mark not to waste it, she wanted him inside her again. I told him to fuck her arse this time, Ann used some of the spunk still on her face to lubricate her bumhole then gave Mark’s cock a big helping of saliva and massaged it in. She turned over onto her knees as Mark knelt behind her, he was tentative at first but Ann told him to just shove it straight in, she wanted him in deep. Her face was next to mine as Mark’s cock travelled deep into her bum, l saw the look of pleasure on her face, l kissed her and told her l loved her, she told Mark it was good and to fuck her nice and slow. I could see him moving slowly drawing right back then sliding back in, he said it felt so different, so tight, he wanted to go quicker and Ann started moving back to meet his thrusts as he gradually speeded up.

My cock was stirring again, l couldn’t believe the change in me, l moved up the bed and Ann took me into her mouth sucking hard on my growing cock. Mark was in a world of his own as he started pounding his cock into her arse, he reached under for her tits using them to pull her onto him, Ann had one hand under her, fingering her cunt and somehow we all three came together in one shattering climax, Mark driving his cock in hard as he came which forced her mouth down hard on my cock as l came, she was shaking with her own orgasm, l couldn’t believe this was happening, our lives had totally changed in just a few days.

We were all spent now and collapsed side by side, Ann kissed Mark telling him he was a fantastic lover, she then kissed me and told me she loved me, l said l wanted to taste her cunt and moved down as she opened her legs. She must have cum with a flood she was so wet, l used my tongue to clean her then notice Mark’s spunk leaking from her bum and moved down to lick it away my tongue easily entering her still gaping hole. She responded with a groan, opening wider for me and telling Mark she wanted his cock in her mouth. He protested that it had just been up her arse but she didn’t care, she wanted him now.

It was all very gentle as l moved from her arsehole back to her cunt, teasing and sucking her clit, hearing her moaning with pleasure as she sucked on that beautiful cock. It didn’t take long for her to cum again, more gentle this time but l felt the fluttering of her cunt as it opened and her juices streamed into my waiting mouth. She gave a deep groan of pleasure and l heard her slurping as Mark came in her mouth, l then put two fingers up her bum and in seconds she came again, almost choking on his cock but giving me another glorious mouthful of cunt juice.

Mark didn’t stay for long as he was meeting his girlfriend, Ann asked if he would be fucking her, he said probably in the evening as her parents would be out. Ann asked if she was a good fuck, obviously fishing for compliments, Mark assured her she was much better and asked if he could come round again sometime. I jumped in then telling him he could come round any time he liked whether l was there or not and that he was free to use Ann as his slut. Ann gave me a look but l could tell the thought was exciting her.

Once Mark had gone we lay in bed for some time talking things over. I said that l felt years younger and that l thought she was fantastic. She asked if l really didn’t mind her having other men but l said that even the thought of it made me hard and showed her the truth. She laughed and said we shouldn’t waste it so l got between her open thighs and slid inside her soaking wet cunt. I didn’t last long, and she didn’t cum but she said she didn’t mind, just the thought that l wanted to fuck her and that l could keep hard enough to do it felt so good. I offered to bring her off with my mouth but she told me to wait till later.

After showering and still naked we spent most of the rest of the day talking about what had happened and planning where we would take it. Ann said she got a real thrill when l told Mark he could use her as his slut and she felt it would be good to see how we got on with a proper dominant “Bull” to take charge of us. We are now going to do some searching to see if we can find someone that appeals to us but hopefully Mark and l can make sure she is well fucked until then.

I have just noticed how long this is, hope it has not been too boring but would welcome your comments, good or bad, as we would like to write more in the future.