Written by The Pensioners

26 Oct 2016

It has been quite a while since we last posted on this site, for those that remember us you may recall that we were waiting for Dev and his pals to visit us with the intention of using Ann as their cum slut and humiliating me.

I had asked Ann a few times if she really wanted to go through with it but she assured me that our evening in the pub had been the most exciting thing that she had ever done, much better than anything we had done during our time in the swingers group.

“I could never have imagined having sex like that,” she told me, “when that big fat man had me up my bum l just went wild. He was big and fat and covered in thick hair, all sweaty, the sort of man you wouldn’t sit next to on a bus and l had him fucking my arse and l loved it.”

Dev had told her to make sure she looked like a common slut when they arrived so we had gone to a sex superstore and picked out a few outfits. When she tried them on in the store she looked brilliant, each of them left her tits and cunt exposed and we purchased some nipple clamps that we could hang ornaments from, also some clips to do the same to her cunt lips. She spotted a contraption that the assistant told us was a kind of chastity appliance for men, the idea was that it fully encased the cock and balls, leaving a hole to pee through, he said it made it very painful if you get an erection, Ann wanted me to buy it so we did.

Ann spent all afternoon getting ready, trying on the outfits and asking me if she looked slutty enough. She had gone overboard with the make-up and looked like a proper tart, l made a few attempts to grab her tits and begged her for a fuck but she refused saying that she was saving herself for our guests. She wanted to try my new gadget but l had an erection so she told me to get ice and put it on my cock. Once l was flaccid we managed to get it on then she masturbated in front of me, telling me what she was hoping the men would do to her. Sure enough l soon started getting hard again only this time there was no room for my cock to grow and it became very painful, she carried on masturbating saying my pain was turning her on, l must admit it was doing the same to me which only increased the pain.

Eventually she removed the case and allowed me to masturbate but l had to catch my cum in my hand and then swallow it. This was just getting her more and more worked up, constantly looking to see any sign of Dev arriving, checking her phone for any message from him.

The evening drew on, Ann decided that it was all Dev’s plan to keep us waiting so that he was demonstrating his control of us. The sight of her prowling the house in frustration, her tits and cunt fully exposed with two ornaments hanging from her nipples and two from her cunt had me in permanent arousal. She made me ice my cock again then lock it up as she was sure that would please Dev.

By nine o’clock we were both getting concerned, Ann was so worked up that she was constantly playing with her clit and l was in constant pain watching her. I said we should text Dev to see if there was a problem, she was afraid to do it in case it made him angry but she was so wound up l was getting worried for her.

By ten o’clock she was climbing the wall, l offered to ring Mark and ask him to come and fuck her but she was afraid what Dev would say if he arrived and caught them. By now she needed release so she freed my cock and told me to masturbate while she did the same. She came in seconds and so did l, l offered her my spunk to swallow but she didn’t want to mess her make-up so l took it then licked her juices from her cunt. She was so wired that l brought her off again quite quickly, squirting a good mouthful of cunt juice into my mouth.

Eleven o’clock came and she was almost in tears, then her phone pinged. There was a message from Dev saying he wasn’t coming, he said he was fucking a much younger woman and that he had decided Ann was too old for him to waste his spunk on. Ann burst into tears, telling me Dev had called her a grotty old slag. I tried to comfort her but the evening of sexual frustration plus the text message had completely wrecked her.

It took her a couple of hours to calm down enough to shower and get ready for bed. She wasn’t in the mood for talking so once in bed l just held her as she sobbed herself to sleep. The next morning she was very quiet but the fact that she was fully dressed without her tits on show told me there was a change in her mood.

About mid morning she finally agreed to sit down and talk, she told me she felt that she was obviously kidding herself if she thought men found her attractive and that she'd have to accept a more normal lifestyle. I disagreed saying that Mark still found her attractive and l was sure plenty of other men would love to fuck her especially when they realised that they could live out their wildest fantasies with her.

I suggested inviting Mark round to spend the afternoon in bed with her but she said she believed that weekend was when he was going to Uni. I texted him asking him to ring back which he did in five minutes. I explained that Ann was in need of a bit of attention, told him why, he said he would love to spend the afternoon fucking her but he was at Uni settling in, he said he would be back the following weekend and promised her full use of his cock then. Ann told him he was very sweet and that she looked forward to that.

After that, Ann told me that although sex with Mark was great, he was always very gentle with her when what she really craved was being used and abused like she had been in the pub with Dev.

“That was such a great evening,” she said, “they just shoved their cocks in me as hard as they could, spanked me and hurt my tits, l was just being used as a cum slut, l felt so alive, it was great.”

Over the next couple of days we had a few conversations, l was pleased that she started leaving her tits exposed around the house and l did give her a couple of spanking sessions which ended in some rough fucking. I suggested we try dogging again and she agreed even though she doubted if many men would want more than a blowjob.

We read on a dogging site that there was supposed to be a good location near Kings Lynn so decided to give it a try on Friday night. This turned out to be an inspired choice but as l seem to have gone on for quite a bit l will sign off now and carry on on another post.