Written by single Me 1

2 Jun 2017

Hi. I’m not sure if this counts as swinging but I want to share it anyway because I’ve told one or two trusted mates and they say I should def put it on the site. After 5 years of being together my partner and I have separated due to sex, but let me explain.

Now don’t’ get me wrong, my ex is quite hot. She’s just under 6’like me, has a fantastic body, small firm tits, long brown hair that goes down to her really nice arse but she’s a bitch. We are both 22 but we hadn’t been getting on for some time, mainly because she said her life was becoming boring and predictable and she started talking about having an open relationship and wanted us to try meeting strangers for sex. That wasn’t the issue believe it or not but it was the way she made me feel inadequate sexually and wold mention the fact that it had been a while since I made her cum.

Her whole family are a bit nut’s anyway, they are very outgoing and are exhibitionists, both her parents have had numerous affairs so it was no wonder she is the way she is.

But here’s why I’m writing. Her mother’s sister who I’ll call Helen (50 ish) ( ex’s aunt) lives in Portugal with her husband’ Paul’ late 50’s ( ex’s uncle by marriage). We would go once or twice a year which was crap for me because Helen didn’t like me and would comment on how my ex could do better in front of me, the ex would agree. Her uncle Paul and my ex would flirt which I thought was weird but as they aren’t blood relatives and she’s nuts anyway it didn’t surprise me. But this year was worse than ever.

After a bit of an argument between Helen and me over something stupid Paul came up to me and told me that ‘she just needs a good shag to shut her up’. I told him to get on with it so she will get off my back and he turns and smiles and tells me that I should fuck her because that would shut her up. I said I would never do that to him but he said that he seriously would be ok with it. I assumed he was joking.

My ex and I argues most days, she told her aunt that when we got married I had better buck my ideas up as far being more fun is concerned or she would look elsewhere, so I had decided that the relationship had to end. So I decided to bide my time until the end of the holiday and then end it but after 3 days it turned a bit weird.

I’m quite well endowed so would cover myself up after coming out of the pool to avoid slutty comments from the ex and her aunt. Anyway, we were round the pool, Paul was inside getting drinks and Helen was topless showing off her ample tits. The ex had her top off getting some sun.

I go into the house and Paul tells me that if Helen starts again try it on with her and to even ‘try and have a feel’. I asked him if he was serious and he said as ‘serious as it gets’. I asked, ‘what if she responds’ and he just smiled and said, ‘then fuck her’.

I knew my relationship with the ex was over and being thrown out of the house by Helen and her for touching Helen was no big deal so I went in the pool for a while. When I got out Helen said something about me having a big cock and the ex said, ‘yes but pity he doesn’t know how to use it’.

That we the last straw for me, I sat on the lounger where Helen was laying on her stomach and asked her if she wanted to see what I could do. She looked at me and then my ex who just said, ‘what the fuck’. I think Helen called my bluff because she pulled her bikini bottoms down and kicked them away and said, ‘go for it’. I started to walk away and Helen said I was full of shit, my ex said that I didn’t have the balls. So I thought fuck it.

I pulled my shorts down, walked over to Helen and knelt behind her expecting her to freak. My cock was at half-mast but she just looked, turned back round and said ‘whatever’.

So I put my hands on her hips and pulled her arse up. I thought what the fuck, Paul said go for it, my relationship was over and the worst that could happen if I get an early flight home.

I was ready to stop as soon as the expected screaming started. Her ample tits and long hard nipples made me go stiff, I put my cock in my hand and positioned myself so my bell end was nudging her pussy. She just looked at me almost daring me, so I did. I thrust forward and slid my cock into her. I was surprised how tight she was. I expected a reaction but she just took a deep breath in and gae a little squeal.

My ex came over in a flash and stared at me as I slid my cock in and out of her aunt. She asked me what the fuck I thought I was doing so I just said that I was ‘fucking your aunt’. She stood there with her mouth open in disbelief as I gave Helen a good doggy fucking.

She ran off telling me she was going to get Paul. I thought that this was when I got a punch in the mouth but instead Paul came out to the pool dragged by my ex and just said that ‘she deserved it’.

This really turned me on so I started slamming her pussy, grabbing her hair to hold her in place. My ex was getting really pissed off by now but Paul took her my the arm and told her to grow the fuck up.

For the next few minutes I had Helen doggy style then she rode me for a bit before she was on her back with her legs wide open so I could go back in and fuck did I. Then she looks behind me and tells me to look, saying something like ‘fuck that looks good’.

My ex was sat on her lounger, stark bollock naked with Paul standing in front of her fucking her mouth. I will admit, it was a fucking hot sight. I 58 ish year old man having his cock sucked by my 22 year old ex.

That sent me over the edge and I poured cum into Helens we pussy. I started to pull away but Helen sat up and started to suck my wet cock which got it hard again in no time.

We got into the pool followed by Paula and my ex and we fucked again, with me taking Helen at the side of the pool, her nice big tits slapping the water as I fucked her and my ex next to her with her legs wrapped round Paul squealing as he fucked her hard whilst his hands squeezed her hard tits. I’ll admit to squeezing them as well as I fucker her aunt, one hand on the ex the other squeezing Helen.

I guess we all fucked for a good while in various positions before screams and grunts filled the air when Paul started to shoot cum into my ex and I came again in his wife and the two women shaking. The ex-had her orgasm she longed for.

That evening the ex and I fucked most of the evening but for the next 5 days Paul and her fucked at least twice a day and so I had Helen about the same number of times. Sometimes in the pool but more often than not all four of us in bed. Paul and I fucking pussy’s and mouths and the two women having the occasional suck of each other’s tits.

Two evening I slept alone so fuck knows what the three of them got up to, there was plenty and screaming and fucking this and fucking that and grunting so I’ll leave that up to you.

I considered not breaking up but as she was giving me a hand job under a blanked on a night flight home she said that Paul was an amazing fuck and I could learn from him. So I shot my load into her hand and told her we were done.

I don’t think she believed me unto I dropped her off at her parents and drove off.

Not a bad way to end a relationship though don’t you think ?