Written by Grant

1 May 2018

I work as a self employed handyman. Although I sort of use that as a way in to helping husband's watch their partners with other guys, this particular encounter is unrelated to that, or indeed to swinging heaven.

Around a month ago I tiled a kitchen floor for an elderly couple in Chichester. A few days later their daughter called me asking for a quote to retile her bathroom. Two evenings later as I popped in at the end of the working day. It turned out to be a bit more involved and a previous leaky roof meant she needed a new ceiling and the whole room re plastering once the bathroom suite was removed. Last Thursday I removed the suite, tiles and ceiling. On Friday the plasterer and I fitted a new ceiling and he made a start on the plastering.

At this point I should mention the daughter is a mid 50s bottle blond. A lifetime of sunbathing and smoking had taken their toll however a size 10 figure and a bit of flesh on display didn't go unnoticed by the plasterer nor by me.

She worked from home so was around most of the day, bringing us tea almost on tap.

She popped out in the afternoon and we had a bit of banter about her. The usual....yea we'd both give her one.

All fairly normal so far.

Yesterday lunchtime I popped in to check on progress and all was good as the plasterer had almost finished. At the end of the day I passed by again just to check he had completely finished and had left the place clean (plastering can be a messy job). It was around 5 and his van was still there, no sign of the customers car. I have a key so let myself in. As soon as I opened the door I could hear the sound of fucking coming downstairs. Initially I was a tad angry as I assumed he'd bought his gf for a fuck, in my customers bloody bed. However that anger was immediately replaced by feeling horny as my cock stirred to life. I crept upstairs and slowly pushed the bedroom door open enough so I could peek around the door.

Fuck...it was my customer dressed to the 9s, whilst the plasterer fucked her as she knelt on the bed. I slipped my cock out and wanked, half hiding behind the door but he saw me.

Smiling , he said to her, "we have some company." Although they were side on to me she was facing away from me. She simply responded, "male or female?"

"It's Grant."

"Tell him he's next."

I've always thought I could pick up on a likely slut but couldn't have guessed she was "up for it."

I approached the bed, shedding my overall and clothes as I went. Stroking her back, she turned to face me, motioning that she wanted my cock in her mouth.

I moved up and the plasterer groaned as he cum in her. My cock was only in her mouth for a few seconds when she looked at me saying "you're on."

No messing around. Her arsehole looked inviting but white cream spilled from her open cunt. I slid in easily and started off at a slow pace before she looked back at me "a bit rough please " she asked. I happily obliged. She moaned each time I slapped her arse and loved her hair pulled. I didn't last long until I filled her eager cunt.

In the meantime the plasterer had dressed and gave me a smile before leaving.

As I pulled out she reached into her bedside cabinet, handing me two vibrators before handing them both to me. She groaned again as I slid the first one into her.

She was limp as she came again and again. As I thought she was done, I removed the vibrator but she turned to look at me, "one in each hole." Fuck, id missed a chance of anal. Again obliged, putting the second vibe in her cunt and the first one lubed with her juice slowly into her arse. Once both were in I fucked her hard and again she kept coming. Each time I thought she was finished she wanted more.

A good 40 minutes passed and my cock stirred back to life. I wasn't going to miss this opportunity of a willing arsehole. Kneeling behind her I slipped my semi hard cock into her and started fucking her again, slapping her arse and pulling her hair again.i didn't last more than a couple of minutes before spewing man fat into her back door.

I slumped onto the bed and watched her fucking herself with one of the vibrators. She was not done. I dressed while watching her ramming the larger vibe hard into her, seeming to be trying to make herself cum again.

I'm back there on Friday to refit her bathroom suite and start tiling her bathroom.

It turns out she heard our banter about her and called the plasterers bluff

Can't wait until Friday