Written by Suzie

14 Sep 2011

I didn't go out with the intention of getting shagged, looking for a guy to fuck me while Steve was away, though if I had he wouldn't have minded. We'd swapped partners with a couple several times until two years ago when they moved away. MMF threesomes a few times, which I'd enjoyed and once whilst on holiday he persuaded me to let a couple of lads fuck me while he watched. Other than letting a guy who I worked with go down on my pussy tonguing and finger fucking me before I gave him a blow job at an office party, Steve had always been present when I'd had sex with other men. When I told him what I'd done at the party he was just pissed that I hadn't let the guy fuck me and he hadn't been there to watch.

I'd never needed to stray, our sex lives had always been good, and quite adventurous, outdoor sex, in the car, in a multi storey car park, watched by a group of lads on a stag. Fucking almost every night, we were both well satisfied. I'm getting quite wet now, sitting naked typing this, one hand rubbing my pussy and teasing my clit, as I recall what happened.

Perhaps I should tell you a bit about myself before continuing. I'm 35 and have been married to Steve for almost ten years. I'm 5' 8” and have short blond hair, slim with small firm 32B tits tipped by dark nipples which poke out a good half inch when aroused. Steve likes my pussy smoothly shaved and he reckons my legs and pert bum are the best he's seen. Our favourite position for fucking is doggy so he can push his fingers up my bum, that's if he hasn't already slid his cock in, arse fucking me which I adore. But for the last few months hubby has been working away, up to six weeks at a time, fed up with just bringing myself off with my fingers and toys, knowing he wouldn't be back for another three weeks, I was getting desperate for a nice hard cock.

The first time he came home we'd talked a lot about the frustration of lack of sex, while he was away and had agreed that we could have casual sex if we had the chance, though he had virtually no chance of meeting anyone, he gave me a free rein, provided I told him all about it. I just couldn't resist when the opportunity arose.

I'd arranged to meet Angie and go out for drinks on Friday night two weeks ago. I'd showered, shaved my pussy, before going into the bedroom where I’d left my laptop logged on, chatting to Steve. He'd been waiting to watch me, I checked the webcam was focused on the bed before taking one of my favourite vibrators from the dressing table, laying back on the bed. I slowly parted my thighs, exposing my freshly shaved pussy, then using my fingers pulled my hole open, fingering my snatch, getting it nice and wet. Once my cunt was well lubricated I picked up the vibrator and turned it on rubbing it along my slit before slowly sliding it into my slippery hole and masturbating for him. I knew Steve shared a room with another bloke and heard him speak to someone, guessing that he was probably watching too, which added to my excitement. With my legs spread wide, I slide the vibe in and out of my cunt, going deeper each time until it was all inside me, just the control knob outside my pussy. I turned it to max speed using my fingers to hold it vibrating inside me, I teased my clitoris, with my other hand, rubbing myself, masturbating until I could feel my orgasm getting close, nipples hard. I took hold of the vibe, ramming it in my pussy, fucking my hole with it until I brought myself to orgasm. It was quite satisfying but not the same as a hot hard cock, which just left me randier than ever. I left the camera on as I dressed, bending over legs apart so he (they) could see my pussy, teasing by holding my pink wet hole open before I slowly pulled a thong on followed by a pair of tight jeans. It was warm evening so I didn't bother with a bra, just a thin tight top, the dark areola visible, the still hard nipples poking out. I said my goodbyes to Steve, logged off and went downstairs. I'd just put on a pair of sandals with 4inch heels, ready to leave when my mobile rang. Angie ringing to apologise, a family problem and she couldn't make it.

I sat down, disappointed, flicking through the TV channels, nothing much on. It was still only about 7pm, I got a glass of wine and sat sipping it before deciding I'd go out anyway. I considered changing and putting on a mini skirt but decided not to bother, I wasn't on the pull, just going out for a quick drink. I checked my make up and headed in to the city centre, a pleasant 10 minutes walk. I went to a bar we use hoping I might see someone I knew, it was fairly busy, mostly couples or small groups. No one I recognised to join as I sat on a stool by the bar with my drink, people watching, observing who was arriving and leaving.

I'd been there about 20 minutes when I saw a black guy come in alone. Probably late twenties, about six foot, slim and muscular. He looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place him. I watched as he bought a drink, noticing him glancing over at me. I was sure I knew him from somewhere and smiled at him. He moved along the bar next to me. “Hi. You're Suzie aren't you?” he asked in a deep sexy voice. I told him I was and admitted I couldn't remember where I knew him from. “Dan. I went out with your friend Isabel about 2 years ago we only met once or twice” I recalled he worked in the media and he'd only gone out with her for a few weeks, remembering her telling me that he had the largest cock she had ever seen and that he was a dirty bastard. She’d finished with him because of something he tried to get her to do, though she never told me what. “I remember now. She told me lots about you” I said looking him in the eye, giving him a smile and a wink. He bought me another drink and took the stool next to me. We chatted, he bought me another drink, sitting closer, his hand resting on my leg, stroking my thigh. I didn't stop him, parting my legs slightly as his hand got closer to my pussy. He asked about Isabel, and told him I hadn't seen her for a while,“What did she say about me?” I'd parted my legs further, his hand now right at the top of my thigh, between my legs, pressed against my pussy, rubbing me through my jeans. I could feel my sex juices starting to flow dampening my thong as I gasped “She told me you've got a huge cock. Have you?” He grinned at me. I clamped my thighs together trapping his hand against my cunt, to stop myself cumming, as he replied “Do you want to find out?” It has long been one of my fantasies to be fucked by a strapping black guy so I wasn’t going to turn him down, no way, particularly if his cock was as big as Isabel claimed. I didn't reply immediately, but picked up my drink finishing it before saying “Your place or mine” His was closest and I wanted to have his cock in me.

He put his hand inside the waist band at the back of my jeans, tugging my thong tight into my soaking pussy for the short walk to his house. He opened the door and I want into the lounge, pulling my top over my head as I did so. I turned to face him as he entered, his eyes on my tits, my nipples sticking out hard. He started unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it from his jeans and removing it. I'd got my jeans undone and pulled the zip down. I felt my heart beating faster, feasting my eyes on his muscular chest, his black skin smooth and shinning as if oiled. I sat and removed my sandals, looking up as he kicked his shoes away and pushed his jeans and boxers down. His beautiful prick sprang out, semi erect. Isabel hadn't been lying, it was the largest I'd ever seen and my first black cock. It looked magnificent, about 9 inches long, as thick as my wrist, foreskin pulled back his purple black knob end oozing clear liquid from the tip. I sat with my jeans and thong down around my knees, practically drooling at the sight of his cock and heavy balls swinging in front of me.

He stood naked, stroking his cock, getting it harder. I tried to open my legs to reach down and finger my cunt, forgetting I still had my jeans around my knees, then struggling to remove them so I could spread myself wide. I wanted to display my gaping cunt hole to him, let him see how wet and ready I was to be fucked. My jeans and thong were practically tangled around my ankles as I bent and tried to pull and kick them off. Then his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back in the sofa, his hands gripping my jeans pulling them off with my thong, his hands on my thighs spreading my legs wide, lifting them over his broad shoulders as he buried his face in my pussy, his hot tongue probing my gushing hole. I could feel his tongue inside me, licking along my slit, lips on my clit, sucking the hard little button, tugging it with his teeth. In only a minute or so he had me writhing on his mouth. My hands pressing his head hard against my cunt as I rotated my hips, crying out as I climaxed, a gush of juice pouring from my sex hole as he sucked harder and I loudly orgasmed.

I was still breathing hard, hadn't had a chance to recover, before he lifted his head from my pussy and sat next to me. Taking my hand he placed it on his fully erect cock, which whilst no longer felt thicker, and pushed my head down towards his prick. I couldn't close my fingers around the girth of his thick cock as I started to slowly wank him, gently squeezing him on the up strokes, more pre cum leaking over the shiny tip. He pushed my head down further, telling me to take him in my mouth, “Suck it you slut” he demanded. I stuck my tongue out and licked around the glans, then up the underside, tasting his juices. “Take it in your mouth and blow me” he demanded again. I opened my mouth and slowly lowered my mouth, my lips stretched tightly as I took his cock. I felt his hand on my bum, my leg being raised and his fingers slip in to my pussy from behind, first just two, then all four, his thumb pressing against my bum hole, prising it open. I sucked more of his cock in to my mouth, bobbing my head up and down taking a little more each time, feeling it against the back of my mouth, almost gagging. I've deepthroated Steve before but wasn't sure if I would be able to take this monster. My cunt felt soaking, his fingers sliding in easily, he pushed his thumb in too. I thought he was going to fist me, but he pulled it out well lubricated and as he continued finger fucking my pussy twisted his thumb up my arse.

By now I was taking a little of his length into my throat but there was no chance of me taking his length and I wanted to feel his cock pumping my pussy, not shooting down my throat. I was concentrating on blowing him, enjoying the sensations building in my pussy when I heard him speak, obviously on his mobile. “I'm having my cock sucked by a white slut. She's fucking good” a moments silence while he listened then, “Nah, I haven't fucked her yet. I'm going to in a minute.

Want to come round and watch? She'll probably want you to fuck her too. Reckon she won't be able to resist more black cock once she's had one” A moments more silence then “Yeh, bring him too. Just come in, the front doors not locked. See you in five” I briefly wondered if this is what he'd wanted Isabel to do. She may have refused but I was to aroused to stop him or say no even if I'd wanted to which I didn't.

I heard the phone snap shut and continued sucking his rampant cock for another minute or two, his fingers still fucking my pussy, thumb still poking my bum. I felt close to cumming but wanted him to cum inside me. He finally pulled my head from his prick and rolled me on top of him with my back to him. I rested my feet on his legs, reached down and took hold of his cock, rubbing it along my gash, pressing it against my button spreading my sex juices on it getting him well lubricated. I looked down between my legs, his massive cock wet and slippery, black against my white, my pink cunt lips splayed either side of his pole as I raised myself and guided the dark bulbous head into my hole. He spread my legs wider as I lowered myself onto his throbbing pole, feeling my cunt muscles rippling, stretched tightly around his thickness as I took his length deep inside me. He moved his hands from my thighs to my tits, caressing my breasts, squeezing and pinching my hard, aching nipples, making me moan with pleasure. I gasped out loud as he began to fuck me, slowly at first sliding his glorious cock in and out of my pussy, my fingers on my clit frigging it as he fucked me harder.

I had my head back resting on his shoulder, eyes shut, getting close to cumming, panting with each thrust as he almost withdrew, then rammed his prick back up my hole. Hard, slamming deeply inside me. I heard the front door shut and being locked, I opened my eyes and looked as his two mates entered the room, Dan greeted Jon and Del, told then to undress and invited them to join in. I felt my pussy gushing juices, seeing them watching his thick black cock stretching and penetrating my cunt. I shut my eyes, my fingers moving faster on my clitoris as an orgasm coursed through my body. I lay back on top of Dan, breathing hard, little shudders of excitement still centred on my pussy, biting my lip as I came. He still hadn't cum, his hard cock still buried deep inside me. Jon and Del were both naked, stroking erections almost as impressive as Dans. Dan lifted me off his cock and turned me over, his still erect prick between us as he invited Jon to slip his cock in to my juicy cunt to see how tight it was and get his prick wet and slippery. Del was kneeling on the sofa arm his cock level with my head offering me it to suck. “Suck him” Dan told me in his deep sexy voice. I turned my head, reached out gripping his prick, pulling him closer before opening my mouth sucking his cock greedily.

Dan was talking to Jon, telling him to pull out so he could finish fucking me and fill my slutty white cunt with his spunk. He withdrew and I was lifted back onto Dans cock. He slid his full length up me then stopped, his hands on my bum, spreading my buttocks. I guessed what was coming and looking over my shoulder nodded my agreement as Dan asked Jon if he wanted to arse fuck me while he fucked my pussy. “Go on, I love it in the bum. Fuck my arse” I told him as Dan started moving his cock in my cunt. He grinned in reply, licking his fingers before spreading my cheeks exposing my puckered hole. Fingers either side of my anus, working their way in until it felt like he'd hooked two in, slowly pulling my arsehole open. He spat saliva on my bum smearing around my tightest hole as he rubbed his cock against it then began to slide it between his fingers into my back passage. I had to stop sucking Dels prick, my head thrown back, an animal like growl, part pain, part lust from deep within me as I moved trying to help him ease his cock up arse, feeling his thick hard cock break through the resistance of the sphincter. He was in, the initial pain and discomfort subsiding and he shoved his cock fully in my arse. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard you Bastards” I managed to gasp. I turned my head back towards Dels stiff prick as they started to fuck me. I grabbed his cock “I want your cock in my mouth. Fuck my face”

He held my head, fucking my mouth as I sucked him, using my teeth to stop him when he tried going to deep, the wrong angle to take him down my throat. My other two holes were getting shafted hard and deep. They'd got a good rhythm going, pumping in and out in unison, shaking my whole body each time their cocks slammed into my tight holes. A lovely warm sensation was building, centred on my pussy and spreading. A hot flush spreading from my tingling clitoris to my erect nipples as I felt their cocks rubbing each other through my cunt walls. Without warning Dels cock gave a twitch and he shot his load in my mouth. I quickly swallowed the lot and turned looking for my jeans. I had a sudden thought about how much Steve would like to see me being a slut and fucked by a couple of black bulls and how disappointed he'd be to have missed it. My phone was in my jeans pocket so I asked Del to fetch it and photograph Dan and Jon fucking me.

While he took pictures I relaxed between them, revelling in the fantastic fucking I was getting encouraging them both to fuck me harder and to give their spunk. I was so hot sandwiched between them. I could feel their hot bodies slippery with sweat, perspiration running down my body, rivulets meandering down my chest to my tits, droplets dripping from my nipples splashing Dan with each thrust. They continued fucking me, five, ten, fifteen minutes, I’m not sure how long, I just didn't want them to stop. I started cumming, wave after wave of sexual pleasure. As soon as one orgasm began to subside another started as I had an incredible multi orgasmic climax. Jons cock slammed up my arse one more time as he thrust into me hard, his hands pressing on my back as his throbbing cock pumped spurt after spurt of creamy spunk in my arse. Moments later I felt Dan ram his cock hard and deep into my cunt, his cock pulsating as he gave me his thick sperm, jerking inside me five or six times, shooting more seed in my cunt until his balls were drained.

We lay recovering, their cocks in me for a couple of minutes all getting our breath. I felt Jon withdrawing his prick from my arse and called over to Del to make sure he got pictures of my gaping spunk filled bum hole. I rolled off Dan, on to my back, spread my legs and held my pussy open while he photographed me as Dans copious load of spunk first dribbled from my cunt, until I slipped my fingers in and drew more out, using my cunt muscles to push out a flood of his cream which practically gushed out onto the laminate floor. A second string of spunk dangled from my arse as it slowly oozed from my bum until it joined the cum puddle on the floor.

Afterwards I grabbed some tissues and cleaned the last drops from between my legs, than sat looking at the pictures with Dan, Jon and Del the three of them surprised that I intended to send them to my husband but making suggestions which ones to send to Steve. It still wasn't late so I phoned Steve and told him what I'd just done, giving him brief details and promising to send him one of the pictures, to whet his appetite, the dirtiest of the lot showing me with their thick cocks, one in my cunt one in my arse. Of course he wanted to know more and I told him it would have to wait because they were ready to fuck me again. As I was about to say goodbye he told me not to ring off but to leave the phone so he could listen. For the next two hours he listened while they fucked me in all my holes. I stayed the night didn't leave until late the next afternoon after they'd all fucked me several more times.

As soon as I got home I downloaded the photos to my laptop and forwarded a selection of the best to Steve. I've been to Dans house twice since and he and about 10 of his mates have fucked me so far, and I've been able to send hubby more photos to wank over. He has told me every time we've spoken what a turn on it's been seeing me fucked, but more than anything he wants to be there when they bang me. This weekend Steve is home and I've arranged with Dan for Steve to come with me so he can watch while Dan and the 10 guys he's invited so far, fuck his slut.