Written by dirty marie xxxxxxxxxxxx

28 Aug 2007

hello my name is marie im 19 years old and i just love the thought of old men watching me and i like to tease as well well the other day it happened my parents had gone away 4 few days and our next door peter is about 60 lives on his own and is always in his garden or in the shed which is at the bottom of his garden which backs on too ours it was a lovely hot day i was sittin on the sunbed wearing a short mini skirt and a top just chillin really when i noticed peter in his shed he called out to me asked me if i was ok i said ya just chillin i was gettin very hornie on the thought of peter watching me so i thought i would tease him abit i opened my legs just enough so that he would see my thong my pussie was really tingling and i was gettin very wet after a while he was out potting about when he called over to me and asked me if i fancy joing him for a spot of lunch which i jumped at the chance so i went next door too his sat at the table in his kitchen then we chatted about the hoilday and everyday things all that time i was getting very wet my nipples was becomming very hard which he did notice ! i sat there with my legs apart he never said anything too me but his hand went str8 up my skirt and started to feel my pussie which was a nice feeling then he said god your so wet i opened my legs more so that he could get his hand in to my thong then he slipped his fingers in mmmmmmmmmm god i was drippin wet by this time then he got in front of me and pulled my thong to oneside and i felt the tip of his tongue lick around my clit i was moaning out loud by this time as he tongued my wet pussie hole deeper and deeper he was using his tongue oh boy i was cumming loads i noticed his cock was hard so i grabbed it with my hand pulled his jog bottoms so that i could reach over then he sat up on the chair next to me and carried on fingering me asking me if i likeed it i love it i said pushing his fingers deep in as i had my hand in slowly wanking him he stopped me and said that he wants to cum inside of me its been ages since he had a tight wet pussie around his cock so i got up and bend over the table thats where he fucked me mmmmmmm i was loving it and so was he fucked me hard till he cum which wasnt very long i felt his spunk all inside of me it was drippin down legs he had cum so much he said that most of the time he wanks but not had a wank 4 few days now we have fucked few times since then or i have just played and teased him while he wanks also a girlfriend of mine came over to stay and we have sat in my garden and played with eachother knowing that peter would be watching us which as made us more hornier i cant wait for him to have us both at the same time but when shes is over we put on a very good show for him which he loves and we get to watch him wank which is a huge big turn on for us if however any old men out there would like us to tease you mmmmmmmmmm we would love it and watch you wank for us which we both love to watch marie xxxxxxx