Written by Ray

10 Aug 2009

I am a 58 year old guy, not got a lot in the looks department and podgy but well blessed in the cock department, I recently went into hospital to undergo some Cancer tests, and thankfully I didn’t have it, but whilst I was there I seemed to recognise one of the nurses, and she told me she had seen me before too, after a few days she came in with a photo that I had taken of her some time ago, then it twigged I did a photo course at the local college and she was our nude model one day.

When she had time we chatted about the course, and what we got up to off the course, she wanted some of her naked walking in a cornfield, I agreed to this and found a good cornfield and just had to wait for the good weather, that day came and she called me and away we went to this spot, we arrived and she just stripped off, and boy did she have a good body and a lovely bush of blond pubic hair, I would love to have gone further, but the photos came first, luckily for us the weather held, and we got it all done in one session, until we were disturbed by the farmer.

Anyway my thoughts of making love to this wonderful body went out of the window as I never saw her at the college again, so back to the hospital, I had bed baths for 6 days and my nurse came in one day in a different outfit, “up you get Im taking you for a shower” great I thought a decent wash, turns out that the new outfit was to save their uniforms from getting wet .

We got to the shower, and I stripped off and she exclaimed “My you are a big boy” and with that she started the shower and I stepped in, she washed my back and bum, under my arms and then told me to turn round, but I said no! the reason was I was sporting a very hard erection, she forced me round and said “were going to have to sort that out” with this she stripped off the shower proof uniform, and boy did I get a shock, she was naked and gone was the bush of blond pubic hair, she put on a shower cap and she came into the shower.

She began to wash my chest then my cock and balls, washing them for ages, I was in pain I needed my balls emptying, she grinned and asked if I was enjoying it, I told her to stop as I was going to cum shortly, she then bent over and held the shower taps and told me to empty inside her, I began to enter her and she sighed I slipped further into her and she started to moan and groan, it wasn’t long before I was thrusting in and out of her, she had an orgasm and this seemed to bring mine on and I filled her with all I could, we collapsed onto the shower floor and just sat there for what seemed ages, until we were brought back to earth with someone banging on the shower door shouting “Hurry up theres a queue out here”, with this we dressed and left the shower, with not a word said about it for a few days, and then she came in saying get ready your going home and I am taking you, she looked and winked at me I knew what she had planned, and I was right we still see each other for a session every Thursday and Sunday.