Written by Jane

2 Jul 2007

This is my first time of writing, although my husband Dave has written before. We had spoken several times about me having some photos done and we arranged it over the phone for last week. I put on mine and Dave's favoutite underwear, white satin camisole, french knickers, half slip, white seamed stockings, black heels and red suspender belt. I also put on a loose fitting top and floral skirt.

Dave dropped me off and said he would pick me up as it was an hour's session. The photographer's studio looked really

seedy and when he came to the door he was nothing like I'd expected. He was nearly bald and with a pretty large beer belly.

Anyway, he was very polte and started the session with some shots of me just standing and then in a leather arm chair. As we had agreed over the phone there were to be some photos of me in my underwear but none nude . I was quite glad about that because although I have had a few encounters with different men, I did not fancy Eric at all.

He got me to gradually slide my skirt up to show first my slip and then a bit higher until my suspenders were showing. Once or twice he came over to adjust my clothing slightly for a better shot. I was just waiting for hiim to jump on me or make a grab. However, although his hand did obviously brush my thigh or my tits when he was doing it, it was in no way done sexually.

Once he came over and slid my skirt up slightly and he touched my panties but made no effort to go inside them.

Strangely, I felt a little disappointed.

I found myself opening my legs further without him asking.

When I had taken my top and skirt off and had my slip pulled up, he again came over to adjust my position. When he touched my legs and suspenders, I was now feeling really damp and stroked his dick through his trousers. It felt pretty impressive.

I slipped his trousers down and he had on a pair of baggy y-fronts with a big erection pushing out.

He actually protested and said no, it was not the thing to do. I really wanted him to fuck me by now and couldn't believe I'd gone from finding him repulsive to desperately wanting him. From expecting him to pounce but finding he was just a professional photographer who only wanted to take pictures.

I pulled his pants down and underneath that big belly was a really huge, hard cock. I started wanking him, pleading with him to fuck me. He kept saying no and to stop. I just kept wanking him harder and he then came and came all over my stockings and panties. His prick just kept jerking and shooting.

He then asked me to leave as it wasn't that sort of establishment. I felt really embarassed and had to stand outside the studio waiting for Dave to arrive with spunk dribbling down my stockings.

When Dave got there, I was so horny though, I got him to drive me to a park nearby with a deserted car park and he fucked nme in the back of the car.