Written by Joe

19 Jun 2007

My wife and I had been to a local photographers where we live to have album done of just the two of us,the guys studio was above the shop so we had all to climb a steep staircase to get there, there was a mirror on the landing half way up and I could make out in the reflection this young bloke who was to take the shots having a good look up my wifes skirt,I didn't say anything but noticed he paid her a lot of attention during the hour we were there.

A couple of weeks later I had a call saying the photos were ready, I was at work so called home and told the wife, she said she was going into town so would pick them up.

I got home at the usual time and noticed that my missus was acting a little confused and flustered, I asked her what was up and she flat out looked at me and said this young guy at the shop had come on to her and she ended up being fucked in the studio.Apparently they were sat looking at the shots and one of them had gotten a view of her shapely legs right up her skirt, he asked her if she wanted it removing from the album but she no and he said he agreed as she had great legs. With that he touched her leg and before she could do anything he ran his hand up and was kissing her while he touched her pussy through her panties, after an initial mumbling of please no she started to respond to his kissing and stroking and soon was feeling his penis throught his trousers.

He had by now pushed up her top and reached round to undo her bra, his fingers stroked her nipples while he kissed her and he soon started to lay her down on the sofa, he eased her skirt up around her waist and began to ease down her panties, she was gasping by now and helped him to take them off,she lay there on the sofa with her skirt hitched up and her top pulled up as well,his hands were stroking her legs above her stocking tops by now and he was soon inside her legs touching her bare pussy,she was begging him to fuck her by now so he opened his pants and she pulled his dick out, she gave it a suck before putting it in her pussy.

She said it was a great fuck and she was so amazed that a young guy would want to do her. She showed me her panties and stockings which were drenched in his semen and also her pussy hairs which were still sticky.