Written by the old man

22 Jul 2015

I have just been reading the stories entitles the photographer and this has pushed me to tell you my story. Its somewhat similar to those except its not me who is the photographer but my wife.

We have a studio attached to the house. This is where my wife Lucy runs her business. She is 32 which at 62 is 30 years younger than I am. We have a very loving relationship but due to my ill health our sex life is pretty much non existent hence I'm happy with Lucy's separate life.

Lucy is very attractive, she has a lovely 1950's figure with slim waist and large breasts. She is a natural blond wiht hair that she loves to have tied up in a bob.

Some time ago I agreed that she could take a lover or lover's becouse it would be selfish of me to deprive her of a sex life but I have to admit she has taken it further than I expected. Let me explain.

My wife takes corporate work so takes shots of equipments and buildings for advertising promo's but also has her ' secret' clients. These are people who like the other author want erotic photographs. Over a year ago now Lucy asked me not to come down to the studio as she was 'entertaining'. This usually means she's having sex with her lover.

However on this occasion it was different. This time I could hear her screams and groans from upstairs so decided to creap down and take a peak to make sure she was ok.

I opened the door slightly and peaked from behind a privacy curtain we have and sure enough Lucy was on her back naked with a young man inside her fucking my wife extremely vigorously, her breasts swaying like crazy.

I left them to it but as I was walking upstairs I heard the two of them let out a groan which I took as him cuming inside my wife. Some time later she came up stairs but we said nothing about it.

A few weeks later it was the same thing but this time a different man, and a week later yet again another man, this time much older than her, more my age.

Several days went by when yet again she had her 'private' clients and yet again I waited until she was obviously having sex before creeping down stairs but this time not only was a young man inside my wife but there was a woman taking photographs.

As he was fucking my wife doggy style this rather attractive young lady was busy taking photographs. This time I staid and I have to admit I had stirrings between my legs I hadn't had for some time and just like before this man fills my wife with his cum. This time Lucy asked if I liked the show. I expected her to be angry but she said she knew all along I was watching.

I asked her to be careful and she told me she was but that she made a lot of money out of this side line. These people where actually paying her for this extra activity.

But This week has been different. Lucy told me I could come in and watch but not to let her client see me. As usual I crept down but this time there was a young man and a very attractive young lady in the studio.

I sat there and watched. All three of the where naked.

Lucy was taking some shots of the young lady who was covered in tattoo's with a shaven head and very small breasts. Her male friend was standing there, his half erect cock in his hand slowly masturbating, then something was said.

The young man went behind the camera and Lucy went to the settee the young lady was by now kneeling on.

Lucy touched her then they slowly started kissing. The male friend was urging them to ' have fun'. As I watched this young lady lay Lucy on her back and proceeded to go down on her. Lucy groaned and thrust her hips into the girls face.

The as I watched the young lady worked her way up my wife's body until she was laying on top of her. My wife's breasts being bitten and squeezed as she was fucked, both pussies grinding, both women grunting.

Then the young man comes over, pulls the girl off and slips his hard, and I lust say, very large cock into my wife.

For the next 15 minutes or so my wife was fucked my the two of them. I watched them pull her off the settee and take it in turns to to be on top of her. When the young man was pounding her pussy the girl was forcing her tongue as deep into Lucy's moth as she could or was sucking hard on her breasts.

Then she would push him off and start eating Lucy's pussy or would rub her own against hers and he would put himself into Lucy's mouth and have sex with my wife face.

It was more like a wild orgy than just sex. In one mad rush he pushes the his tattooed girlfriend off my wife telling her to get out of the fucking way as he slips inside Lucy again and pours cum into her. The tattooed girl rushing to feed Lucy her small but clearly hard breasts into my wife's mouth which she received with delight as all three climaxed.

For the first time in years I was able to cum, all be it in my hand as I watched the three of them lay there exhausted.

Lucy admitted that this was the best sex she had ever had and that she regularly has women as well as men and threesomes but that it is well paid.

I apologise if its not as descriptive as you would like or expect but you have to understand that this is an unusual situation for em to be in.