Written by John

5 Nov 2008

After reading some of the stories here I just had to add mine that happened last year when on holiday.

We like beach holidays and try and find beaches where we can sunbath naked.

last year we found this great beach in Corcica lots of dunes we were laying sunbathing and I was to hot and went into the shade under a tree and was watching the wife and she kept letting her legs open and tease me.

I got my camera out and started taking pics and getting her to pose nice and sexy but would have to stop when I saw someone coming it was so horny but couldn\'t wait till they passed to start again after this guy passed I got the wife to stand up and said lets get one together and put the camera on the branch we got one pic taken just as this guy passed and asked us if we wanted him to take a photo for us together.

The wife said no it\'s ok I said no wait I would like you to take one and got the camera and showed him how it worked and told wife it would come out better someone taking it she said ok and we just put our arms round each other and smiled then he said that looked good and took a other one.

I don\'t know why but I just took hold of her tit and said how does this look and he kept snapping I kissed her nipple and was so surprised she didn\'t stop me I started to get a semi.

Thats when wife said ok I think we have got enough pics now

I went over to him and said thanks for that how about i take one of you with the wife her eyes went wide just as he said he would love to and went and put his arm round her I she never moved and i just started taking a pic of them together he then said do you want me to hold one of her tits like you did and just went ahead i kept taking photos of them and she didnt stop him he had a full blown hardon and I said let me take one with you holding his cock and she did and said this is the last one and i took my time and could see he was moving in her hand and was dripping pre cum.

It was so horny but she stopped and just looked at me so i said thanks he said it was him that should thank us and if we want him to take any more just ask.

When he left she said that was terrible you letting him do that I told her I don\'t know what came over me it was so horny seeing her like that she said what would you have let him do if she hadn\'t stopped I told her I was hopping she would have wanked him till he came and took a photo of them.

I was so horny telling her all this I just bent her over and fucked her.

will maybe tell you what happened a couple off day later same holiday.