Written by Janet

7 Mar 2012

I'm going to change our names to Janet and John for this, as we've only been soft swingers for about 6 months, in that time we've met a few lovely couples and the odd single, who often seem to receive a few unjust comments on some sites.

The reason for changing our names is because we don't want our new found friends thinking we're dodgy, as sexual abuse in whatever guise is wrong.

One of our thrills is john taking photo's of me acting out a storyline with another person, man or if im really lucky, another girl.

We've covered from me doing a garage shoot to paying the plumber after finding i didn't have enough cash on me, lol, and it was all good fun, just not so clean!

Last Sunday we were due to drive up to a lovely club near Birmingham, but the weather was so bad we decided to stay at home. Jonh asked if i fancied a shoot as we couldn't go to the spa?

I'm always up for that sort of thing nowadays, so said yes.

He contacted a guy we know and an abduction photostory was agreed upon.

John and I chattered about the story over lunch, which alleviates him from having to direct the shoot.

Brian arrived about 2pm, i went over the planned shoot with him whilst John washed up.

So a plan was formed, there's me, 5'2", size 10, 8 if its a quality garment, 32" bust, shoulder length brown hsir, and said to be very attractive. Brian is 6'2", 16st but not a lot of fat, he's a bit of a gym freak, so someoneone his size could easily abduct me in real life.

I was pottering in the garden, in fact i was knelt weeding the rockery, when, from behind i was grabbed in a headlock and yanked to my feet. A pillowcase was placed over my face and my arm was forced up behind my back. Needless to say his arm was curled around my body so that his hand was cupping my boob, which i noted he gave a good squeeze, and a none to soft a one at that.

From there i was bundled into our summer house. The summer house is really an extension to our house as we have done it up like a lounge, even to the point of it having a fitted carpet and sofa bed.

I was pushed onto the floor, than Brian rolled me onto my stomach and cable tied my wrists behind my back. The pillowcase was removed and a thin blindfold was placed over my eyes and a gag, was forced into my mouth and fastened from behind.

I did start to playfully kick out, but he then rolled me onto my back and sat astride of my hips, although most of his weight was supported by his thighs, i was completely pinned to the floor.

Slapping my face he told me to behave or i'd only make things worse. I thought the slap was a bit too hard, but it didnt hurt and i heard the camera capture he moment.

I felt him grip the lapels of my blouse, then releasing them, he then ran his hands firmly across and over my boob's. My nipples were already hard and his mauling of them only served to excite them even more.

Suddenly he gripped my lapels once more and said, "lets see if your worth as much as your husband's being asked to pay to get you back"?

He then, starting at the neck, began to undo the buttons on my blouse, after about three or four he said, "Oh to fuck with this", and ripped the two sides apart. That i didnt expect. I did say i'd only put old cloths on but all the same, that wasn't in the script.

I felt him, heard him and sensed him fiddling with something, then i felt a blade cutting its way through the sleeves of the blouse, From wrist to shoulder, then across the body part. It seemed to take ages, it felt odd yet exciting, hearing the material being severed, then falling away from my body.

As the last of the material was pulled from beneath me, he ran his hands all over my upper body.

"Ya a good lookin bird, but your a skinny bitch, an't ya", he voiced as his frisk came to a halt with his hands came to a rest, each cupping a breast.

I then felt him move slightly, into what i suppose was a more comfortable position?

His hands then moved off my bra, and after one more frisk about my upper body i felt him grip and slightly lift the bra from my chest.

I felt the blade sawing its way through the material which joined the two cups, then with a slight tug, the cups fell away exposing my naked breasts and aching nipples. I weren't surprised when he immediately began to squeeze pull, tweak and pinch my boobs and nipples, and it felt good when after a little shuffle he moved his weight down my body, then obviously bending forward he took my ripened nipple into his mouth and bit, sucked and pulled on my by then sensitive nipples.

"For a skinny bird, you've got bloody lovely tits", he said aloud.

Eventually he moved further down my thighs and eventually i felt his get off me altogether.

"Lets see if the rest of you is as sweet shall we darlin", he said in quite a menacing voice.

I felt the button of my skirt being undone, then the zip being undone. He'd obviously taken hold of the hem at both sides, because i felt my skirt being pulled down.

"Lift ya arse bitch", was his idea of foreplay.

Instead of my panties being pulled down in the same manner, he sliced through the material covering each hip and simply lifted it from me.

I actually felt quite vulnerable, yet really quite excited as i knew he was surveying every inch of my body.

I then felf a booted foot move my legs apart, exposing my moist fanny to his gaze.

"Horney little bitch an't ya. My god, by the time your husband pays up, ya gorna know what my dick feels like". his statement terminated with a chuckle.

I must of laid there for some time before i felt him push my feet even further apart.

I was then aware that he'd knelt down.

I felt him grip my calfs and manoeuvre my legs so they were resting in the crease of his elbows. I then felt his knees, move beneath the back of my thighs.

"For what i'm about to receive, make me truly happy, Amen". he whispered loud enough for me to hear.

Then with a few non too gentle probes i felt him pushing himself inside me, as he became stuck, he eased himself out a bit, then pushed in that bit harder until he was deep inside me, and with each thrust, tried to go even deeper.

My legs were pushed back up towards me and his thrusts became more forceful. After some minutes he eased himself from me, i then felt him stand up.

Grabbing me by the hair he pulled me up until i was standing on tiptoes.

I felt his mouth clamp around my left nipple and give it quite a onslaught with this teeth.

I was then pushed forward until i found myself bent over the back of the sofa.

He kicked my ankles apart and with one hand hoding my cuffed hands still, i felt him slide straight inside me.

He Fucked me hard is the best description of the next few minutes, and i was so turned on i had a steady trickle of juice escaping from my by then highly aroused fanny.

During the last few minuted of that onslaught he'd worked a thumb, lubricated with our joint juices into my bum, that really had me squirming, but when, with no warning he slid from inside my fanny, then immediately drove himself into my butt. Although this was partly expected, and i was well lubricated by our joint juices, he hurt me, but in a bearable way as his penis filled my anus. It must of been a good 10 minutes, he rode me, alternating from my butt to my fanny whilst at the same time pulling my hair back with one hand and really slapping my arse with the other. He then cut the cable ties, which was great as i was then able to support my self on my arms.

finally i felt him slip from me, i then felt him coming over my exposed and by then well sore and exposed bum cheeks.

In the background i could hear John's camera working overtime.

We both then showered, and after a hot drink brian left.

I told john how turned on i was when i was unable to get away from his smacks, and the more abusive his language and actions, the more excited i'd become?

Is it wrong to want to be put into a position that im fully a where of, is a daily fear for many women?

Does this mean our simple photoshoots have now taken on a whole new dimension?

The experience was great, but i feel guilty having enjoyed it so much.

Its nice to be able to voice my thoughts to people who may understand my feelings, YOU GUY'S.

And Please dont leave as some of you often do, comments about my spelling and misuse of comers, just stop reading and move onto the next letter. We've not wrote for some time because of that, plus i no longer try to write with feeling and the want for you to like it, in this posting i have just typed, didnt read it and clicked send, So thanks to those budding english teachers that have nothing better to do than piss on other peoples chips.

Bye for now.