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Photoshoot fun

"Photo shoot leads to fun."

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I'm a semi-pro photographer that does all different type of photography. Like most photographers, I'd always wanted to do a sexy photoshoot with a hot lady.

I'd posted numerous adverts offering free images for any ladies or couples wanting boudoir images.

I'd forgotten I'd even posted the advert, when about two months later I got a message notification from a lady called Jemma.

She told me she was message me mainly out of curiosity, as she wanted to know what my motives were.

I told her I wanted to get into boudoir photography, and wanted pictures for my portfolio.

Jemma explained she was was actually a model and escort, and wanted some new images for her profile.

Jemma said she was in town that month and staying in a local hotel , that had a lovely vintage interior that would make for a great location for the images.

We spent the next week or so exchanging messages, I asked her to bring lots of outfits to change into and she said that wouldn't be a problem as she's got loads as she needs to please her clients.

She also sent me some images of the sort of pictures and poses she wanted to recreate, it made me horny thinking about Jemma posing like that for me, although none of images were full nudes.

The messages between us were flirty, and there was definitely some chemistry between us building up.

The weekend of the shoot came and we agreed a noon start as I anticipated a fairly long afternoon with outfit changes etc.

Although we'd been chatting, we'd not actually seen each other. Neither of us felt that was important, as this was simply a business arrangement.

I made my way to the hotel, carried my camera gear up the two flights of stairs and knocked on the door, room 23.

This was new to me, so I was nervous about what to expect, was it really Jemma? Or was I being set up and it be a 20 stone guy.

After about 10 seconds the door opened, and Jemma answered, immediately in seeing her I knew it would be fun afternoon. She was about 5ft 1 , brunette, blue eyes, pretty face, she'd told me previously she was 25.

"Hi, you must be Jemma? I'm Mike," I put out my hand and she pulled me in for a hug. Her hair was still a bit wet and she was wearing a white dressing gown tied at the waist. She was a curvy lady, probably a size 16/18.

She smelled great and was really friendly and bubbly, "come in, make yourself comfortable" she said.

I went over to the chair by the window and sat down, "just give me 5 minutes to get my camera and stuff set up" I said.

"No worries Hun, just do what you need to do" Jemma kindly said.

"Right, ready when you are Jemma" I said, as confidently as I could.

"Call me Jem" she said, followed by, where do you want me?"

She took off her dressing gown and was wearing a short, silky nighty underneath I could see her nipples poking through the thin material, her breasts were big and firm about a d cup, her thighs thick, and bum lovely and round, she had a pronounced tummy, but was sexy as hell

She stood before me waiting for my direction.

"Fuck", I thought, it's really happening.

"Let's just start off easy, I want you to be comfortable, and only do what you're happy with, okay?"

"Of course" she smiled.

"Lay back on the bed, head towards me please, one knee bent up the other flat"

Jem got into position perfectly.

As I looked through the viewfinder to frame the shot she looked amazing, her gaze melting the shot, my lens at f2.8 face and chest in focus, the rest a lovely soft blur.

Click, click "Perfect, great start"

We did a few more similar shots in different poses, Jem sitting facing away, looking over her shoulder, facing me. Each pose, she got slightly braver, sliding up the nighty to reveal more leg, or down to the very edge almost exposing a nipple

She was a fantastic tease.

"Great, how about a costume change" I suggested

My cock was throbbing and I was desperate to see more of this gorgeous woman.

"I thought you'd never ask!" She giggled.

I went to sit across the room and used this time to check my images on my camera. I assumed Jemma would go to bathroom to change, but she didn't, she went over to wardrobe, where she'd put all her outfits and started to pick out some lingerie.

I tried my best not to stare, Jemma turned her back and slipped her nighty straps sideways it fell to the floor.

Although she had her back to me, her arse was amazing, big, but curvy, thick thighs at the top, slender legs.

She reached around and fastened a red bra and pulled it up over her shoulders.

Then stepped into some matching red knickers and suspender belt.

She spun around "well, what do you think?"

I was lost for words.

"Fucking amazing" I said and we both laughed out loud. Looking intently at each other.

"I'm not done yet",as she put her foot on the chair next to her and began to roll on some matching suspenders.

She pulled them up to her upper thigh "please can you help me with the clips?"

"Pardon?" I gulped.

"Please can you help with the clips on the back of my leg?"

I nervous went over to Jemma and knelt down beside her, my hands shaking as I I clipped her suspenders to her belt.

She looked amazing, her big arse inches from my face , I looked up at her, she looked down and smiled.

"Thank you"

I could feel the electricity in the air.

We broke the tension and got working again.

I suggested Jem sit in the chair near the window so we could shoot some natural light images. She was a natural and looked amazing.

We did a few more on the chair then I suggested we move back to the bed so she could do some full length shots.

Jem lay on the bed, as we went on she got more confident.

"Perfect Jem, these are great" I encouraged.

She then slid her bra strap down over her shoulders and down, "how about this?"

"Amazing, great" I exclaimed.

Then she slid her bra cup down to reveal her exposed nipple on one side.

Her nipple was rock hard, her areola big and pinky/brown about the side of a 50p.

I could feel my cock straining against my pants, I moved position to try and hide it.

"Wow" I gasped as I kept clicking away.

"Arch you head back, put your hand under your breast"

She did everything I asked.

"I need a break, I've been laying down for a bit now, give me a few minutes" Jen said as she got up.

As she stood, she reached around and unclasped her bra, her big firm tits fell free

She looked incredible, both nipples fully erect, her tits a amazing size, firm but a slight droop to to how heavy they must have been.

After a few minutes, she went and sat in the chair still topless.

"Ready when you are" she said .

The next 20 minutes flew past I photographed Jem in different poses, as she stroked, held and caressed her incredible tits.

Every now and then she let out a little gasp or moan as she touched them.

I did my best to carry on as normal, I was feeling so turned on, but I knew I had to remain professional. I was thinking about those amazing tits in my mouth and hands, I had to snap out of it quickly.

The next hour flew by, over the course of which Jem decided she wanted to do full nude poses

Her fully naked body (except some hold ups) was a sight to behold. She had a neatly trimmed but fuzzy hairy pussy, and it began to glisten slightly in the light as she moved positions..

As the shoot drew to a close, Jem pulled on her dressing gown, I sat on the floor uploading the images to Jem's laptop first as we agreed.

As I was doing this Jem sat in the bed behind me and put her hand on my shoulder, softly. "As we looked through she was beaming"oh I love these" " wow, that's amazing " omg, that's my favourite"

She said about one where it's from behind her, naked arms up holding the headboard, back arched her intoxicating curves in display.

God how I'd love to take her like that I thought.

"You're so clever, she giggled, squeezing my shoulder"

I didn't think for a minute she was interested, just high from a great afternoon and happy with what I'd done.

I went to the other side of the room and packed my camera gear away and got ready to go.

Jem was brushing her hair standing by the window.

I stood up and went over, thank you for today, it was fantastic.

We embraced in a hug, then Jem lunged and kissed me, I didn't know what to do so I kissed her back, my hands caressing the contours of her amazing body over her dressing gown.

She pushed me back onto the bed firmly I fell back, as I did she stood at the bottom of the bed and undid her dressing gown, she shrugged it off and it fell to the floor.

There she stood, fully naked, on show.

I couldn't believe what was happening.

She claimed on the bed, and knelt forward, undoing my belt, hungrily yanking my jeans off.

My cock was bulging in my boxers, which had a massive wet patch where I'd been leaking precum.

"Someone's been enjoying themselves today" she smirked.

I pulled off my t shirt until I was just laying there in my boxers, she caresses my chest, my legs, my feet and my cock through my underwear.

My cock twitched at her touch.

She kissed me as I reached out to caresses her tits, I gently rubbed her nipples and pulled them.

Then pulled them up to my mouth .

"God" "Fuck"

She moaned as sucked I her big hard nipples, I pushed both tits together and alternated sucking them.

I feasted hungrily on her amazing big tits, I could feel her nipples harden more in my mouth.

I stopped momentarily and kissed her deeply, then back to stroking, rubbing and sucking her tits.

She was moaning lightly "fuck that feels so good" she said.

She then sat back on the bed, pushed me back and tugged down my boxers, my throbbing, rock hard cock sprang free, pre cum was oozing from tip and running down my shaft.

She smiled and looking me in the eye began to slowly wank my cock.

It felt so fucking good, she tickled my tight balls with her long nails as she slowly but rhythmically wanked me.

She sporadically ran her thumb over head of my cock which made me moan loudly.

I reached forward and gently pulled on her nipples as Jem leant forward and took me in her mouth.

"Fuuuuuccckkkk" "yeeeessss"

I sighed as she sloppily sucked my cock full length, still wanking me as she sucked me.

Her tongue was making swirling motions on my cock end as she was sucking.

"Fuck Jem, yes, yes suck my fucking cock" I said.

She was amazing at sucking, wanking, sucking and teasing me.

I could feel my orgasm building in my heavy balls. "I'm so close Jem, I'm gonna cum" I announced.

"Mmm mmm good" she my mumbled, still sucking me"

She stopped sucking me and started wanking me harder and faster.

"I want to see you shoot your spunk, fucking cum for me" she demanded.

"Oh fuck" I moaned.

"Yes , cum for me , shoot your cum all over my face"

"Fuuuuckkk I'm gonna cuuuuum"

I moaned.

"Yes, do it" Jem yelled.

My cock erupted and I spunked harder and with more capacity then ever before, shot after shot of spunk shot from my pulsating cock, Jem's face was covered, cum splattered her face, dripping off onto her tits.

She wanked every last drop then sucked me clean.

I feel back onto the bed spent and my head spinning.

Jem got up and went to clean up in the bathroom.

The night wasn't over.....

Written by Hornyjohnuk

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