Written by Mark

18 Jun 2012

Yesterday was a little windy but we took our chances and went to the country for a picnic. We had gone for a number of walks and thought we found a nice remote location. We parked up and had to walk for about 20 minutes to a nice spot which was off the beaten path a little but sheltered by some trees and a field with Tall grass there was just a nice opening to put the blanket down near a tree and raised embankment. M had braved it by putting on her new some dress although she had brought a cardy for the breezy air. But once at our location it was a true suntrap when the sun frequented which was not bad considering the recent weather.

M laid out the picnice with lots of goodies and a nice bottle of shirax As i was driving one glass and that was my lot. But I kept filling M's glass to see if I could make it interesting. True to form it was not long before she was getting a little tactile and kissy. We laid together still dressed and kissed for ages. I gradually pulled her staps down and caressed her breasts and then worked up the hem of the dress. M is early 40's blonde attractive good figure and great boobs and bum. She had a pale yellow summer dress on with a blue strip. Bit like the Swedish football colours. As we kissed I managed to get my fingers into her knickers and it was not long before my figners were well and truly working her pussy. She was moaning and groaning, it was at that point that I spotted someone watching us stood by the tree. I was startled at first but not wanting to scare M I continued enjoying showing my wife off to another guy.

I ended up building her up until she said I need fucking and I need fucking now, I then thought it was only fair to point out we had company. To my surprise she said I know, I thought that was turning you on, it is me !!! This was music to my ears and made my heart race. I then slipped her dress off and her knickers fully off and undressed my self, I made eye cotact with our voyeur who was in his mid to late 50's. And just nodded that he was ok to watch.M kneeled and took my cock iin her mouth and worked me good and proper with the stranger watching it was all I could do to stop cumming there and then. She then laid back but at a different angle she laid so the stranger could see straight between her legs. And she beckoned me to come and fuck her. I knelt between her legs and slid in. Wanting to put bit of show on I lifted her arse so he could see me pumpinr her. I then flippled her over on to her front and took her doggy. Suddenly there was our stranger stood just a couple of feet from Mady he smile at me and said you certainly giving her a good seeing to. Do you need a hand, I was gobsmacked and lost for words but then M piped up and said lets see your cock. With that he undressed - FULLY- He wore glasses had bit of a belly but a good sized cock about 7 and fairly thick. He knelt just to her side and said there you are. With that she said mmmmmmmmmm very nice and put out a hand and wrapped her fingers round the shaft and began wanking him. He stroke her hair and shuffled forward basically offering her mouth his cock. She did not take it but then he sort of shuffled forward and pulled her head onto it, her mouth engulfed it in one sift movement and he began to mouth fuck her not gently but at a fair pace. Telling her how much she was loving it.

That was all too much for me and the next minute I shot my load deep inside her, M carried on sucking and our friend reached down into the top of his sock and pulled out a rubber. Not saying anything I just watched as he then said one second my love dont want to impregnate you. Pulled back and rolled a rubber over his rampant cock. He then told her to get on her back as he wanted to see her face. M done as she was told, and in another swift movement he had place his cock in her entrance and pushed deep inside her. He then proceeded to pound her pussy cupping his hands under her arse and levaraing for more depth. For the next 25 minutes I watch a complete stranger live out a fantasy with my wife, doggy reverese cowgirl cowgirl were all completed. He asked where she wanted his cum and she said over her arse, he pulled out pulled the rubber off and shot a hot jet over the crack of her arse. Got up thanked us and gave me a piece of paper with a mobile on it and said anytime. And then disappeared.

Looking at the weather everyday now to see when we can arrange our next adventure. We fucked like we never fucked before when we got home.