Written by Thor123

24 Sep 2015

I posted a story on here the other week about myself being pimped out for some fun with a guy. This is an extract of what happened last week when the same pimp contacted me.

I was on the site as usual when I was contacted by the pimp and he was trying to arrange for another guy to visit me for some bi sexual fun which I would do on cam for his enjoyment. He managed to speak to a guy but when it came down to it he couldn't make the time that we both required so I thought it would be a disappointment. I asked the pimp to just invite certain members from the site into a private room where I would be dressed in wifes panties to which he agreed and did.

I had a few guys to start with who were asking me to do things to myself such as finger my own ass and wank hard for them which I duly obliged. once I had been in the room for about 10 mins one of the guys asked me to cum in my own mouth and I attempted to give this a try but I was naked on the floor wanking furiously as I was by this time so horny I couldn't care less who saw my face on cam. When I came it was quite a lot as I was so worked up but didn't manage to cum in my own mouth but when I looked at the number of people in the room that the pimp had invited I counted at least seven who had seen me do this.

My pimp was disappointed with me for this but it would be so much easier to take another mans cum direct from his cock. I hope that my pimp does contact me again and this time hopefully be successful in arranging someone to come round.