Written by fellatricia

20 Sep 2013

been there ? you've heard of the place i'm sure

Day 2 - we found a bar/resturant on the top of the cliff for lunch, I was, as usual, wearing a short skirt with no knicks and a light blouse with most of the buttons undone and , of course, no bra. - exactly as my MASTER and husband likes it.

The waitress came, she was clearly from Liverpool from her accent.. As she put the drinks on the table she was gauwping down my blouse at my tits, when she went back for the food master said, undo another button , so she can see better, i think she's gay. The sandwiches arrived and this time she had a full view of my boobs.

Master said to her, see that sandy cove over there, can you get to it from here ?.

O yes, clamber over the rocks , it's quite easy the you have to jump down a couple of feet. Then she smirked at me, and said, often quite a lot of nudes down there.

Master nodded imperceptably - so I chipped in - Do you ever go there , I asked looking into her eyes and smiling.

A little giggle, well yes a couple of times , she repied.

Why dont you come down this pm I said, we will be there to have a look.

oooh, well, mmm, well, maybe she replied looking very pointedly at my boobs - Then you can see everything , I said, laying in on the line.

What time do you finish work? - 'bout 2.30 she said . See you at 3 then - well maybe she replied

We left the resturaunt at clambered down to the cove. It was deserted? Think she'll come? I asked, feeling all hot & horny at the thought.

I reckon so, replied Master, she looked as if she wanted to eat your tits for dessert.

We set our towels out in the corner of the cove. Naked said M. I took what little clothes i was wearing, the as he likes, i undressed him too. He had an erection already. So as per standing order, I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Every time, anywhere I see he has an erection , I am obliged to suck him off, unless given orders to the contarary. After a few seconds , he pulled away, I'll save my spunk for later, he said.

Sun cream for both. I looked at my watch - almost three - then I heard a small thud, she had jumped down onto the sand , and I stood there full frntally naked , holding my hands out- she moved slmowly towards me, with eyes very wide and her mouth open ...

to be continued if good feedback recieved ...