Written by fellatricia

26 Sep 2013

lovely Readers !!

Well, now our waitress simply grabbed me and shoved me on my back, pulled my legs wide open, and almost snarled at me " my turn to suck cunt now" no tit sucking, str8 in with her tongue, wow , was she vigorous and so good --- whilst she pleasured me , i was watching the young couple, he han her on her back by now, legs in the air, and her was shagging her like crazy, then suddenly he stopped, pulled his cock out, and shot all his spunk over her face and tits. Then he started scapping the spunk off her face and tits and fed into her mouth. Filthy buggers, oooooooooh , i came so hard and noisily.

The Waitress pulled away, and she asked ? o yes i told her you are super, she smiled smugly, its practise she giggled, - yes i know I replied.

The I pointed at Master's turgid cock, now are you going to help me with that ? I asked.

I told you, i don't do fucking, No , I know but help me to suck him off and when he comes we can share the spunk --- pause - the we will be sisters I told her.

O fuck, she said, thought about it -- "that's disgusting, it's dirty -- yes, i said - but so very very exiting !!

She giggled staring at his now weeping cock, alright then, just to please you she said.

So we got each side of him and started sucking his cock. I went first - like this I told her--- I rolled my tongue round his nob, then took his cock some halfway into my mouth, then i pushed his cock back out and gave it a kiss. Now you, I told her, amidst groaning and swearing she did so -- Wow it tastes salty --- we passed his cock back and foward several times -- then he started, its coming;, i'm fucking coming -- I pushed her head down oh his cock, -- don't stop now, catch all the spunk then bring it to me and we'll share. So, it was, he let a hugh AAAAAGH, thrust himself up, and I reckon he spasmed about four times b4 she pulled away. She had a strange look oh her face , I grabbed her head and kissed her, sticking my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for what seemed like ages, eventually breaking away when the spunk had all gone. oh god, she said that was so fucking exiting she said, i never did anything as dirty as that before. We can do it again if you like I suggested - no not just now, maybe another time. I glanced at the young couple, they were staring with big eyes at the goings on. Then the man said something, they grabbed their clothes, dressed and left quickly ??? why ??? although as they climbed up from the cove the girl suddenly turned and looked me str8 in the eyes with a nice smile. O shit I thought, maybe we missed out on that one.

now don't go away readers, there is a sting in the tail (tale)