Written by bad boy ;)

21 Apr 2014

Hi all im new to this but thought I'd share one of my stories and this happened on the weekend.

I'm a man in uniform, in my twenties.

I am living in Oxfordshire but had the opportunity to work away for a few days.

It started in the city centre of Leed, me and a few colleagues were having a few drinks in a bar, a small group of women aged around 35-50 started looking over at us and seemed to be playing an interest in us all.

They caulled one of the guys over and started chatting before we knew it they were sat with us chatting,

The youngest looking of them sat next to me, she had blonde hair and id say a size 10 dress,

Were ended up flirting a bit and things went on more and more.

After a while of talking, it turned out most of the women were married or recently divorced,

The one I've been chatting to turned out to be in her 40's and been divorced for around 18 months.

She really did not look older than 35!

Few more drinks later we ended up in another bar and noticed a young (I guess student) looking at me about 18-19 yr old,

Not sure how but I ended up chatting to her and straight away she was talking dirty!

I couldn't believe what she was saying to me, her words was im a cum slut and love deep throating!

Wellllll that got me.

I said to her shall we go for a cig outside, which she was very happy to do.

We started kissing outside and I put my hands up her unbelievable mini skirt and rubbed her clit, in complete sight of everyone but no one seemed to see.

She pulled me to an alley way and got my cock out and started sucking me off.

I got a bit spooked after seeing a load of people go by.

So told her lets go back to my hotel but she said, it was not her time of the month.

A bit disappointed I went back in the bar.

The woman I spoke to earlier got a bit jealous and started flirting again, after a few more drinks we talked about going back to mine.

She told me she hadn't had any sex in over a year, and not with anyone since her ex husband.

We left for my hotel, I loved the fact she was needing a good fuck and she was putty in my hands.

We had plenty of foreplay and she sucked my cock (second in one night ;)),

I got her in so many positions and shagged the hell out of her, I lost count how many times she cummed.

She was screaming ive never been fucked like this in years.

She screamed for me to cum in her, to which I did alot;)