Written by Phil

8 Oct 2007

This is a true story so I hope you enjoy, I know I did.

I have been good friends with a married couple who just live outside of Toronto. The first time we had a threesome happened by chance one evening. I was invited around to their place for dinner and as usual I was staying over because we where enjoying a drink.

We where all getting a little tippsy when Tanya suggested we go have a dip in the hot tub. This was fine by me, incidentally this is where Tanya had first played with my hard cock so I was hopping for a repeat . Having a hot chick rub your cock while her husband and their friends are all in the tub was a huge turn on!

Tanya and Dan went upstairs to change and I nipped into the downstairs bathroom to change into my shorts. We always joked this was a waste of time as the boys always ended up taking their shorts of anyway. Tanya came down dressed in her short robe showing off her fantastic shapely legs. Dan went out to open the tub and me and Tanya followed him out to the deck.

Me and Dan jumped into the tub and took a corner each. Tanya jokingly seductively slipped the robe of her shoulders to reveal a sexy black all in one swimsuit. It had a fine mesh section in the front that showed of her ample cleavage. I'm guessing but she must be at least a 34D if not 34DD.

Tanya slipped into the hot bubbling tube and slid in between me and Dan. "Have you boys still got your shorts on" she giggled. We both quickly slipped our shorts off. It felt so nice the warm water swilling around my cock and balls. I was already semi erect from watching Tanya climb into the tub. We carried on drinking and chatting. I felt Tanya's hand slide across my cock making it instantly erect. She carried on chatting and smiling as her fingers closed around my shaft and she began to gently wank my hard cock.

I gently stroked her smooth thigh moving closer to her pussy. She gasped a little and tried to disguise it as my hand went close to her pussy. Tanya laid back into the water her big boobs just above the surface. "The hot tub always makes me horny she said" closing her eyes. I looked over at Dan who just lent over to Tanya and startes massaging her right breast, wow this was getting hot. I carried on secretly rubbing Tany's pussy through her bathing costume I could feel how wet she was even under the water! It all went quiet and the whole atmosphere began to get a lot more sexually charged. Tanya was lying back enjoying the sensation as we both began to more openly explore her wonderful curves as she gently wanked us off. Dan said crap I have to pee, Tanya not wanting the fun to stop jokingly told him to do it in the tub. Dan jumped out and grabbed his towel not before I got a glimpse of his hard cock, it looked a little bigger than mine, maybe 7" but unlike mine was cut.

Tanya pulled herself out of the hot bubbling water and kissed me deeply her tongue probing deep into my mouth. I held her close and felt her wonderful curves press into my body. "Have you ever had a threesome", she aked me seductively. "Not yet", I replied with a smile. "Do you want one tonight", she asked as she kissed me again, her hand stroking my hard cock. "Dur yeah" I said. Tanya smiled I helped her out of the tub and wrapped the towel around her.

Dan was coming back "What getting out of the tub". he said looking disappointed. Tanya whisper too him and they both smiled and went off upstairs. Tanya turned and said they wouldn't be long. I wasn't sure what to do at this point as I'd never experienced this but I was horny as hell so though what the hell just go with it. I changed into my shorts and sat on the sofa browsing the wide screen TV. Dan came down in shorts and T shirt. "Tanya will be down in a bit", he said. Dan switched the channel to porn movie where a chick was sucking a guys dick.

I heard Tina coming down the stairs and she came into the room wearing the same short robe. "Mmmm porno" , she purred. As she turned around and opened her robe to reveal a white lacy camisole, her big tits visible under the material, just covering her pussy a whit lacy g-string. My cock jumped at the incredibly sight of the hot married woman showing me her most intimate lingerie right in front of her husband. She playfully closed up the robe a sat down in between us.

We sat watching the action on screen for a while. I was dying to get my hands on Tanya but we all sat watching the screen. Her robe had fallen open again and happily took in all the sexy detail in front of me. Tanya's hand was now resting on my thigh, gently stroking my leg. Then she moved it slowly so her fingers gently stroked the side of my shaft. I looked over and she had her hand wrapped around Dan's hard cock gently wanking him. My own dick was creating a tent in my shorts as Tanya gently rubbed her fingers then the palm of her hand over my rigid cock. Dan was rubbing and squeezing her left breast so I took it as my get my hands on those big sexy tities. I reach out and rubbed Tanya's hard nipple before taking my first wonderful handful.

I felt Tanyas's hand slip into my shorts and her fingers wrap around my rampant cock, slippery with precum. Her hand felt wonderful as she expertly fondled me. Gently sliding back the foreskin and rubbing the wet tip. Tanya had both our cocks out and was obviously enjoying herself immensely. I slipped my hand down to a smooth now sopping wet pussy and gently rubbed her swollen clitty. She then bent down and licked the cum off the tip of my cock before sliding her whole mouth over my cock. I nearly exploded right there as her tongue swirled around the head of my cock. I managed to hold off as I didn't want the evening to be over too soon! Tanya then lent down over Dan as she took his cock in her mouth. Her hand never left my cock the whole time. She then kissed Dan and then kissed me deeply as I fondled her wonderful tits. "Your enjoying having two hard cocks", said Dan. "Oh fuck yeah". panted Tanya.

"Lets take this upstairs", she said as she took me by the hand and began to lead me to the bedroom. Dan was turning the tv and sound system as Tanya and I went upstairs. "Thank you", she said then kissed me deeply her tongue swirling around inside my mouth. "Thank you", I exclaimed. Tanya pushed me down onto the bed my cock sticking up right in front of her as she slipped her mouth around my shaft and began once again proceeded to give me an incredible blow job. Dan came into the room "Fuck yeah", he exclaimed as he came into the room to see wife on top of me sucking me for all she was work. He slipped his cock into her sopping pussy and began to fuck her. She took my cock out of my mouth to say she wanted to sit on my cock. She crawled up to me her big tits hanging down brushing my cock. She then showed me her sopping wet puffed up pussy before lowering herself onto my cock. It felt amazing as her pussy slipped over the head of my penis then feeling my burying deep into her cunt. She began moving up and down my shaft so the head almost slipped out before she pushed her cunt down onto me. I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my shaft. "Fuck me", she demanded. "Fill me with you spunk, squirt inside me with all your hot cum",

Dan came up to her a presented his hard cock bouncing in front of her face. "Mmmm another cock", she purred before putting it in her mouth. Watching this incredibly sexy woman riding my cock and sucking her husband was amazing. "I want to suck it again", she cooed to me. She quickly put my cock in her mouth "Mmmm pussy juice". she exclaimed as she licked my cock clean. Dan pushed his cock inside her again it wasn't long before he was shooting his load inside her pussy. We then tried the missionary position I slipped my cock into her spunk filled pussy. I ended the evening by shooting my cum all over those amazing tits.

More adventures next time......