Written by Naughtyboy

4 Jan 2017

The wife and I have a good sex life and we often swap fantasies during sex, mostly her taking it up the arse from a stranger whilst I'm in her mouth. We have a good collection of sex toys so often play out our fantasy. I always love to see her take her 9inch dildo and see it slide inside her whilst Im rimming her then pushing it into her bum, this always sends her over the edge and me cumming over her back, pussy and face. I often clean up as I love the taste of cum. So whilst the wife returned to work the other day leaving me on my own I was tidying around and decided to give our sex toys a good wash, I ended up giving them a good lick which made me very horny. I've often wondered what it's like taking a dildo up the bum so getting more turned on, dropped to the bed and continued to suck her dildos wishing it was the real thing. Off comes my clothes and I reached for the oil and some poppers we have. After a good sniffing I could feel them taking effect and started to trickle oil down my shaven cock and balls until I could feel it reach my hole. After a few extra spurts of oil I started to insert my fingers, so far so good! I picked up her vibrating dildo and inserted the head of it in my bum, the poppers must have taken effect as it came very easy. I pushed a little further until there was at least half inside me. I took her other black 10 inch vibrator into my mouth wishing it was the real thing. Before I knew it I was fucking myself really hard and enjoying every moment. I then changed position and sat on my knees so I could take it from behind just like the wife does, I lowered my self down until every inch was inside twisting the vibrator to high. I was in heaven and about to cum, I opened my mouth and took her other friend in my mouth so I was spit roasting myself. My climax was huge with my spunk splattering across the bed sheets I let out some cries as I'd never cum like this before. Pulling out my new friends I gave each one a suck and licked up as much spunk as I could from the sheets... I'm now looking forward to sex with the wife but wonder if she will be up for fucking me??? Might have to wait to be alone again.