Written by The plumber does cum if you wait long enough

7 Dec 2007

Hi Im a plumber in sussex and as such I get to work in mens and womens toilets and showers, this is what happened to me as i was repairing a shower unit in multiple shower in a gynm/squash club in Lingfield in surrey, I was repairing one of the units when 2 youngish guys came to shower after they had been playing squash, they asked me if they could use the other showers as i was working, no problem i said so the next thing you know they were both stripped off and showering,hows work one of them asked? yeh ok i said a bit boring working when others are playing,as we were chatting I noticed that one of the cocks was getting hard, well I thought not a bad size cock wouldnt mind a feel of that, so I said if you chaps want to get on with sumthin dont worry about me im busy mending this shower unit so I turned and finished what i was doing, as i finished and looked around they were both hard and wanking each other, whoops my cock started to twitch so I thought fuck it thats got to be better that work so out with my cock and started wanking, dont do that one of em said I can suck it if you want, fuck me a blow job well thats definitely better than work, so he took my cock and started sucking it, mean while his mate had moved round behind him and had his cock between his mates legs fucking style that looked good cos I could see his cock going in and out meanwhile i was still getting a nice blowjob, then I reached down and started wanking him we were all at it and not listening when the cubicle door opened and in walked 2 more guys fuck me you should have seen the look on their faces,it was suprise though and not shock cos they soon shut the door and got wanking soon we were all wanking or sucking each other except the guy who was fucking his mate between the legs had now got his cock up his mates arse and was going 19 to the dozen, me and one of the new guys had our cocks in his mouth at the same time and it was getting very heated Im cumin I said so am I said the other guy and we both shot our load into his mouth at the same time very horny. soon the one up his arse was grunting im cumin and must have shot his load up his arse cos we heard a splat as some of his spunk went splat on the floor, just then the last one shot his load and it shott all up his mates back,after we all had a chat about meeting there again I packed up my tools and left when I got home I remembered I never did test the shower I had repaired, never mind ill have to go back again.lol