Written by pipebender

27 Aug 2009

working as a plumber in all sorts of places and seeing some horny women makes me horny, I have a mate who is also a plumber and we often work together and get talking about sex,one day we were talking sex and I said Im off to the bog for a quick wank,he said why not just have one here on the landing where we were working and he said he would join me so out with my cock and started wanking, we are both married by the way! he soon had his cock out as well and started wanking, nice cock he said thanks and you,well he didnt say anything but I was checking out the landing window to make sure no one was about when his hand come round and grabbed my cock, well when your hornyI thought fuck it what the hell and reached round and took his throbbing cock and started wanking him, how ya fancy getting that sucked he asked,fuck it why not and I turned round and he got on his knees and took my length in his mouth wow nice. I thought I would return the favour and said how about a 69? he was on his back in a flash and I got on top and away we went fucking heaven sucking and getting sucked, This wont take long im thinking and I was right I could feel his cock go extra hard at the same time as me and just as i started cummin so did he we both shot into each others mouths at the same time,by the time we had finished not a drop of spunk to be seen as we had both swallowed every drop of each others spunk,needless to say whenever we are working togeather now we help each other out, even moved on to me fucking him from time to time but thats another story,