Written by sexylegs00

18 Apr 2012

When i was about 27 years old i had my car stolen from outside my home my husband went out to leave for his job coming back in to tell me there was some broken glass where my car had been. I arranged for a friend of mine to come around and take my daughter off to school as she had not long started at school, i waved my daughter and friend off and went inside to wait for the Police.

My hubs had gone off to work as i rang our local Police station and about 2 hours later a Police officer rang our door bell i let him in and he followed me into our lounge, i sat down on our sofa as the officer Phil sat opposite me. He began to ask some questions not that i knew much of the theft, i looked at him and noticed he was in his mid 20s and very good looking,then seeing him studying me and my legs as we sat chatting as i was wearing a top and a denim mini skirt and offered him a cuppa he said that would be nice.

I got up to go into our kitchen as he followed still chatting, i was feeling a bit flustered as i hadnt put a bra or g-string on yet with all the goings on and i chatted with my back to him as i made the tea i could see my hard nipples poking thru my top. Phil asked some more general questions what did my hubs do for a job where he worked,what hours etc,. We took our cups back into the lounge and sat down to drink them as we chatted Phils mind seemed to wander as i spoke to him a few times as he seemed to be looking hard at my legs, as he sat back i could see something else hard as he had a sausage shaped bulge in his trousers.

Phil began asking me about the car if i had any enemies or had upset anyone - i said no not at all! as i spoke i got a bit emotional and began to cry, Phil came and sat next to me put his arm around me i leant over my head on his shoulder, he tried to settle me down but i cried even more moving my head on to his chest. While i laid across him i had pulled 1 of my legs up onto the sofa and as he moved to get comfortable or so i thought i hadnt realised he was now cupping my right boob as he turned his body towards me.

He was talking very calmly to me as his left hand now rested on my skirt with his fingertips touching my left thigh,as i had my right hand on his left hip my arm resting across his thighs when i became aware of his cock throbbing and lifting my arm as it twitched. I looked up at him thru the tears to see him smile as his fingers slipped between my legs and up my skirt as i realised his hand was also rubbing my right boob an nipple between his fingers.

I didnt try to stop Phil and actually parted my legs wide apart for his hand to feel me, he took my right hand and put it on his zip i watched my fingers pull the zip down and undo the button of his trousers my fingers wormed inside his pants to pull his cock free so i could hold it and feel how big and hard it was. Then Phil asked me what i wanted to do next i said i wanted to lick it for him ,he told me to lay on the floor as i did he took his shoes,trousers and jacket off and knelt over my head so we could 69, i licked all over the head of his cock as Phil nibbled on my pussy lips and clit.

He had a lovely tongue and i soon had a orgasm with his tongue inside me, i told him to lay on his back and i sucked his cock as i held it and rubbed it until his cock exploded and filled my mouth with his warm cum.We got dressed and Phil said he had to go now but would keep me informed of any news about the car and left, i went for a bath and lay there in the water thinking about what had just happened and how much i had enjoyed it.

A couple of days later there was a ring at the door i answered it to see Phil stood there he came in we had a coffee and sat chatting, he pulled me to him and kissed me very passionately, stood me up and pulled my dress off my shoulders and down my body his hands were feeling me all over as we kissed. I stood there and undid his shirt and trousers they fell at his ankles and we stripped off, i locked the front door and led him upto our bedroom i lay back on the bed as Phil looked at me telling me i was beautiful and had lovely big tits and great legs i had been looking at his growing cock.

Phil looked to see we had mirror doors on our wardrobe and he told me he wanted me on all4s on the bed so he could see my face and tits as he fucked me facing the mirror doors, he came behind me licked between my arse and producing a durex rolled it over his cock. He knelt up behind me rubbing his cock between my wet pussy lips and slid his cock deeper and deeper inside me, he began to fuck me speeding up and he gave a running commentary as he told me he loved seeing my tits swinging and the look on my face as he fucked me and orgasmed more than once in front of the mirror doors until he finally came in that rubber jacket inside my pussy collapsing on top of me.

As we lay there he told me he had a day off coming up soon and wanted me to see him we tidied ourselves up and he left me after kissing me in our hall i told him to come around the back gate the next time so my neighbours wouldnt see what was going on and he left, more to tell soon in part 2