Written by sexylegs00

18 Jul 2012

If you read parts 1&2 (18/4/12)you will see this is the next chapter, i was missing Phil now he had moved away but i now had Ashley beginning to chat with me on my phone after the little session the 3 of us had he was keen to take over from Phil. I wasnt so sure but he was persistant and he said could he call around the next day as he had some time off, so i gave in and said ok, he arrived early morning my friend was still taking my daughter to school i had on a flimsy top,bra,mini skirt and g-string.

There was a knock on the back door as i made myself a cuppa, i let him in making him a cup as well,he asked if i missed Phil i said yes!, he said he had told me to call him and i said i wasnt sure i wanted to get involved again, Ashley said well lets take it day by day and i will stop as soon as you ask me to!

We chatted and had a laugh and i felt my self relaxing in Ashleys company,i got up to take the cups back to the kitchen and he followed to chat with me i had my laundry bin in there ready to load up my washing machine,i said excuse me its too nice a day not to get this lot done and i began to load my machine. He began to help me and put his hand in the bin and pulled out a g-string of mine twirling it around his finger i went to snatch it off him but he was too quick i told him to put it in the machine. He said i will trade you, i smiled!, yours you are wearing for these,i thought well i want to wash them so i said yes!. I put my hand under my skirt and he said stop you have to take your skirt off first, i said youre rude dropped my skirt and pulled my string off i gave him my string as he threw the other one into the machine as he did he grabbed my skirt and i watched him as he rubbed my string over his nose and walked away.

I put the machine on and went to find Ashley,i looked in our lounge and outside then went upstairs to find him laying on my bed naked rubbing his cock with my g-string in his hand. I said what are you doing!, he said waiting for you to come over here as he put his hand out to me, i put a hand out and he pulled me onto the bed. I said i dont know Ashley!, he said why did you put your hand out then and i couldnt think of a answer as he answered for me it was because you know you want this cock inside you isnt it!, i could only nod at him.

He said you know you want to touch it as he held my wrist and put my hand against his hard length, i looked to see my fingers wrap around it stroking and squeezing it. His hands undid my top and bra and pulled them off my shoulders i stopped to throw them on the floor,he pulled me up the bed to kiss him, it was a deeply passionate kiss between 2 lovers,we stopped and he asked me if i wanted him i said Oh yes Ashley we kissed and licked each other all over.

He asked me to 69 with him as i knelt above him his fingers parted my wet puffy pussy lips as his tongue swept over my clit and he nibbled on it my lips were sucking the length of his long cock,then he poked his long tongue inside me and i felt myself cum as he lapped at my pussy and my juices running from it. I took a gasp of air and then licked and sucked his cock like a mad thing, he was saying something to me but i didnt take any notice and the next thing i knew was his spunk shooting down my throat with me gulping it all down.

After i had sucked him dry i turned round and he said you are the best cock sucker baby!, just to think a few minutes ago you werent sure you wanted this and there you are like a professinal.I said well i had missed Phil but had also missed your big cock to suck on since that last session,he said i remember it well you with that truncheon and then letting me join in as Phil banged you. I hoped you would want me again after that day because your mouth felt so good sucking my dick and i wanted to re-pay you, Ashley told me Phil wasnt to keen on him joining in and he told him before he left.

I told Ashley i was glad that he had come along today and that i was ready for some serious fucking as my husband hadnt been shagging me as he has been so busy trying to keep the company going.At those words he smiled and said so is there a chance of some regular sex, babes! as i would love to have you the more often the better!

As we lay there chatting my leg over his and my hand on his cock feeling it harden as we talked, i said we better see if this lovely rod of yours wants to fill my pussy up then, i straddled him sitting on his stomach his knob rubbing up and down my back. I lifted up reached behind me to guide him into me and pushed back feeling the bloated head push past my lips as i wriggled to get him all the way inside me.

I felt his hard balls against my arse and rode him slow at first just feeling that big dick inside me, i looked down to see him smiling and asking feel good babe, i gasped a yes! as i rode it up and down his hands switched between my bum and my boobs. Ashley said you have a lovely pair and a great arse, Phil used to tell me you had a peachy arse and loved to fuck you on all4s so he could see his cock sliding in and out .

I said Oh you used to talk about me then!, he said well you are one sexy woman its dificult not to!, i told Ashley to pull and rub my nipples as that helps me cum, he sat up to bite on them as well and that was all it took for me to cum. I bounced on his cock begging him to fill me up with his spunk as its been too long since thats happened, he worked my nipples and i begged him to cum with me again,i could feel his cock pulse in me and he puled me down to kiss me i nearly bit his tongue off as we both came together.

I said Oh Ashley that was wonderful and couldnt stop kissing his face and sucking on his tongue as the last spasms from us both died away, we lay there awhile and i asked him to come in the shower so we could wash each other down.We soaped each other under the warm water he spent ages soaping my boobs until my nipples were stuck out harder than they had ever been,i reached down to soap his cock to find it standing once again ,i said whats this and laughed. Ashley said turn round put your hands against the wall and stick that arse out, i did as he said and he rubbed his cock head over my arse before putting it between my pussy lips i pushed back to feel him all inside me as he held my waist his cock stroking back and forth inside me.

He was a wonderful swordsman i came 3 times before he shouted he was going to fill me with spunk again and when he had he held me as i turned around to go on my knees and lick his cock clean of both our juices, he told me i was the first woman to do that after he had fucked them that he had been with.

I told him i will do that every time after the way he had just fucked me, he said you are a sexy bitch i could fuck you all day long, your hubs must be mad not fucking you babe! We went down for a drink and some food as we had been upstairs for nearly 3 hours, Ashley sat in my hubs robe as we sat and drank and ate.

We chatted some more and i sucked his cock for him once again before he dressed and left me there waving him good bye with his spunk still on my lips and tasting it as i went to get ready before my friend came back with my daughter.

We made arrangements to meet again as i told him to only contact me on my mobile and that was the beginning of my sessions with Ashley , i have more to tell of my fun with him and his friends if you want to hear more would love to hear your comments my thanks to those that replied to previous stories as love to hear them x x