Written by Steve Newman

16 Jan 2017

Beth and I had often chatted about the sharing , sexting each other and chatting about a third party whist fucking. However we had always decided to keep our fantasy out of our real lives, until this day. Beth a 5'7 fit and sexy professional. She has great personality and looks and sex appeal to match.

My Girlfriend and I recently moved into our new Barn conversion in the Shropshire countryside. We hired two Polish guys to help us with the move last summer. We booked the guys online. Two huge guys turned up on the day of the move bright and early. They introduced themselves as Sven and Erik.

They were fit looking guys, jeans and a tight T shirt. Beth smiled a cheeky smile at me when they arrived!

The move we took longer than expected due to the van breaking down from our previous home. It was only a small van. Beth drove with the two Poles and I took the Land rover full to the brim with clothes etc. Beth was loving the guys chat and banter flirting with them both throughout the day.

We unloaded the Van and the LR. Beth was wearing here cut off Jean short and a tight T-shirt. We worked hark shuttling furniture, bags, and clothes into our new home. At one point Beth's Dildo fell out of a box and landed in front of the two Poles. Erik politely picked it up and passed it to Beth. She smiled at him cheekily.

I could see the guys were clocking Beth throughout the day. When we were alone I made a joke that the guys would love to have there way with her. She knew that this would turn me on, we began to kiss and she rubbed my swollen cock through my jeans in the bedroom when we were alone. She whispered to me that "I bet you'd love me to take their cocks in front of you".

It was gone 9 PM when we were done. Beth popped a bottle of bubbly once we were done. We invited Sven and Erik to a glass and we thanked them for their help. I put on some chilled music and Beth lit some candles. We all piled into our open plan kitchen.

We chatted about Poland , Beth had been recently. Beth had danced with Poles on her short break and commented on how good she thought the guys were. Strong and polite I think were her comments, and extremely sexy!The bubbly flowed. Beth was looking great, tanned legs, tight ass in her jean shorts, I could see the guys watching her as she strutted about the new kitchen. She's let her long dark hair down. She looked amazing.

We cracked some beers and we were enjoying the music. Sven ask Beth to dance. Erik and I watched as Sven swayed closely with Beth. She was clearly using the opportunity to feel his strong arms and back. I could feel a bulge in my trousers as I watched my pretty GF dance sexily with this hot Polish hunk. Beth began to feel his chest as they swayed with the music. I could clearly see Sven holding her ass and pulling her in tightly. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sven winked at me as he gently turned her back to me and squeezed her ass with both hands. I winked back.

Erik was looking on engrossed too. He had been clocking Beth all day. Moving her sexy underwear and high heels had clearly got to him. He had a huge bulge in his jeans and was gently rubbing his hard cock through them. He walk over and kissed Beth's neck from behind. Beth was know between the two of them and enjoying every minuet. I could see her kissing Sven and rubbing his cock through his jeans........