Written by mel

22 Feb 2007

Back in 2000 a girlfriend and myself decided to have a girls holiday to the Canaries to celebrate our recent divorces. Having booked the holiday we wanted to enjoy it to the full and so we signed up for a course of swimming lessons at our local school. For me it was to learn to swim for my friend Linda it was just to regain confidence in the water.

The instructor for the lessons was in his late twenties about six or seven years younger than us and they went really well. After the second lesson Linda remarked how fit the instructor was and how he was always looking at me and my boobs. I had also noticed this but pretended it was all in her mind. As the weeks went by I began to notice how the instructors touches were getting longer and closer to my boobs and down below. Week six saw him push the boundary a little further, as he was holding me on the water face down he place his hand right over my fanny it was heavenly. I didn`t tell Linda I just got home and played with myself for a hour with my rabbit. The touching continued until the final week when I attended the lesson on my own as Linda was unable to go. Following another long fanny stroke I reached down and placed my hand on his cock and looked him in the eyes. As the lesson finished I swam an extra lenght to give the rest of the class time to leave. I then made my way to my changing cubilcle. I heard him saying good bye to everyone and his footsteps making there way to my cubicle.

I took off my costume and pretended to be drying myself with my towel. Within seconds he was stood in front of me without saying a word to each other I let the towel drop to the floor. I felt so vunerable totally naked in front of this man who could do anything to me. He looked at my body and then placed his hand on my tits rolling my nipples in his fingers whilst his tongue entered my mouth. As we kissed passionately his hands were all over my body eventually making their way to my puffed clit. He played with that inserting the odd finger into my soaking fanny. It wasn`t long before I came all over his fingers.

I then sat on the bench and pulled him towards me. As I pulled down his trunks his large cock sprang into my face. I licked off the pre cum and ran my toungue up and down his shaft before taking as much of it in my mouth as I could.

After a few minutes of this I wrapped my 36 dd around his prick and slowly gave him a tit wank. As he began to groan I took his cock back into my mouth and swallowed all his lovely spunk.

He then took my hand and led me to his office and into his private shower. The water cascading down on us and our hands all over each other soon got him back to his hardest. I placed my hands on the wall and opened my legs to allow him the enter me from behind. It was the first time I had received a real cock inside my cunt for over two years and his size and length soon had me screaming with pleasure.

He finished me off on his office desk with a fantastic piece of oral sex while I rewarded his fantastic love making by allowing him to take my anal virginity.

We never met again but I am sure that if we do a repeat performance is on the cards.