11 Jul 2016

My memory was jolted by the "Gardener" series...This stuff does happen

I was 20 and had just taken a winter job with a couple of mates, we were labouring for this guy who had jobs all over S.Devon, from Torbay to Okehampton, he was a bit of a cunt in most ways, but paid the cash wages on time, we worked our asses off but were fit and well muscled, which paid off in the shagging stakes around Torquay harbourside at the weekends, one Monday I got told to go with an old plasterer to an address in the Marine Drive area of Torquay (very upmarket).

The job was taking all the old tiles off a swimming pool, we got stuck in and the aforementioned cunt showed up, it turned out it was his old house and he wanted it done up so he could flip it for more money, while he was there a brunette woman in her 40s came across from the next house to say hello to the cunt, he of course flipped into macho mode and started shouting orders at us....Eventually he ran out of things to say and fucked off...

The next day we got stuck in and around mid morning were surprised when the same woman showed up with a tray of tea and biscuits, we said a few words of thanks and she left, she was about 5'6" and I could see as she left that she had a lovely ass, she returned later to pick up the tray and I confirmed my thoughts and added nice tits and a lovely smile to my wank list, which I did several times a night if not shagging in those days...

Wednesday was the same but the weather was warm and she had jeans and a T-Shirt on, I had a quick wank over her in the cunt's outside loo during our lunch break, late in the afternoon the cunt showed up and said the old plasterer was needed at his new house and I would be on my own for the rest of the week.

Thursday she turned up with the tea for two, when she saw I was alone she said "a shame to waste it so sat on the poolside and had tea and biscuits with me, I had jeans and a vest on due to the warm weather, she had shorts and a vest on, I thought to myself "Fuck it let's see what happens" so said "You look gorgeous today", she thanked me but said something about being old enough to be my mother and asked if I had a girlfriend, "Nobody regular" I replied, "And none as nice as you"...She gave me a beautiful smile and squeezed my cheek saying "YOU are a bad boy" and with that picked up the tea tray and left, I honestly didn't know if I had blown it or not then, and got a bit pissed off with myself for being a tosser in coming out with dumb lines, then I got stuck in and was determined to get the job done by Friday afternoon as I didn't want to be working on my own the following week.

By 2pm it was bloody hot and I was in just jeans, she turned up with a jug of iced emon squash and two glasses, she was also in a black bikini....Instant hard-on for me!

She sat on the shallow end of the pool with her legs hanging down and the tray beside her, I came up from the deep end where I was working and made a point of walking directly towards her, her knees were just enough apart that I could see her pussy outline, she saw where I was looking and just looked me in the eyes, a smile seemed to appear, as I reached for the drink I put my arm around her and said "Now you're better than gorgeous", she put her arms around me and said "And you are VERY bad", we started French kissing, apart from my Mother's friend when I was at school, she was probably my first older woman, I was bursting out of my jeans, I had her tits out in seconds, when I pinched her nipples hard she gave a groan into my mouth, I pushed her back onto the poolside and yanked her bikini top up, then started sucking her nipples hard, she had hold of my long hair and was holding me on her left tit, I pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and shoved one, then two fingers into her hairy wet pussy, I finger fucked her while sucking her nipples, she said "Let's go inside", that suited me as it was damn hot and I didn't fancy banging my balls on the poolside if we tried to fuck where we were...

Big surprise, she opened the unlocked patio doors and we went into the living room, there was virtually nothing in the place but a battered leather chaise longue and a few naff pictures on the walls, we were on the chaise in seconds, both naked in a couple more, immediately I had her legs wide open and was licking her hairy pussy, she had huge labia and the biggest clit I had seen at that time, she also tasted sweet, I was in heaven but when I started sucking her clit she really started to buck, again she grabbed my hair and held my mouth over her clit, I was young but figured it out and brutally rammed 3 fingers up her, then 4, to that point I had never been so rough with a pussy, it didn't seem to take long before she started groaning and twitching, I was treated to literally a hand full of sweet pussy juice, as well as a mouthful...I moved up and rammed my aching cock into her wide open and wet pussy, we started to fuck, I was determined to make her cum again but after a bit she pushed me off, slid out and got on top, she pinned me down by my upper arms and hands free pushed her pussy over and down on my cock..."Don't you dare cum inside me" she ordered, then she started to what I can only describe as sucking my cock with her pussy, it was amazing but I couldn't last long and after a bit told her I was cumming, she jumped up and went down on my cock, it was soaked in her juice and she made a point of licking it off while looking me in the eyes as I shouted and cum she pulled back and treated me to a view of my spunk shooting into her mouth, it was a first and so fucking horny I squeezed as many spurts out as I could, she then spat my cum over my cock before licking it off and swallowing, another first and blew my mind, she moved up and we kissed, I was stiffening up almost immediately, she then totally freaked me out by pushing my knees up, moving down and licking me from asshole to cock's head, she turned around and smiling put a hand between her legs and showed me her fingers going into her drenched pussy, I was in sensory overload but got the hint and took her doggy, having a 9 inch cock most girlies had taught me to be gentle..until her, she was reaching back and pulling me by the thigh, making me ram into her hard, I lost it, grabbed her hips and just banged it into her, we were both sweating but I was lost in the moment and fucked her like a bull...after a bit she started breathing hard and pulling me harder saying stuff like "Baby, fuck me as hard as you can" seconds later she literally bellowed "YES" and then held me tight against her, her nails dug into me (marking my left thigh for over a week!) I pumped as much cum in as I could, the first time I can remember nearly collapsing after a fuck, we slithered around and kissed for ages..."We had better get up" she said, I was spaced out but got dressed and we went out, after quickly necking the leftover squash she told me her name was Jenny, she left and I got back to knocking the tiles off the pool, totally fucked!...I finished off the job in a daze and left when one of the guys picked me up.

The next morning (Friday) I was working on the pool, around 8.30 the cunt turned up, gobbed off as usual and left, about 10.30 Jenny came with the usual tea and biscuits, we had a snog and I hand my hand in her panties straight away, "My husband will be home for lunch and I won't see you this afternoon, so lets go inside now" she said, I think going inside and getting naked on the chaise longue took all of 30 seconds, she made me stand up and sucked my cock, looking into my eyes all the time, I was determined to hold back but when she said "Baby shoot all your spunk in my mouth" I lost it, she wanked me into her open mouth putting her tongue on my spunk hole as I came, my knees were buckling it was (and is) one of the best BJs I have had, I pushed her back and went down on her, I just loved that big clit, it was like a tiny dick, she pushed me away and said "Do you want to watch me play with myself?" I think I just nodded but in anycase she gave me an amazing show of shoving 3 fingers from one hand around her ass and into her pussy while sort of wanking her clit, "Wank for me!" she said I started wanking but couldn't help myself and after a couple of strokes shoved my cock into her, she shoved her cummy fingers into my mouth, we fucked like machines and both came together, again we were socked in sweat....After a bit she said she had to go but gave me her phone number and told me to only call her in the week and only between 10am and 3pm.

We had a fling for a couple of months but I had a small flat in the town center and she was paranoid about coming there, so sadly things fizzled out, I was getting plenty anyway, but she set me on a path of older women, for about 3 years they were all I went for....This was also one of 3 women who I fucked without knowing their name at the time.