Written by ssstich

13 Apr 2007

This is a story about my wife when we were on holiday recently. We had booked a villa at the top of a hill. It was a great place on the edge over looking a valley. We only had one property next to which as about quarter of a mile away. We were the last house on the end of the lane.

We arrived and the owners were just cleaning up and getting the place ready. They handed us the keys and said that the pool needs a clean and the pool man would be round tomorrow, but it was fine to use. So we settled in and went to the shops for stock up with food and wine.

Next day my wife was sunbathing in the nude, she looked an absolute dream. She was lying on the sun lounge fully oiled taking in the sun. She had not trimmed her bush yet as she likes for me to do and then screw her. I went in side for a drink and I heard a car arrive at the drive way. It was the pool man, I thought I would stay inside and see what happens. I thin the wife had fallen asleep in the sun and I could see the pool man walking towards the pool when he noticed the wife, legs apart with the bush in full show, but the lips hidden by the bush. I could see he was straining to have a look, but he kept on with the job in hand. Then the wife stirred and I could see saw the man (probably in his early 20’s and very fit). She lifted her knees and started to play with her pussy (by the way the wife fucks around and I like to watch). She carried on and made her self come, with the pool man standing over her watching. Then she said “let me suck you cock”. He quickly got it out and fed her , he did not last long and came in her mouth. He whipped of his clothes and joined my wife in the pool. I then came out and his jaw nearly dropped, I just said carry on. He neglected his duties for a while and shagged my wife a couple of times and finished off the pool. Before he left my wife asked him to come back, he said he was only working part time and he would be around more often. My wife then said that he should move in for the two weeks we were on holiday. He stayed with us for the two weeks and moved into the villa, with him and my wife having the main room and me in the smaller room. It was great watching and listening to them fucking, I would get my regular fill as well. The great thing was that he screwed two wooden sun lounges together to create double sun lounge, they would use this to fuck each other during the day. It is an incredible site seeing a couple completely oiled up and fucking in the midday sun. We also use to keep her clean shaven, that was a job I reserved for myself. What great holiday, he did bring some of his mates to have fun with the wife during the holiday, but is another story.

My user account is ssstich , let me know what you think of the story.